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  1. Why does everyone stand-up before firing? Isn't it more effective to shoot crouched? The question is valid for both bow (requires lvl5, I know) and rifle
  2. That's exactly what I think. You should not rely on something like that on a emergency, that's not the use. Should be an action like opening a door, getting in a car, or forcing a locker door, or climbing a wall with roots in it. Stop in front of it, aim at it, hold the mouse button, see the animation, proceed.
  3. Maybe you can't, but you sure can vault over a fence, or over a tree trunk No to JUMPING, yes.
  4. Very very very excited for that event! Also, not THAT relevant, but: 1 - Will that green fire on the pic be on the gameplay? It looks sick! 2 - Can we get a full HD version of that promo pic? Would be a great wallpaper for my PC!
  5. I think the first thing that should be done to get even a chance at that, is to just stop calling it "JUMP" mechanic. Call it vault, call it transverse, goddam, call it "obstacle course mechanics" for all I know, just don't call it jump, cause jump, has already beem rulled out, and most of the community really doesn't want that, as I see it (I might be wrong, gather numbers and prove me wrong then). However, vaulting over small objects, could be QOL change. As an example, I'd say the fence over the farmstead both on Milton, and on Pleasant Valley It's just a couple of meters really, won't make A LOT of difference on the gameplay, BUT, it's quality of life, makes people happy to be able to transverse a obstacle that otherwise would just annoy them No need for jumps really, but vaulting - that has already been brought up, really - would be good, IMHO. HOWEVER, the work that would involve developing such mechanics on this game, are the key point here. How much work time is involved in that? Cause if it's A L-O-T, then I rather have HL invest that L-O-T of time in other contents, such as wintermute, and new map areas.
  6. Can I add a short of my own, from last night's playthru? It doesn't end in death, but oh well, not YET at least. So, I've been playing for a good long 3+ years now, but never for a very long period without a break. The last break I took was when Bleak Inlet came out. I was on a 120 day sandbox game, full stacked up survivor, and then "well, let's check the new region". So I left mystery lake, thru the muskeg, up the new region, but when I got there, had a look of literal 5 minutes, and I was done, it was break time. Fast forward... 10 months? I stoped right when it came out, Dec 2019, got back yesterday. So I open the game, go for the saves... I have the 100 day save, and another one I don't even recall right now... So I think "I can't pick up that save, I won't even know how to do shit, have to start over, at least for now". So I go for new, and when selecting the start point I think "Well, should we finally check the new region for reals? Let's go!" I nearly died a few times... First got really cold, but not bad condition. Couldn't warm up even inside, since I didn't have clothes, so, start a fire, obviously. Cool, warm again, stopped droping condition... Then explored the caning factory-thing, cold again, frostbite on hands building up... Lucky! Find gloves. Cold still a problem, so, fire to fire, fireplace to fireplace, then food was a problem, lucky, found a carcass (at this point had already found a hatchet). Explore out a bit more, near the raven falls, decided to go for the lookout atop the mountain... Just to find out you can't get there by normal means... Now water is a problem, and I left my can in the last house. Found another on a back, eat the content, make fire, melt snow, drink, now cold AGAIN, I decided, "OK, let's go back to mystery lake first, at least to build up on some tools and suplies"... So, condition already under 10% AGAIN, cold, past half hunger, in the cave we go... At the doorstep: Wolf carcass Eat a kg and a half of good cooked wolf meat, now we are at full hunger, full temperature, no sign of frostbite or hypotermia, condition building up, we cross the tunel (poor impaled guy) go for the muskeg... Hit it in the morning, decide to first move to the tracks, then follow them left to get to mystery lake, leave the cave entrance, walk in the direction of the tracks, and then, BLIZZARD I can't see jackshit in front of me, so I keep in the same direction, knowing I'd get lost, in a place with little to no shelter, in the blizzard... Cold hits hard again, can't build fire, can't see anything, walk for 5-10 minutes (I think) then hit the spence farmstead out of goddam luck, get to the half house (couldn't find the barn), build a fire in one of the halves, warm up, and pray to have enough fuel for the blizzard to go down It hammers the whole day, before I'm out of fuel, freezing again, and decide to move on... I leave, and sure thing, half a minute later, the blizzard goes down, I can see again, was going in the right direction It's almost night, but I have a storm lantern, light it up but, it's aurora time, not need for the lamp. Wolves around, but manage to go around them, hit the tunnel for the mystery lake, and I'm home... Now I've gathered a rifle already, three wolf skins (one from the Bleak Inlet cave, two from good shots, and building up on what seems to be a long run already But damn, it was a harsh start... Felt good to be in danger again, and again, and again, and surpass it again, and again, and again... I've cut down the thin ice breaking, the two packs of timber wolves, the walk to the fallen lighthouse which had no supplies (I didn't knew the region, taught for sure there would be at least a closed space to heat up), and many, many other bad decision The two word adventure I would describe as "Exciting comeback"
