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  1. I agree with Dan. The wintermute story mode was actually enjoyable this time! Well done, Hinterland!
  2. I consider that ive “won” TLD when my character has looted all the zones and cached the loot at a few nice places to stay for a couple weeks. Oh and converted all available brass into rifle and pistol shells ready for use. And collected all arrow materials and cached them or made arrows. And that most of the gear is in the Quonset Hut. And all skills are maxed. Fishing seems to take the longest. My God the sushi! anyway once that’s done, so is my survivor! I run him off the trestle for The Long Drop.
  3. He’s just playing dead, waiting on another wolf to investigate and then he’s gonna pop it for dinner.
  4. There’s a way to get on top of the rail cars in forlorn muskeg, where you can snipe bears and wolves without danger.
  5. Quonset is the best place. You can clear out the wolves pretty easily every week or so by luring them out onto the ice and sniping them with arrows. It has the best weather there and that is crucial.
  6. The weirdest way I’ve died was while goating around in TWM, trying to find the fabled no-rope passage to the summit. I was traversing the left edge of the map, sky lining along the peaks and doing very well when suddenly I fell off the edge of the world! And once I fell down below the map, which was an odd sight, I got the message that I died of massive injuries sustained from falling. so you could try that!
  7. Timberwolves don’t seem to despawn during blizzards.
  8. Bean

    Bows !

    It just takes practice. I recommend shooting wabbits because they’re tricky to hit. Or charging wolves because the trick is to walk backwards while aiming square between their eyes. Release half a second before you think you should, and it’s usually an instant kill. The bow is intuitive in nature. This tracks well to shooting recurve bows in real life, as I’m always a better shot when I don’t AIM, but just let my instincts guide the shot.
  9. Maul/Stomp free hunting is easy. Like ridiculously easy. It doesn’t require terrain or goating. Bear: build a campfire in the bear’s path and shoot from behind it. Bear will stop charging once near the fire and you can shoot it again. Dead bear if you’re a good shot. Otherwise it runs off and you can track it. Moose: somewhat trickier, but only on Loper. For Stalker with guns it’s super easy. If using a rifle: easiest method, just keep shooting at the thing. Every time you hit it, it goes through a short animation of bellowing and thrashing about. That animation last
  10. I like the Quonset gas station best for a long term base. Although there are plenty of wolves to keep me guessing, once they’re dead I get bored. Fortunately it’s close to other zones with lots of wolves and stuff to kill. I mostly make a base in every zone, then move around stopping at each place. It’s the only way that I can stand the boredom of the long game.
  11. The rules are simple: 1)Stalker mode 2)Get all tools and weapons including bow, rifle, revolver, and flare pistol. Get as much ammo as you can. 3)Start in Ash Canyon 4)Get close to the best non-made clothing, at least 29-30 C. Cowichan sweater excluded as that can take a while to find or may never be found. 5)Get the crampons, technical pack, AND the moosehide bag! Your carrying weight should be 45kg. 6)Do all that as fast as possible. So far my best is 6 days, 23 hours.
  12. There’s a way to make this tactic easier. Use a piece of meat to lure him in while crouching. When he’s just beyond discovery distance, drop the meat. He will lose interest and walk away... which means he’s not facing you, which means you have a couple seconds to UN crouch, draw, and loose. Make them count!
  13. There are some bullets in HRV, but not a lot. You’ll have to find the hidden caches. Average maybe 20 revolver shells and 10 rifle shells. Other stuff that’s usually or always there: flare shells, fire striker, bow and arrows, matches, premium clothing (could get another cowichan). Also birches for arrow shafts and maples for bows. Mostly it’s something to do. Gets boring sitting in one place for a few hundred days
  14. Nothing. second is a container of pills.
  15. Having experienced seasonal affective disorder for myself while living in Alaska, it’s kind of just depressive. Feeling low. What helped me was using a tanning bed at the local hair salon. Which made me want to go somewhere warm and sunny. So I did.