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  1. Nothing really bothers me that's in the game. Mainly just the fact that bears and moose tend to show up on moving day, or a 3 day blizzard rolls in, the game always knows somehow. But what really bothers me is something that isn't in the game, I REALLY wish we could craft storage containers. I'm so sick of having to lay stuff out all over my home base.
  2. Oh ok, thanks. I was thinking the lungs and heart would count as a critical hit. I will start aiming for the head.
  3. I encountered a very hard to kill bear in Coastal Highway, stalker survival mode. I hit it 5 or 6 times with the rifle and 2 or 3 times with the revolver and it still managed to run away. It did die on the lake shortly after though. Also on the same run, same region, I shot at a bear with the rifle, got no hit marker and it ran away. However, a few days later it showed on my stats that I had killed a bear and that was the only one I shot at in that run.