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  1. @WillemD, thanks. I had forgotten that one. I need to go to the lake anyway with the hope that I may find a bed roll in the lake office. If I go the back way to the overlook, I have a good chance of not encountering any wolves.
  2. @Danielviomusic, thanks. Although I knew most of the locations you mentioned, I was hoping there was one near the Ravine. For the one near the ML destroyed lookout tower (usually in the big box), I asked myself: does the risk of going there with no weapon out weigh the added protection (by enabling me to get a flare gun) on my way to the forge in FM? However, your answer reminded me that I made a serious mistake in this current game. Usually I play on Stalker, often starting in TWM. I always see the rope in the Mountaineer's Hut, but don't take it because I couldn't afford the extra 5 Kg due to the climb down to PV. On Interloper, I got so little loot I could have easily carried the rope with me, but didn't. I'll try to remember that next time.
  3. Although I climbed down to the Ravine Basin in my last long Interloper run, that was a long time ago. So far this time I haven't found a rope. I've looked in the explorable rail car and the cave area beyond the break in the rail line to no avail. In the previous Interloper run, I used the flare pistol as a temporary weapon on my way to the forge in FM. I know the Ravine area well (before the addition of Bleak Inlet) and have run out of places to look. I did check the snow pile on the second floor of the bay area of the hydro dam, but don't remember finding one there after Steadfast Ranger. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I guess I'll start subtle: I hate the current sprain system! Besides the strains themselves, the constant alerts and warnings add significant unneeded stress to the game and it discourages exploration. You don't have to be a mountain goat to get a strain. I got a strain while collecting twigs in the enclosed area in front of the Carter Hydro Dam. Another player posted recently that he got a strain while harvesting a carcass--twice! More importantly, from my personal experience, the current system is not realistic. For a couple of years a long time ago, I and two friends went backpacking almost every weekend, with a few extended expeditions. We were planning a two week trip to the Snake River region when my friends suddenly got married and escaped to Texas. All together, we spent several hundred hours in the wilderness. Although we certainly experienced many issues, none of us ever got a sprain. @ManicManiac, spoke of the power of player choices--I agree. Personally, I would like to see either an option to disable the sprain system (like that currently available for the auto walk feature) or the ability to earn badges in Custom mode. Although there would likely be those who would abuse it, they do not harm others, so I don't see a downside to it. // End of rant // Actually, I should add that in a separate post, several of us discussed this issue. Although we did not all agree, all were courteous and respectful. I just wish we could have more of that in the real world.
  5. That certainly wasn't on my radar when I asked the question, but you're right I certainly did benefit.
  6. I saw a post in the survival subforum where a new member posted a question about wolves attacking while in a fishing hut. I thought the question was pertinent and clearly worded, so tried to bump up his reputation by 1. I left clicked the '+' button next to his reputation, but nothing happened. I was logged in, so don't know why that didn't work. I think I've used that method before, but my memory is fading. So, how does one bump up the reputation of a fellow forum member?
  7. If you play at Stalker level, you will need warm clothes and supplies to build a fire when necessary. This can be a challenge as you need to keep your carry weight no more than the maximum (30 Kg at full health), since you can't climb a rope while encumbered. As a general clothing guide, the sum of your combined warmth and wind bonuses should be at least 35. If significantly less, you will need to warm up in a shelter frequently. You should not need to find a hacksaw before you go. In about a dozen playthroughs, I've always found a hacksaw in the Mountaineer's Hut next to Crystal Lake. Most of the cargo containers are guarded by wolves, so you will need to either kill them or build a fire next to the container to protect you while you saw away. Good Luck!
  8. Hi @piddy3825 and @ManicManiac, I've read your comments relative to earning feats in custom mode. "Sorry for not responding earlier. Sometimes RL gets in the way. @Daymo said he prefers a custom mode between Stalker and Interloper. So do I. I find Stalker not quite challenging enough and Interloper doable, but every day is a depressing struggle. I understand that if feats were enabled in custom mode, there would be those who would use that to cheat. However, other than cheating themselves, I don't see the harm to the general community. It is certainly possible that I've missed something, but I don't see a downside. I would like to hear from either of you, or any one else, relative to downsides from being able to earn feats in custom mode -- other than it just isn't done.
  9. I agree, although I would like it a lot better if we weren't penalized by not being able to earn feats.
  10. Hi @gnomegnine. At least for some games, mods can--and have--greatly enhanced them. The Elder Scroll games Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim, for example, owe much of their popularity to mods. I believe TLD might benefit from mods. When you start a new game, you don't have enough clothing to stay warm or the tools and weapons to survive. However, if you are successful, a time comes when you have sufficient clothes for most conditions and all the tools and weapons available in the game --what do you do then? Ingenious mods might provide some fun answers. Surprisingly, mods can be as much fun for the modder as the player. There's nothing like going to a site where you don't speak the language and watch others enjoying your mod in ways you hadn't imagined.
