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  1. So that's what happened to the original tower in Mystery Lake.
  2. Addict: You've used Painkillers (arbitrary number) times. You are suffering from withdrawal and must take painkillers, or suffer: Increased fatigue rate Pain effects Significant increase in sight drift when aiming Increase in failure rate when repairing
  3. I know. However, I do remember how it was, when I started. Plus, discussions about sprains always reminds me of this post by Carbon. 🤣
  4. You sprained your luck. Take pain killers.
  5. Rather than harvest tinder plugs, I'd rather be able to set the bales on fire. They would then serve as an energetic, but rather brief, bonfire. Any nearby wildlife would flee, you would briefly get the warmth of a well fed forge, and at a fairly easy chance of successful lighting. The downside would be that it can't be maintained with anything less than logs, and even then the heat would eventually diminish back down to campfire levels. Also, due to the size of the flames, cooking isn't practically possible. This would have been a nice feature to have on my 1st Interloper attempt. The cold really took its toll on me, back then.
  6. Long ago, I suggested that we should be able to attach a moose hide satchel to a deployed mountaineering rope. The satchel would then function as a container we could raise or lower. This would allow us to drop up to 5 kg of inventory items before a climb/descent. In my case, this came to mind after finding my 2nd satchel at the signal fire in HRV.
  8. Caribou! Yes, that sounds like a good, woody, sounding word. No. Caribou down there, by the lake, dear. Oh! *BANG* Caribouuu... gone...
  9. Offer him a tin of milk? *condition too low. Wolf gets food poisoning.*
  10. Get the bandages and Old Man's Beard ready...
  11. Several days of hunting nearly ended in disaster. It started off well. Harvested bunnies in the snares, followed by driving a deer toward a wolf. While I did hit the wolf, he ran off. -Probably bled out by now. With plenty of meat cooked and stored in the snow, I should have stopped there. If I had done so, I would have been better off. But, as an old co-worker often said: "If 'if's' and 'but's' were candies and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas." I came to a bridge, crowded with broken down cars and trucks. -Undoubtedly from people caught out on the road when technology died. At the opposite side: A bear. I carefully approached, keeping a car nearby if he charges. I fire! A hit, but he doesn't go down. He runs around in pain as I leap into the car. He eventually runs down into the river valley below the bridge, and I loose sight of him. After waiting in vain for him to appear again, I set out to see if he bled out. He didn't. As I climb a boulder to get a better look into the valley, he roars. I can't get another shot off before he knocks me to the ground. The less said about that experience, the better. I lay there, bleeding out, as he leisurely strolls across the bridge. Thankfully, I had plenty of Old Man's Beard and bandages. A single stim also helped, as I just couldn't let him go after that. I slowly creep behind him, waiting to get near another car before taking my shot. He turns towards me, just before I squeeze the trigger. I'm not sure which sigh was louder: The sigh of relief from me, or the sigh of his last breath? I had enough daylight to quarter him, before carrying his pelt back home. -The meat had to stay, for now, as I hadn't the strength to carry any after the stim wore off. With the new day, I will be retrieving what I left behind.
  12. Hello, and great work on the game! If Episode 3 winds up not being released before Halloween, has there been any consideration of Timberwolves making their big debut in the next 4DON?
  13. While molds do exist for the .303 Enfield caliber, any cast bullet would just be lead, and you wouldn't be able to give it a copper jacket. If implemented, the condition of the firearm would decrease more rapidly as lead fouling builds up in the barrel's rifling. Also, while it may be possible to find reloading supplies, you can't just make primitive black powder and use it in a modern firearm, as the necessary pressures are far different. To make modern "smokeless" powder, you'd need appropriate chemicals (such as H2SO4 and HNO3), the appropriate lab equipment, and knowledge of what to do. Now, on the other hand, I would certainly welcome a black powder rifle. -I even suggested it a long time ago. For example, there is a double barreled one, called the Kodiak rifle, sold in a few places. It comes in different configurations: 2 rifled barrels or 1 rifled and 1 smooth for buckshot. The large caliber of the rifle would make it a total moose-stopper.😁 Additional...Link to that suggestion: