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  1. Playing in my Xbox streaming, it works with xcloud too... VID-20200921-WA0031.mp4 VID-20200921-WA0032.mp4
  2. The long dark isn't available on Xbox xcloud? You can play it on your cell phone, right?
  3. I just posted that on the hot fix thread. I see this too.
  4. On the summit, I was able to open the same container twice. the ones with lantern, peanut butter, coffe and tea, for example. Later, I realized that the containers are overlapped, ther are one inside of the other, the same way we used to find in some fishing cabins. I did not test in another run, please can someone confirm this?
  5. First cougar death in The Long Dark
  6. I liked. Replying to subscribe. Keep going.
  7. It´s a large update, full of new features. Great work, HL, but it´s not for me...
  8. Yeah, this is true to any container, just need to check if it happen with the lost and found boxed too. Most likely yes.
  9. I need to test again, but I think that ruined clothes don't dissappear.
  10. Look lika a symbol, used in map making. According to the latest dev diary, it makes even more sense.
  11. It's mid may now! Can we get it? Can we get it? Please... 😛