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  1. Found two in Mystery lake: 1) in the cut towards the western edge of the map past the clear cut, dead body had it 2)Destroyed lookout
  2. Same here with the PV weapons cache, top of the rope climb and up hill to the left from bear cave towards signal hill.
  3. I’ve driven through Canada five times from top to bottom (and bottom to top) since I used to live in Alaska (where we consider Canadians to be tenderfoot Cheechakos). It’s pretty and fairly rugged, and has a lot of animals and scenery. I’ve seen Rocky Mountain sheep and bears and wolves and deer and even a few bunnies. And I’ve camped out along the way every time. It’s a much different place than the UK, which is super tamed and mild in comparison. should be an adventure! have fun!
  4. This is too easy unless you go Loper.
  5. This food cache in PV on burned ridge is an always spawn since six months ago. I have started a ton of games and every time that is there.
  6. Revolvers will kill a moose but it takes a ridiculous number of shots. I hit one with three arrows and finished with six revolver shots.
  7. Walk back while aiming at the charging wolf, to straighten out his charge and give you a tiny bit more time to aim and fire. Get good with the bow, as this and the rifle are sure kills at close range and your ammo is unlimited. Honestly, I prefer the bow in most cases. The rifle is far too easy to use especially at level five. Level five archery is deadly and you can crouch while shooting so it opens up other safer tactics for wolf extermination
  8. Killing bears used to be risky. Now it’s total cake. Let’s take this step by step: 1)find bear 2) build a campfire in front of bear a ways ahead. 3) When he gets in range, shoot bear. I usually aim for the head or just above it in the neck. 4)stand still behind fire while bear charges 5)when he stops, standing there, shoot him again. Make this one count: headshot if possible, try for an eye. 6) either he drops dead or he runs off after this. He won’t have much life left so track him! He won’t go far before he bleeds out.
  9. Bean


    Here’s what you need: knife, axe, maybe pry bar if you might run into some locked containers. rifle (or bow) and 5-10 arrows. Revolver and maybe 20 rounds. sewing kit or fishing tackle sleeping roll 20 matches, or fire striker 2 cedar wood or 10 sticks emergency food, 2000 calories (lightweight) 1-2 L water 2 coffees, 1 birch tea, 1 rosehip tea, 1 reishi tea, 1 herbal tea 4-5 bandages, 3 beard compresses 5 cloth (magic number for Snow shelter) You can sub in a hacksaw if you’re on the move to another zone or expect to find and recycle a few batteries.
  10. If you drop a decoy and you have anything else on you that is smelly, meat or guts, then the decoy will not distract the wolf. For the decoy to work at all, it has to be the only decoy.
  11. If a wolf is locked onto you, and you have a decoy, dropping it,moving back, and crouching while continuing to move back often will cause it to disengage. If you have any other decoy it won’t work. Best way to kill wolves with rifle? 1)Sneak up and snipe them. 2)Aggro them and aim while walking backwards to force them into a straight line approach, fire when close for an insta-kill almost always! This also works with the bow, but you have to fire slightly sooner to escape the Wolf struggle.
  12. Interloper might be a challenge. I could still do it on Timberwolf mountain for a long time until I ran out of matches. Lots to do there. the door thing would be super difficult especially to get started on interloper.
  13. Could be boring to “win” this challenge. optimum strategy would be to collect lots of resources in the outdoors and then enter an indoor location and just camp out there for days or weeks until food runs out. Then move on and repeat. Actually, theoretically i could survive forever in one zone never going indoors, starting in that zone. Timberwolf Mountain. Start there, make a quick summit for gear, then camp out at the climbers shack (not a separate zone) and haul resources there while slowly building gear to optimum. I guess if you wanted to start in pleasant valley first, you could collect some arrows to take with you up the mountain and then just stay up there forever. I’ve spent the first fifty days up there before just getting all possible gear and making fur clothing and moose bags.
  14. Wolves are fun! That’s why I always retire to the Quonset hit in CH at the end of the game. Lots to kill and keeps me on my toes. Plus plenty of convenient vehicles to sleep into avoid cabin fever. Works fine with the bearskin roll.
  15. Parasites can be a blessing if you also have moose stomped broken ribs. You can crawl up into a cave and sleep for days to recover. As long as you have sufficient antibiotics or reishi mushrooms, you don’t have to move until it’s healed.