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  1. Ok yes, that's correct. If the fire burns out it says cooking paused and the X button (console) will still let you eat it. I don't remember at all if that fire burned out, I usually take torches or finish it out with boiling some water though. I should have hit the record what happened button so I could review it, I will if something like that happens again. Also, I was experimenting with raw fish and gave myself food poisoning. On the Status screen it said "Raw Coho Salmon" was the cause. On my parasites screenshot it just says "infected meat," shouldn't that say raw too if I did
  2. Yes eating raw meat is possible, and if I'm the only one with the problem then I'd say it's probable. But I did eat it directly off the stove, and I think you can only do that if it's cooked. I'll have to check that out next time I'm on.
  3. Yup, no bedroll wasn't the best idea. Luckily I found one on day 1 at BI, had to go back through 2 Twolf spawns to get it once I found no bed in the gun shop but it all worked out. Yeah when the revolver update came out, I heard multiple people say that old saves will be disappointing when it comes to ammo. No bedroll turned out to be a fun challenge for sure, and I was doing great until I got parasites, must have eaten raw wolf meat by mistake because I'm level 5 cooking or it was a bug. But I found a bedroll and got all my ammo crafted so just another TLD experienc
  4. Excellent, thanks. If I couldn't eat predator meat then I'd probably be dead on this almost 200 day run with 200+ rounds of ammo ready to be crafted.
  5. That is possible but I'm usually pretty careful about that. Now, what happens if I eat cooked wolf meat while I have parasites? Food is scarce at BI and wolf has been my main diet.
  6. I assume it's just a bug, but rather annoying none the less. I got in to the cannery workshop and cooked some wolf meat. Ate a piece and got the risk of parasites, slept for the night and woke up to having parasites. Luckily I found 12 antibiotics around here because I haven't carried them since I got level 5 cooking about 100 days ago.
  7. I always find an abundance of ammo in stalker. I looted DP, CH, ML, Milton, FM and BR. I think it's about 40 rifle casings and the rest are revolver casings. 263 total if I remember right.
  8. I have just over 250 casings. I'm sure I'll be back eventually to craft more ammo as I haven't looted PV or TW so I'd like to take all the lead there now. But that will be the 1st thing to go if I need to save on weight. Just seems like more often than not, my bedroll gets ruined in a wolf struggle and it's annoying. Sticks are plentiful and cloth has multiple uses.
  9. This just happened to me in Forlorn Muskeg on Stalker. A regular wolf was eating a deer but it was dead. I put 3 rounds in him before I realized. He was still moving and making sounds like he was alive. I had shot a few wolves that ran off, so he probably bled out while feasting on the deer.
  10. Hard to say a favorite overall, but my favorite to set up a home base is Mystery Lake. Coastal Highway is growing on me as a place to survive for a while. I also enjoy my loot runs to Broken Railroad, although I never stay long. I dread going to Pleasant Valley, seems like it's always a blizzard the whole time. And don't even get me started on Forlorn Muskeg. I never like going to Timberwolf Mountain, but always find myself staying longer than intended because it is rather peaceful at the Mountaineers Hut. And I still haven't checked out Hushed River Valley or Bleak Inlet. Gearing
  11. Stalker run, day 170ish. I'm down to my last 12 revolver rounds so I think it's a good time to checkout ammo crafting at Bleak Inlet. I haven't been to Bleak before. I normally take a pry bar, knife, a couple cans, some matches, cat tails and basic meds. Cloth for a snow shelter, I don't like carrying a bedroll. I'll have my revolver with 12 rounds, a new bow with 10 new arrows and 6 flares. Also 38 pounds of gunsmith material, enough to make about 250 cartridges. Anything else I should bring? I fought the Timberwolves in the story mode but haven't yet on a stalker survival run so I'
  12. That's what I first thought but my stats said I killed 2, and I harvested 2 bears. Ok I thought it was bears too but maybe I'm mistaken.
  13. So I've always been under the assumption that only one living bear could be on the map at a time. Mystery Lake stalker run, shot the bear at unnamed pond and he ran off. So I went straight to the cabin north of the unnamed pond to look for the moose and there was a bear walking around in Clearcut too. I checked my stats and the 1st bear was not dead yet. I've never seen 2 bears alive at the same time.
  14. Nothing really bothers me that's in the game. Mainly just the fact that bears and moose tend to show up on moving day, or a 3 day blizzard rolls in, the game always knows somehow. But what really bothers me is something that isn't in the game, I REALLY wish we could craft storage containers. I'm so sick of having to lay stuff out all over my home base.