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  1. I wish we could place a bed roll on our beds to give us more of a warmth bonus. it just doesn't make sense that we can't. I mean Mackenzie must be freezing during those nights in mountaineers cabin and is thinking why can't I sleep in a bed with my bedroll. another idea is that we could make/ find blankets to add to beds to get bonus warmth or bonus idea turn blankets into I dunno makeshift clothing maybe some kind of poncho?
  2. hell yeah tazers we can electrocute wolves now (that just seems cruel now that I think of it) I dunno if a 9mm would do much against a bear or moose. maybe they would have desert eagles. another thing we could get from prisons is some kind of body amour. I'm thinking some kind of kevlar jacket. it could be like the combat boots with high protection but a low warmth bonus. just spinning some ideas around
  3. when I heard bear cache I thought you were talking about a pepper bunker with a bear in it. but the idea of being able to preserve meat via freezing it is a great idea. also the wood idea is great cuz the game goes through wood like I go through project ideas.
  4. is there even a tractor in regions other than pleasant valley and coastal highway
  5. I recommend exploring forlorn muskeg and broken railroad. not only is there a forge at forlorn muskeg but you can get some pretty good gear from both regions. and then maybe thinking of setting up a main base in some region. maybe later in the game when you feel experienced enough you can attempt to climb timber wolf mountain. just some suggestions. I usually set myself some goals like getting to level 3 for all skills or surviving at lease 50 days so then the game doesn't get boring from having no goal. just my 2 cents.
  6. yes lads ep 3 has been announced for December! a little to late perhaps?
  7. I wish that once the cans were on zero durability we could be given the option to scrap them for some metal meaning or even be given the option to scrap them straight away. this would mean that we could have a better way of acquiring metal for really long runs as I have found that i run out of metal for my tools meaning I can't scrap more metal. (this is mostly because I did not think to ahead in game also this may already be a thing in game but I have not had real experience of this as i haven't seen the option appear please let me know if this is the case). let me know your thoughts
  8. when stuff decays with tools it should still be there so I don't know what happened. I know that leaving a region doesn't despawn items so its a bit of a mystery to me. sorry don't have a real answer.
  9. maybe the gauntlets could be used to reduce the risk of being burnt as they are tough and used in protecting your hands in real life when dealing with fire. I mean some already spawn at the forlorn muskeg forge already. just a quick question if you get burnt do clothes take damage because if they didn't maybe we could add in this feature
  10. with the recent may dev diary they state about a more wilderness focused region with no man made shelters coming out soon. can't wait for that to happen!
  11. yeah this got me a few times and ended my chances for a 300 day pilgrim run.
  12. I know coal respawns but plants respawning is new to me
  13. your welcome don't worry its a mistake many people make