  7. I'd like it, as long as there's danger in it. "Ah, friendly survivor, come here, take this gun I have, leave me a piece of meat, and we're fiiiiinnneeeee" Naaaah. Of course I'm exaggerating HARD, but still, being balanced and all, Naaah. But then again, if you see a light inside a house, you know there's a NPC there. You enter the house, you get a cutscene where you're mouled down with a rock, and get a few items stolen when you wake up - IF you wake up - then that's a different story. That would be the right kind of balance - the risk of actually being killed or robbed by a NPC, would make you think twice before going into an encounter with one. But that's a L-O-T of coding, a L-O-T of work, and I don't think it would happen. Also, I think the 'unseen' NPC would be nice too - just some footsteps around your base after a long night, would be scary. Something missing here, some item you left behind secure not being there anymore... It's all nice, but at the same time, would be just and only, frustrating.
  8. Noise. Specially UNIDENTIFIED noise. A wolf howl? WOLVES! Where? Here? There? I have a gun? I have decoy? Flares? Bear Can I go around? If he attacks, do I have first aid to survive? Moose Can I go... Yes, I can go around. Never have been attacked by a moose that I was not trying to hunt. They're easy to go around, so far. But then, I go into the damn, walk a few meters, and hear a loud-metal-like-bang. I KNOW it's nothing. I KNOW that fluffy isn't there anymore. I KNOW there are no NPCs, no unseen threats, no nothing. But DAMN that shit makes me crap my pants more than anything. Other noise in other areas also apply hahaha
  9. Ideed it would be funny Some people I dare say wouldn't even understand it's because of the book they've read
  10. First, thanks for your input For 1, yes, it would make harder to pass someplaces, but would also make passable someplaces that are now absolutely not accessible at all... But yeah, that part about the game not running to thin ice would improve a lot that part. Now, I'm actually asking this, cause I really don't know (we don't have that kind of cold down here, never walked on a frozen lake or anything, also means I've never witnessed animal behaviour in these situations): Don't animals actually avoid walking on thin ice? Like a natural instinct or something, that they've developed over the years? Real question, really don't know For 2, I like that mechanic of that mode, and indeed, would help a lot, but in that idea, I didn't mean to actually drag objects, could just give you the slower moving debuff, with some animations for tying the "load" and all, and untying when done, or something. But yeah, if anything, being able to carry wolf and deer would help a LOT, if they're listening to that, I'd be satisfied. But would still like to have something on the "lowering gear" part, that's bugged me a little, specially around Timberwolf, where there's a lot of climbs. For 3, yeah, I didn't think about the legal part, and also, did actually assume people would be much better than we know humans to be . Still, some form of that would be nice, any form that it be. Maybe some amateur writers would like some publicity of their work? Like, give a partial taste of some book, and in game, say that "the rest of the book is ruined", then if you actually like what you read, just get to a store and buy. Idk, just tought of that, trying to work around the issue For 4, not only your solution is indeed ellegant, it is in fact easier to implement, I'm guessing. Will upvote that, hope they have a look and think about it. Ty
  11. OdaSamurai

    A few ideas

    Hi y'all It's my first post here, so, before anything, I'd really like to take a few words to congratulate everybody on this amazing game. Been playing it 3+ years now, and it's been progressing amazingly. A special shoutout to the art team, cause, damn that game art is something I can't describe. I don't take game screenshots for no reason other than feats I've done and want to keep/share, but I've taken 30+ screenshots of TLD just this last 15 days, I just can't stop, every sighting and sunset brings something Now, for the real matter at hand, I have a few little ideas, so, here they go - all open for the community discussion/criticism (is that the right word? I'm not native). 