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  1. I just posted that on the hot fix thread. I see this too.
  2. On the summit, I was able to open the same container twice. the ones with lantern, peanut butter, coffe and tea, for example. Later, I realized that the containers are overlapped, ther are one inside of the other, the same way we used to find in some fishing cabins. I did not test in another run, please can someone confirm this?
  3. First cougar death in The Long Dark
  4. I liked. Replying to subscribe. Keep going.
  5. It´s a large update, full of new features. Great work, HL, but it´s not for me...
  6. Yeah, this is true to any container, just need to check if it happen with the lost and found boxed too. Most likely yes.
  7. I need to test again, but I think that ruined clothes don't dissappear.
  8. Look lika a symbol, used in map making. According to the latest dev diary, it makes even more sense.
  9. It's mid may now! Can we get it? Can we get it? Please... 😛
  10. This one is now a fixed cache, like tho one near the exit to TWM.
  11. One think I do about meat is, when I kill a wolf, I harvest 2 KG of meat, and start a fire to last just enought to cook it, and leave. This way, when I pass this way again, I have 2 pieces of meat with 100 % condition, since it don't start to spoil until we colect from the fire. It can last forever there...
  12. If you are going to eat low condition food, do it at night, right before bed, and have an antibiotic at hand, ou a reishi tea.