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  1. I'd assume yes to the first, to be safe. And historically, unless they specifically say otherwise (and I believe they have, once or twice), they're fine with streaming as long as you make it abundantly clear you're streaming test branch. As a fellow content creator, I appreciate your asking about it.
  2. Thanks, @Sherri! That really means a lot. At this juncture I'd suggest we all adjourn our back-and-forth, as it's not contributing meaningfully to the thread on which we're having it. This will be my last reply, and I encourage those connected to this little tangent to follow suit. Cheers. -H
  3. Brother, listen... let me be real with you. You just wrote ... 1,000 words. Predicated on a misreading of my point. A misrepresentation/misunderstanding of me as a player, and my content as a YouTuber. And even a complete ignorance of the difficulty at which I play. I'm not sure what combination of personal circumstances and stressors could possess a person to write so much about something so trivial, let alone factually incorrect, but I sincerely hope it gets better for you. I've had a rough go of it these past 6-9 months, partly due to to what the world is going thro
  4. LOL This just made my night. @Azdrawee and @Sherri, thanks for sticking up for the spirit of my content. @Killerboom204, I'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for in it. None of my series, in any game, are ever intended to be expert-level. What I teach people in, say, Survival School is expressly intended to help beginners learn to find their way, period. If I offer advice as an expert in an area of the game, I will qualify it as such beforehand, and frankly, I rarely do. What I'll say in my defense is that if you think I survive purely on luck and more skilled players d
  5. Just a toggle in the sound settings, please. I don't remember the last time I disliked a change to the game this much. I'm sure I'm not alone. In its current form, after spending some hours with the new version and watching streamers play for similar amounts of time, it feels repetitive (as there is only one iteration) and thus immersion-breaking. I preferred the atmosphere created simply by the subtle, tell-tale sounds of a nearby wolf and then the sounds of the growling and barking as it aggro'd. Thanks for considering, guys! Hope you are all happy, healthy, and safe. -H
  6. That would be great, but to go that far without giving the Custom Players the changes mentioned would be not unlike robbing Peter to pay Paul. 🙂 I play on settings that mirror Interloper, and I definitively do not want the best items to spawn. To each their own, of course. I'm responding because I just want to be as clear as possible that this isn't something that can be resolved simply by tweaking the existing settings. It's the need for more degrees of freedom in the custom setting, with the clear justification that the Baseline setting currently controls two or three separate mechan
  7. You're right; I'd forgotten that setting existed because I've had it glued to "Low" for literally ever. Ha. That said, what I would say based on experience playing with that setting on "Low" and Baseline Resource Availabillity on "Medium" (to keep Tools spawning) is that Baseline Resource Availability does still seem to control the lion's share of the variance in non-container world loot, despite the Loose Item setting. You have to think of the Baseline as the literal "start point" and the subsequent Loose Item Availability as a modifier. Lots of the Custom Settings work as modifiers
  8. So I've been dragging my feet on posting about this after talking about it endlessly elsewhere... oops. The following suggested change to the Custom Settings framework would increase my enjoyment of the already excellent Custom Mode by an order of magnitude. Here's the long and short of it: The very first Custom Setting, "Baseline Resource Availability," currently controls two to three settings in one. I, and I have it on good authority that many others feel similarly, would love to see those settings demarcated so we could manipulate them independently of one another. Why? Because I
  9. I mean ... I'll still be playing. ;-) Sounds great, Raphael. Thank you and thanks to the team for all your hard work. Good luck with the fine-tuning and QA phase! -H
  10. Not to hop on this bandwagon too hastily, because I like most of the new system ... but as for chance to hit / HOW to hit ... my shooting is the worst it's ever been in TLD. The front sight seems uncharacteristically wide. I know I'm used to that fine point, but to have it replaced by something so broad and flat-topped is confusing. I've hit one target that I've intentionally shot at... of about 20 shots I've attempted. And that includes one of my classic "shoot at a wolf's face while it's charging" sure-shots. I missed. So far, "Your misses will make more sense than they u
  11. Me too, but I thought it best to stop short of putting words in others' mouths. People nowadays love to take statements from 3 months, 3 years, even 3 decades ago and assume they're still gospel truth. Sentiments change. General consensus, though, so far seems to be that it's highly unlikely to happen. :-) -H
  12. Raphael and team are not much for the word "never," but let's just say there have been multiple strong assertions aimed at steering players away from hoping for multiplayer. Maybe actually try the game sooner than later? Worst case, you wouldn't like it, but you'd stop yourself from waiting around for something that's not likely to ever come. And you might have a lot more fun than you were expecting. :-) -H