  11. @ManicManiac, I looked at the video of the second wolf encounter and you are correct, I almost missed him. When homing in on a decoy, the wolves travel at something like 4 to 5 miles mph. This just goes to show that, even when coming straight at you, the 8 to 10 times increase in speed (without decoys) makes hitting them a lot more difficult. I suppose that playing on stalker with only a bow is the worst case, since there's no chance of scaring the wolf if you miss like there is with a rifle. I'm surprised that the developers would make such a large increase in difficulty. When you combine that with the recently (starting with 1.56 Steadfast Ranger) introduced strain system, I'm not sure where they are going. Based on more than 100 hours in the bush (real world), the strain system is completely unrealistic, discourages exploration, and the constant warnings and alerts add unnecessary stress. Running the latest TLD, I got a strain collecting sticks in the enclosure in front of the Carter Dam building. Another got a strain while harvesting game--twice! On the other hand, there have been a lot of subtle improvements, plus many not so subtle ones like the addition of new areas and the major update to Pleasant Valley. It seems like the developers giveth and the developers taketh away. So, since one mostly cancels out the other, I'll stick with my ancient Vigilant Flame on my main computer. Bye and thanks for the conversation. I think I'll go rant about something else now.
  12. Hi @ManicManiac. I think your experience and mine are probably different, but I was curious so did more tests. What I found was about two thirds of the time, the wolf jukes back and forth when charging, while they don't the other third. Even when they juke back and forth, they typically do straighten out for the last 20 to 25 feet. However, looking at several videos frame by frame, they appeared to cover that last 20 to 25 feet in less than 0.4 sec! I looked on the web to see if that matched the real world. It does. Wolves can travel in short sprints as fast as 40 mph (about 59 fps). See: Maximum wolf speed. I've attached another test video at the same site as the previous one. As you can see, the first wolf jukes back and forth, straightening out for the last 20 feet or so. The behavior of the second wolf is more like what you described. This same wolf as in the previous video, this time charges in a nearly straight line, never juking back and forth. Unfortunately, he doesn't die instantly from the arrow I put in his face. I've learned a lot from our discussions and the related tests. WolfMoves5.mp4
  13. I have successfully uploaded and attached .mp4 videos in the past, but cannot now. I've tried .mp4 and .mov without success. I get a message: "No video with supported format and MIME type found". If there is a particular codec I should use, or something else, please let me know. EDIT: Nm. I loaded the videos into an editor and saved as .mp4 with the H.264/ACC mp4 format and that seems to work.
  14. Hi @ManicManiac. I've tried some experiments based on what you said. I can confirm that, surprising to me, as soon as I aim, the wolf does begin to charge. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm that the wolf will charge straight at the player if on a very level surface. I've attached two videos; one made with Vigilant Flame, and one made with the most recent update of Fearless Navigator. Both show a wolf begin his charge as soon as the bow begins to rise to the aiming position. I can tell that the wolf has started his charge because he immediately jukes to the left or right. In both of these particular instances, the wolf straightens out a few meters before reaching the player. However, I have another video I can upload if necessary, where the wolf only straightens out about two meters from the player. In that case, although I put an arrow in his face, the wolf attacked. I won the struggle quickly, but had to track him over Hell's half acre to get my arrow back. I have learned two things relative to the wildlife that have changed recently. First, moose are no longer afraid of fire! Second, besides the blood trail, the newer versions of TLD show the wolf paw prints in the snow which makes tracking to get your arrow back easier. There was a problem with the videos. I've resolved it for the first, which is now attached. I could attach others, now that I know what codec to use, but this is typical of both the old Vigilant Flame and the latest Fearless Navigator. VF-WolfMoves.mp4
  15. Hi @ManicManiac. Thank you for your detailed response. I have followed many, but not all, of the avoidance behaviors you describe, especially when cresting a blind ridge. I do, however, have two questions. First, you talk about throwing rocks without "aiming in". By aiming in, do you mean sighting the wolf in the circle of your other hand? Also, in your experience, does a wolf actually change its behavior based on actions the player makes with his hands? Second, at one point you say "Then I just make sure to take a well aimed shot at the head as it's running straight for me. Generally this will put it down pretty consistently". I have not seen that behavior -- I wish. In my experience, without a decoy, wolves will juke side to side in a random fashion as they charge, which makes hitting them with a ranged weapon very difficult. Some time ago, I read a post where someone said that moving sideways (with the A or D key) would force the wolf to charge in a straight line. I have not been able to get that to work. Maybe there is something I'm missing. In any case, thanks again for sharing so much useful information.
  16. Now that the decoy system has, in practice, been eliminated as a useful adjunct to fighting wolves with ranged weapons, I for one would like to hear about your methods. I normally play Stalker without a rifle. While there was a working decoy system, I could clean out the wolves from an area with my bow when needed. Without the decoy, that has become much harder and I often end up in struggles. For example, there have been several occasions where I wanted to explore the ice fishing shacks on Mystery lake, but first had to get rid of three to four prowling wolves. With the decoy system, I could lure them away from the pack one at a time and eliminate them. Now, the only technique I've discovered so far is to sneak into the middle of the pack while crouching, then start a file. With a little luck, I can then pick them off as they approach the fire, just as they turn to run away. So please share you compilation of methods with all of us.
