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  1. maybe you do'nt wait wait long enough or have music turned off? its always playing on the main menu for me, man i miss the old music!! It was so much better!!! also, the LONGER loading screen is harder to wait on because there isnt even ANY type of music playing on it anymore... =(
  2. I honestly wish i had a choice on what music is playing on the menu screen. I like the older music a ton better than the menu music playing in the new update, it sounded better and actually made me stop to listen to it because it was so good, with the new music, it just seems like background music (its not bad or anything, i just don't like it as much)... not a major problem, but I would really like it!! (=
  3. I agree!!! why is this not already a thing???
  4. Awesome update! One question: is there a way to change the menu music back to what it was before? I liked that music a lot better than the new one. Not a massive problem, but would be nice. Maybe a way to change in between?
  5. I really enjoy playing Custom but i just recently found out you get no feats progression! Why??? This just seems like an unnecessary punishment for Custom players. Is it because you want us to 'earn' feats?? Then why have feats progression on pilgrim?! I just do't understand why Custom players like myself are so unnecessarily punished for wanting to playing a slightly modified game experience...
  6. I would really like it if the story mode brochures were added in Survival mode, because i really think it would add tol the immersion!! Plus, i want to write some journal entries on Great Bear and it feels like cheating to go look up the entries on the Wiki, or load a different save file from Wintermute! Thanks!
  7. I agree with you UpUpAway!! and my sprains happened in the SAME PLACE as yours too!!!
  8. I'm not religous, but i can't remember ever burning that book... honestly, i wish there were like more types of books, not just skill books and books that ONLY look like fish books when placed...
  9. Man, i was up a relatively steep slope and got two sprained ankles,(with no over encumbrance) then proceeded to get a sprained wrist on the way down!! Jeez man!! This guy is freaking disaster prone AND has the the weakest, most injury prone wrists/ankles i have ever seen! Any one else think this is ridiculous? or am i just unlucky?
  10. Am i the only one who finds the flashing red exclamation mark when on steep inclines to be really annoying?? maybe its just me but i really don't like it.... maybe if you could turn it off? besides this one seriously obnoxius icon, this update is awesome!!