1 - The very thing that annoys me, is the "thin ice" mechanics... From the start, it always bugged me, but you can always go around it, of course. However, lately I've run in some of those "bad luck times" - killing a bear, just to watch it bleed out in to thin ice, and not being able to use it, etc. My suggestion here is a few changes/tweaks. I know they are not LITTLE to implement, and would take some work time, but I think we can get to something everybody would appreciate. First, I'd change the thin ice to be weight dependant. So, in the areas where thin ice is marked, it should have also a weight cap per m². If the weight is passed, it just cracks away and drops you in water. However, if you come in lighter than the cap, it should just crack and make noises (don't think that should be a visual indicator that you're "ok" or not, that would be unrealistic, however, fewer noises or something could work as indication of how much danger you're on) but not break. Or, could also be just a little less chance of breaking. This would also mean, that if you REALLY need to cross somewhere, you could drop some gear, just to be a little bit safer to cross it - cause of course, if its weight-dependant, YOUR weight would also affect the ice. Also, the mechanic of "time breaking" (breaks if you stay too long on thin ice)... I don't know, kinda don't like it either... How do you all feel about it? Is that really how it works? If you hear a crack on thin ice, and just stay still, or, move slower, does it still break? IDK, but I'd really like some changes in this mechanic, and those are my suggestion here 2 - A rope mechanic should also be nice. There are few things I get you can do if you have a rope, even without much skill with it. But I'm not saying a mountaineer rope, just a normal rope. Could be crafted out of guts, weaved. Can be used to drag animal corpses (could overwrite the quartering thing that I've never ever used) back to base for safer gathering. Could also be used, in conjunction to the first mechanic above, to lasso a prey out of thin ice, if the animal's weight itself isn't enough to break the ice, but the animal's + you is. That would mean not wasting that deer meat, cause that's something that brings me saddness: Killing a animal, taking a life, and not being able to use it's resources. Feels bad to kill something and not use it, even when it's not your fault. Could also work (but here, could be something with the mountaineering rope instead) to lower "extra weight" down, before you climb down yourself. Would, of course, cost you energy and calories to lower down something, based on how much weight you're lowering, but in my experience, I've found it frustrating to not being able to climb down cause I have 2kgs of extra gear above the limit... Lowering down attached to the rope, another mountaineering rope I'll be needing few meters ahead to climb down the next wall, instead of have to drop the rope, climb down, drop gear, sleep to recover energy, climbing up, picking the rope, climbing down, getting the gear, so I can proceed... That's not HARD to do, but damn that's frustrating. I'd rather lower the rope first, thru the first rope, and spend, say, a quarter the energy of actually climbing down to lower it, and then actually climbing down and picking up the rope to preceed. How do you all feel about that? Have you faced such things before? Please share 3 - Random book entertainment. This here... I don't know, I'll just throw it out there: All those books you can burn, but not read, you could open a space in the forum, where people could post content - I'd guess most would be stories, but as long as the community likes it, could be anything - and the community itself could give the approval, and then, get the content patched into the game, randomly changing this and that book to have the said content. You'd not have to worry about checking stuff about the content (as the community would do that, by looking, reading, and approving or not that post. If said post has X number of approvals (you set the bar here) that is a go, it's post is then locked, and the content, put into the game. Bad stuff would be ruled out by the community, and when you're in game, if you need to spend x minutes, waiting for water to boil, of meat to cook, for exemple, you could just pop open a book and read it. As I said above, just throwing it here, not really developed this idea, but hey - the community is here, YOU, reading this, you are here: help develop that. Just tought to give those books some other use than just fuel (and later in the game, not even that use anymore), and would also put something of this community in there, could sign the player's name as the author at the end and all... Thought it'd be funny. 4 - Edit-Adding here: Being able to burn tinder as a tiny little fuel would be nice. On my current playtrough, I have 60+ tinder stacked on the ground of my base, and can't do anything with it... Could be able to compress 20 in a 30 minute fuel, for instance... But yeah, I don't know if that's the right balancing or not. This is it for now... Tought of some other stuff, but quickly ruled them out for being stupid/not realistic or just not general public's taste at all. Thx y'all for reading all this, I think I extended myself a taddy little bit And comment bellow, participate, would love to read your toughts, positive and negative