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  1. No spoilers here, all I'm going to say is that I loved the ending scenes.
  2. I have on Epic, Steam and Microsoft/Xbox Steam is faster, already downloading.
  3. According to Raphael's twitter, 90 minutes after 12:36 Brazilian Time, GMT -3. Or 11:36 ET...
  4. I think some "collectibles" could appear after some time, like a white wolf after day 200, in some part of the map, where you can hunt and make an exclusive coat, or a more precise hunting rifle in a corpse, after day 500, or a partially sunken boat, with great loot could suddenly appear at some costal area, after day 1000, for example. This wont change the essence of the game, but it will introduce some challenges and some things do wait for and survive longer. I have a few saves with 200 - 700 days, on stalker/interloper, where I left and started a new game to look for new adventur
  5. I once found a dead wolf, fresh, not frozen yet, at CH, on my first time there, between mine exit and the lookout, after 50 days survived.
  6. I gladly pay for more content to The Long Dark. I already bought it on steam and Microsoft store, if this means more Co tent for more time. I first bought the game 4 or 5 years ago, and it still is the game I play the most, and I expect to play many more. Thanks for a great game, constantly evolving and growing.
  7. For XBOX, in Brazil, already updating! Thanks Raph and Hinterland team!
  8. It happened to me, on CH, just after the mine exit, walking to the lookout. It was my first visit in that run, and I found it very odd. Just like yours, a frozen perfect wolf carcass.
  9. Another tip... Use your tackle to sew until the condition drops to less than 10% and after that use only to fish. There is no difference between tackles with 100% or less to fish.
  10. Playing in my Xbox streaming, it works with xcloud too... VID-20200921-WA0031.mp4 VID-20200921-WA0032.mp4
  11. The long dark isn't available on Xbox xcloud? You can play it on your cell phone, right?
  12. I just posted that on the hot fix thread. I see this too.