  17. Hi, thanks to all for your replies. From my question you probably gathered that I thought feats in custom mode were turned off by a particular update. Now, thanks to you, I know better.
  18. The title says it all. I would like to know what update removed the ability to gain feats/badges if running in Custom mode.
  19. I do have complaints. However, I should say that overall I really like the game and have played it well over 500 hours. Also, although I don't understand the business sense of endless free updates--I'm certainly not complaining. The walking at a crawl with the wind in your face seems a bit unrealistic, but I accept that as part of the game. Yet there are two things that have been added in more recent updates, that for me, are unacceptable. First, it's the sprain system. I played the most recent update (1.76) and got more strains in the first 8 hours than I got in 100 hours in the 1.37 version I was playing previously. First, it's in your face all the time, with warnings every few minutes, plus the red feather of tripping anytime you are on any kind of slope. As a couple of examples, I traveled from PV to ML via the Winding River route. The red feather was on about two dozen times, in most cases where there was no option for more level terrain. I even got a sprain while collecting sticks in the yard in front of the Carter Hydro dam. Even without the actual sprains, the constant warnings significantly add to the stress. Is that what you want in a game that is supposed to be fun? I have to run the game in custom mode, so I can turn off strains. Of course, that means I can never have feats. 1.76 has an option to enable or disable auto walk; add an option to opt out of strains, or even simpler, restore the ability to gain feats in Custom mode. I would ask the creators "What is the point of punishing the player who has paid for the game and wants to play it the way he or she wishes"? The second issue is rather recently, the decoy system has been essentially eliminated. I have spent several hours analyzing how wolves react to decoys in 1.64 and 1.76. I used both rabbits and cooked deer, with weights of 0.3 Kg, 0.5 Kg, and 1.0 Kg. I ran approximately three dozen tests all together. Only twice did a wolf react to the decoy. I was so far away when they did, I could only tell by traveling back to where I dropped the decoy and finding it gone. My tests are consistent with @Jeffpeng's video. Most of the time, they just ignore it. Only when the player is 50 to 60 feet away is there a chance they will take it. As an aid to fighting wolves with a ranged weapon, the decoy just doesn't work anymore. If the decoy system was seen as too easy, make it a little harder, don't essentially delete it. Unfortunately, although I've seen some of the enhancements in the recent updates, including the awesome rework of Skeeter's Ridge in PV, I won't be playing them. Probably the most telling, with the old version, I would recommend TLD to anyone that asked. Not any more. Although I bought TLD a couple of years ago from GOG, I just bought it again recently from STEAM, so I could access versions before the unwanted changes. I would very much like to hear from any player that was routinely using decoys when fighting wolves with a bow or rifle, as too how they are coping with the changes. ----- End of rant.
  20. I would tend to agree. If you want a crafting table nearby, there are only three locations. The Cinder Hills abandoned coal mine is pretty far from everywhere else. Only a mad man (or Bean ) would want to live at the Quonset Gas Station. The remaining crafting table is just behind a small cabin in the fishing camp. However storage is limited to two lockers and there is no fireplace. Also, crafting outside, where you can't watch for approaching animals, doesn't appeal to me. For me, the best home base is the Carter Hydro Dam. Besides crafting tables and plenty of storage inside, there is a large, safe (wolf free) area outside for a snow shelter. Having the safe Ravine nearby, with a semi-infinite supply of deer and rabbits is a plus.
  21. Hi @Serenity, like you I thought there would always be a rope some were in the Ravine, but apparently not. I did end up using the rope at the destroyed lookout.
  22. I've climbed down to the Ravine Basin many times. However, recently I've played several games where I couldn't find a mountaineering rope in Ravine. Usually the rope is in the accessible railroad car or in or near the cave on the far side of the break in the railway. If it's not in one of those two places, does that mean there is not one in the Ravine, or am I not looking in the right place? (I also check the cave nearest to ML, but not there either).
  23. I finally made it! I was able to meet the challenge in under 20 days--19 days & 17 hrs to be exact. If someone had told me a month ago that one could get this far in under 20 days, I would have thought they were daft. 'But it is possible. The game is much more intense and I would not want to play that way all the time. Yet it has an appeal and requires more focus and planning. You have to push the limits and that means doing useful things after dark and during blizzards. I walked from the PV farmhouse to the cave to ML in a full out blizzard. 'Did the same from the farmhouse to the signal hill station and back. I would recommend to anyone to try it once or twice. Being stubborn and less worthy, it took me five tries to finish in under 20 days. 'See the screen shots below.
  24. @Bean, I'm sorry you are having troubles. Actually, I didn't know that The Long Dark was available for the PS4. I hope you try again and miss the glitches.