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  1. So, I've hunted the 2 bears in Timberwolf Mountain in custom mode, with my settings set on normal generation of wildlife. But although I've been at the mountain cabin on the lake for over 6 months game time, no bears (or rabbits) are regenerating. Ever.
  2. I think it was the well-fed bonus because now I'm back up to 40. Don't have the moose satchell. Just the technical backpack from the gold mine in Ash Canyon.
  3. Please consider making the pass time window smaller and off-center somewhere so I can just look out the window at the scenery all day, instead of through the blurry pass-time window, as I'm waiting for-ev-er for bear skins to dry.
  4. I got the technical backpack and for a while had the extra carrying capacity, but now have gone back down to 35kg and can't figure out why. Did I somehow un-equip it by accident? How would I have done that? How can I get it back?
  5. I'm on a windows 10 pc. Is it possible to copy and then rename save files in survival mode? I have a file, Timberwolf mtn2, that I'd like to copy and rename Timberwolf mtn3, for example, in case I bite the dust, I could restart at that point. I searched for the file and was unable to locate it. Is this possible to accomplish? Ideally, I'd like Hinterland to include a "snapshot" feature so I could snap back to the point right before I died. This would help me be more adventurous climbing down cliffs.
  6. Would be able to sit in church pew, or anywhere
  7. I have hooks, and I have line. Why do I keep getting the message "Fishing Tackle is Required for Ice Fishing"?
  8. If I'm playing in the easiest mode, maybe I don't want all that difficulty. (Are you listening Hinterland Developers?)
  9. Ok I give up. How do I access a map in survivor mode to see where I am? If there isn't one, there should be, at least on the easiest level. Also, how do you "update" the map? It says my map has never been updated.