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  1. Would you prefer Aurora Bees?🤪 Actually, the Aurora Mosquitoes wouldn't be so bad if you had a hanging bug zapper. I imagine the Aurora powering it, allowing you to hold it like a lantern.
  2. Two words: Aurora Mosquitoes 😋
  3. ...I finally finished Episode I redeux, last weekend. I started strong, going through the game, enjoying the new route to Milton and the revamped conversation mechanic. But then I stopped after Hobbs. It wasn't the decision I faced. -I took the knife out without hesitation, btw. A blizzard rolled in, as soon as I arrived, so I was considering my options, but just stopped. I didn't stop the game, entirely. I messed around on Survival, some, but just didn't come back to Wintermute until recently. Maybe I figured that the overall story wasn't going to significantly change, so I might have had the feeling of "I've done all this already." Pardon the rambling. I've already started Episode II Redeux, and stopped off at the camp office, before moving on to Carter Dam. ...a little jumpy that The Old Bear might make an earlier appearance in the Redeux. -I avoided spoilers as much as possible.
  4. I froze to death in my sleep, on voyageur. I was camping in the wheelhouse of the Riken, which I had done so many times without incident. A blizzard started blowing, as had so many others... I saw my temperature rapidly drop, followed by my health. ...I never awoke.
  5. Thanks. I keep meaning to do a specific reproduction of the Desolation Point lighthouse, but haven't gotten around to it. Actually, woodburning has taken up most of my artistic time, so the oils rarely get used, these days.
  6. Nice work. You're making me want to pull do another. It's been over a year since my last painting: Night Scene in Oil Colors
  7. It's been a while, since I was last here. In fact, this infamous update was fairly recent, back then. I didn't know that it had been adjusted to be less dangerous, so in my new playthrough, I was VERY cautious as I harvested my 1st bear of the game. I built a fire next to it, made sure nothing else was nearby, and quartered it for transport back to base camp. -I succeeded without incident.
  8. He's not dead. He's just resting.😜
  9. Is it possible that a wolf had been chewing on it? Also, is the bear scripted for that behavior too?
  10. A bit late, but here's the 4DON Victory Party. As you can see, Yorik let all that coffee go to his head.
  11. I may not be expressing it as well, since I'm sick. But, I got some meds today, so maybe that'll cure me.
  12. ...ever, ever, put in illnesses like the flu, the comon cold, or eboli (the unholy union of ebola and E. coli) into the game. Seriously, it would be miserable if Will/Astrid had to endure it while trying to survive. Don't do it. Chicken noodle soup, please!
  13. Maybe they were duds. I've shot plenty of surplus 8mm Mauser rounds, and would occasionally have a few fail to fire because the primers went bad.
  14. Gobies. An unstoppable horde of gobies flying out of the ice hole to attack. Of course, that's just the diversionary group. The main group has used the ensuing chaos as cover, in order to steal your sardine cans.