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  1. I did hunt a bear the other day without a campfire. Pegged him with an arrow and hopped into a vehicle, repeat twice. Then he ran off. I followed and when I caught up to him I pegged him again nowhere to hide. He aggroed and charged. Dropped him at ten paces with an arrow to the FACE! satisfying...
  2. Well, wolves almost never attack people in real life. Really almost never. And yet every cotton pickin howler on Great Bear Island wants to tear my butt off! Something something magnetic disturbance. Cougars could be rare like moose, but they could also be deadly as hell. Like good chance of dying if attacked by one without great gear! That would spice up the game considerably! I like to feel some risk when playing, but lately on stalker mode (I like guns) it’s super rare that anything seriously threatens me. The last four deaths have been from climbing around on cliffs and falling to my death! The last one was super special. Fell onto a ledge In HRV so narrow I couldn’t lay out a sleeping bag, build a fire, or anything. Oh and it had no way off except cliff faces. Oh and I was at half life. No way off except the long dark.
  3. Neat. Would definitely be a stand out feature in any game. I still think we need cougars in the game. It’s based loosely on Vancouver island and there are over 1000 cougars stalking those forests.
  4. How many runs did it take you to max every single skill in one run? I didn’t manage that until Bleak Inlet was released, giving us lots more ammo to get there with guns.
  5. I always start in TWM these days, run naked to the top and gear up. Timberwolves seem to have been nerfed. They now run in fear quite often when you come on them. Even in packs of two or three they run.
  6. So I was watching Alone season 1 which takes place on Vancouver Island which is the area which I understand is the inspiration for Great Bear Island in the game. The narrator mentions that the island is home to over 1000 cougars weighing up to 200 lbs as well as wolves and bears. we need cougars in this game! it would add difficulty to be stalked by a cougar which doesn’t announce an attack like wolves do. And they’d do more damage by far than a wolf if you got into a struggle. basically the addition of cougars to The Long Dark would make the game harder and also more fun! And we could have some new craftable items with cougar fur and claws. could be totally sweet!
  7. Bean

    Snow Wall

    Aaaand it’s been fixed. Seems like the main bug they patched.
  8. Bean

    Snow Wall

    Oh and did you notice that there are extra loot crates stacked overlaid on the original loot crates in the tail section on the summit? Most of the crates are overlaid with other crates. It makes for a lot of sawing!
  9. Bean

    Snow Wall

    I did notice that. Two games the same thing. Hope it’s not permanent
  10. Seems like Voyager (lots of loot, few wolves, plentiful game animals) with Interloper weather. The first challenge of IL is the lack of gear, so having all that gear available in this challenge makes the cold a trivial obstacle.
  11. Do semi-accidental suicides count? 156 days into a Stalker, exploring the last zone (HRV) for the umpteenth time (on different games) and I just wondered if there was a goat way from the first peak cave above Monolith Lake to the other one. Took a few steps out and ... that cliff was straight down after all. it was quick at least!
  12. I also tried reishi tea, but mostly because I was sorting through my wife’s tea collection from some nutrition fair and found a few samples. Same result as noted above: not bad or good, just mushroomy. i wasn’t suffering from food poisoning at the time, so I only got a warming up bonus.
  13. I have the same one I think. The draw is adjustable. It’s pretty accurate as well if you can get the range right. I use instinctive sighting, and can group in a coffee can at 75 yards or so. A guy at the range on Saturday offered to let me try his new compound bow with laser and peep sighting. It was interesting, but I’m just better with the Bear.
  14. Killing a charging wolf with a bow is easy enough. Just walk backwards while aiming at his face. This will straighten his charge out a bit and give you half a second more to aim and fire when he’s in range. Don’t be late loosing that arrow though! If you are late you’ll be in a struggle.