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    Not sure if tis was already asked for... Would be helpful when the fog rolled in or during blizzards. There should be a few to be found in huts and blinds or on The Frozen Ones. Then again - who is still using a compass now that you have GPS capable smart phones.
  2. Over the last weeks: Margaret Atwood - Oryx and Crake trilogy Walker/Shipman - The Wisdom of Bones Tess Sharpe - River of Violence Larry Brown - Dirty Work Cormac McCarthy - The Road Hans Fallada - Wolf unter Wölfen
  3. While the kill was nothing special, the sight after the kill was quite weired:
  4. Guess I was lucky - so far I had an aurora the first night at every location except PV Radio Tower which took 4 nights. Usually I am hunting/fishing/looting during the days, saving the non-smelly food for travels. There is a fishing hut near the hut in TM as well as some deer closeby. Of course, there is that bear - I shot a deer and harvested it and when I closed the harvesting screen first thing I noticed were fresh bear tracks right beside the dead deer. Turned around and there he was, must have been walking by me while I was harvesting. Being well fed and not encumbered I was able to run back to the hut. I could hear him behind me but I did not looked back to check the distance...
  5. - The unforgiveness (I don't like "casual gamer adjusted" games - preferred Everquest rather than WOW ) - The lack of other people (outliving my social anxiety 😉 )
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    Started playing a few months ago. Switching between Survival and Challenges, did the Story inbetween. For Survival I set my own goals (collect x rifles, survive 100 days without killing an animal, get all skills to 5 etc). Never establish the same home base(s) as in the game before. So far I'm playing on Voyageur, going to Stalker soon.