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  1. Night 3: Music and toil. Aurora time means Music time. I go downstairs to turn on the radio, and I'm greeted to the melodies of Bach's Goldberg Variations once again. Once the wolf hides finished curing, it's off to the crafting table. Many cups of coffee later, and I have a wolfskin coat. After a brief stroll down to the lake's edge, to watch the Aurora wolves prowl around, I return home and wait out the clock with Bach.
  2. Night 2: Let the hunt begin. Last year, I avoided the demon wolves. This time, I sought them out. Starting on lake, I crept up and lured them in with thrown stones. Two wolves killed and one wounded to bleed out somewhere. Meat, pelts, and guts go to my refuge in the Camp Office. After a cooking break, I return to the hunt. This time, I travel to the derailed boxcars. Three pairs of glowing eyes await me in the distance. One senses me early, but is frightened, and runs off. One goes down with a single shot. The third is wounded but runs around the area before finally bleeding out, nearby. By now, the frightened wolf has found its courage. It approaches... It charges... It gets shot in the face. I make several trips to ferry everything home and then get busy cooking. I've got plenty of food, water, wood, and coal to get through the event. The pelts should finish curing soon, so I'll be crafting a Wolfskin coat during the aurora.
  3. I looted every house and trailer in CH. I now have enough coffee to sell to the wolves, so they really get active later on. Along the way, I found both Jack-o-lanterns in the same places as last year. I almost took the mine route to PV, but changed my mind, and opted to grab 16 pieces of coal. With the looting complete, I moved on to ML, just as I did the last time. This time, however, I chose the Camp office over the Forestry Lookout. It's much darker, but easier to collect wood. After dropping my loot, I'm off to find Jack-o-lanterns. ...or rather, just one, as I saw and looted one along the way. I visited the Lookout to loot and get a good view of the old Lookout location, where a Jack-o-lantern was, last year. It wasn't there, this year. It was by the current Lookout! How convenient! Several wood gathering trips later, I'm ready for day 2. I have a rifle, good clothes, a flare gun, 2 flashlights, hatchet, knife, plenty of food and wood, amongst other things. I am ready.
  4. Khan_Drichthyes

    4DON 2019

    Oh no! I was going to start, once I get home, in about 45 minutes. I hope Steam gets fixed by then.
  5. So that's what happened to the original tower in Mystery Lake.
  6. I know. However, I do remember how it was, when I started. Plus, discussions about sprains always reminds me of this post by Carbon. ūü§£
  7. You sprained your luck. Take pain killers.
  8. Rather than harvest tinder plugs, I'd rather be able to set the bales on fire. They would then serve as an energetic, but rather brief, bonfire. Any nearby wildlife would flee, you would briefly get the warmth of a well fed forge, and at a fairly easy chance of successful lighting. The downside would be that it can't be maintained with anything less than logs, and even then the heat would eventually diminish back down to campfire levels. Also, due to the size of the flames, cooking isn't practically possible. This would have been a nice feature to have on my 1st Interloper attempt. The cold really took its toll on me, back then.
  9. Long ago, I suggested that we should be able to attach a moose hide satchel to a deployed mountaineering rope. The satchel would then function as a container we could raise or lower. This would allow us to drop up to 5 kg of inventory items before a climb/descent. In my case, this came to mind after finding my 2nd satchel at the signal fire in HRV.
  10. Caribou! Yes, that sounds like a good, woody, sounding word. No. Caribou down there, by the lake, dear. Oh! *BANG* Caribouuu... gone...
  11. Offer him a tin of milk? *condition too low. Wolf gets food poisoning.*
  12. Get the bandages and Old Man's Beard ready...