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  1. There is currently only one type of bow in the game and it is just the "Survival bow". It is a maple self-backed longbow that is decent for shooting arrows at wildlife for protection and/or food. I suggest adding a metal compound bow to the game to diversify how you can hunt and protect your self. The Compound Bow The only way to obtain it is to find it in the locations of where the normal bows spawn (such as in Desolation Point on the edge of a glade in Katie's Secluded Corner) and if it does spawn it will stop the normal bow from spawning there. It will weigh 1.75kg/
  2. I thought of some sort of explosive tip but then I thought it would be a bit too unbalanced so that's why I didn't include it in the post.
  3. Currently in the game there is only one type of arrow head that you can put on an arrow and it is just called "arrow head" and looks like a normal, thin, sharp arrow head. Using the workbench to combine 1 normal arrow head, 3 crow feathers and 1 arrow shaft makes a "Simple Arrow". I suggest adding more arrow head types to make hunting and protecting yourself from animals charging at you more diverse and with more strategy. Some new arrow heads can be like these: Broadhead: It will be crafted just like the normal arrowhead but instead of taking 1 scrap metal for 2 heads, it will ta
  4. Suggestion: Add sausage links that can be made out of all the meats in the game They will be made out of one type of meat (that will be grinded) and guts. Sausage links will be made out of 1 raw guts and 3 raw grinded (insert meat type here). 5 sausage links will be made. Each sausage link will give 1.15x how ever much a normal piece cooked meat of that type gives (Ex: Cooked Black Bear calorie amount [at cooking level 1]: 900 calories, Cooked Black Bear Sausage Link [at cooking level 1] 1035 calories). You will be able to grind meat by using a hand cranked meat grinde