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  1. Forgive my ignorance, but what am I missing here? The ability to display them where we wouldn't/couldn't normally? Or do we get magic pelts appearing out of thin air?
  2. that could be a factor, I was wearing one. Albeit under neath my windbreaker. FYI: this was encountered with Archivist mode.
  3. I'm in Pleasant Valley. I strolled out of the barn to hunt for some food. I saw a lone wolf, approached it. Then the wolf let off a whimpering sound then ran away. I didn't shoot or injure any before hand. This was during the afternoon. Why does this happen? Also, 24 hours later. I went out to hunt again, but this time the wolf was quite aggressive.
  4. Carter Hydro sales rep, sticking on stickers randomly?
  5. Well, I don't doubt your reasoning. However, the missing arrow was when the wolf was slow walking towards me. Quite close range. Died on the spot. Hence my curiosity peaking.
  6. @ManicManiac, Hi, thanks for the information. I definitely, looked all around the dead wolf. Even after harvesting it. No joy...I felt really robbed at that point. I think I will need to practice more with this new toy. It's tricky...
  7. Yes, specially when you have the time to actively seek them out. Works really, when you're heavily laden with weight (can't sprint to catch the bugger before it awakes) Otherwise, it's an opportune chances for me to kill them on the move.
  8. Hello, I've recently killed a wolf with a bow & arrow. But for some reason I didn't have the option to retrieve the arrow itself. When I clicked the option to "harvest" I chose the quarter. If that helps? Question: Can you retrieve the shot arrows? or are they one time use only?
  9. I've had the game since its inception. I just redownloaded the game and trying it out again, after many years.
  10. @MarrowStone I'm noticing a trend here. Timberwolf Mountain, are resources really scarce that I must prioritise food & water even more? Can you clarify? I don't understand what you meant by starving route, nor which hut you mentioned. Also, in the "Archivist" mode. Can anyone confirm whether the Bunkers are taken off for this mode?
  11. I understand that. I just wanted to get this particular mode over and done with is all. Even with the knowledge of where a certain exit/entrance is on the map. The game still has its fun factor for me. Thank you, I will search for those maps.
  12. I wouldn't have thought of that. Thank you!
  13. Hello all, I'm looking for a detail maps (user generated, most likely). That would show which path in a region leads to another. I know, I should be making the best of the game experience by just playing it through. However, I'd prefer to get to the end game of this particular mode (Archivist). Drop me some supplies (by that I mean maps...) please folks!
  14. That's some hoarding and carrying heavy loads... Question: How did you manage to place items that doesn't have the "Place in radial" option?