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  1. Also, I highly recommend Buster Keaton's last movie, which centers around a RR speeder trip across Canada! Sam
  2. Raphael, have you considered using the railroad for travel in a future story episode? The canfor crummy's and the hyrail pickups are already in game, but there's also much smaller "speeders" that would be a fun and useful way to travel around on the RR. I work for a railroad in Washington State and we had one we used for a while, a Fairmont S2 with a 1 cylinder 2 stroke engine that dates back to the 1930's. They're cantankerous, smokey, and yet completely endearing. Old timers call them "put-put" cars, and that's exactly what they sound like. I've attached a couple of photos of the car we used
  3. Are you referring to where the lever on the bolt is, and how it's not as far to the back of the bolt in our model as it is on the real Lee Enfield? If so, I'd say this just an error on our part, although seems like a fairly minor detail. If we can fix it easily without having to redo the entire animation, we will. I'm glad to know I'm not the only Enfield nut on here! In truth the bolt handle has bugged me for quite a while, glad to hear your interested in fixing it. While we're on that subject, a .303 cartridge looks nothing like the one in game, .303 has a real steep taper and
  4. Some time ago, there was mention made of crafting for safehouse customization, and it was hinted that items (like the toy tractor) *might* become collectable, is that still in the works or....? Sam
  5. Just for the record, I think this Q&A thing is brilliant. Makes it FEEL like a small time studio with all the warm and fuzzies associated with that. A quick story on that subject... (Warning, ramble alert!!) One of my hobbies is old vehicles (1970's era ford pickups to be precise) and a while ago I called a small company in California that makes hotrod/hop up/cool guy parts for old engines (Offenhauser Equipment). I wanted to ask about the feasibility of them adding a new valve cover to their product line (for a Ford 300-i6). They already make intake manifolds for the motor, so a valve cov
  6. I like it, count me in for this one. I've long thought that we should have colder interiors, and a mechanic where blankets add to a bed's warmth would be an excellent way to counter balance that, besides a fire of course. Blankets in a car is a good idea too. Sam
  7. Question, could episodes One and Two possibly be re-released before episode Three? By a week or two? Because, as much as I'd really like to play them over before No 3, I suspect the overwhelming desire to know what happens in No. 3 will mean I'll go straight to it. You know what they say, "I can resist everything except temptation" Sam
  8. You can cook the meat on the rock next to the campfire, no pot needed. Sam
  9. You probably have a better chance at it, I'm in the states. Not sure what the import laws between here and Canada are. As a side note, I haven't been able to tell if they've completely replaced them yet either. Apparently they're having some teething issues with the new Sako/Colts. For me the whole problem is really pretty simple, the No4 Enfield has worked beautifully for decades, so why not just build some brand new No 4 enfields?? Make the barrel out of stainless and shorten it to 20", bed it into a nice laminate stock. And of course keep the handguard, nose cap and sight protector for
  10. I could get behind that! I'm actually looking for a decent Long Branch No4 to add to my collection... I would really like to get my hands on one that the Rangers used. Rumor has it they'll be surplussed once they finish replacing them with the new Sako/Colt rifle. As far as gameplay differences, the only thing I propose changing is the 3d model. They would all function, weigh and behave exactly the same way. I would even keep the descriptive text the same as it's always been, and use it for all of them. What I would like is more variety, for the same reason we have granola bars, beef jerk
  11. Actually, one thing @Dargot mentioned that I would really like to see implemented is gunsmithing and reloading. The devs expressed some interest in this a while ago, unfortunately, I don't think it will happen anytime soon. they have a lot on their plate as is. Sam
  12. I'm going to revive this thread real quick, just to get a few more eyes on it... Sam
  13. I'm not opposed to adding more guns to the game, but, I really don't want it to turn into a FPS. I advocate adding some more .303 caliber rifles to the game, just for some variety, (a P14 Enfield, and a Martini Enfield) but lots of different calibers, plus shotguns and pistols gets to be a bit much. IMHO, it just gets to complex and distracts from the focus of the game. Sam
  14. I have an M24/47 aswell, that is a NICE rifle! I agree on the ammo though, it's $$$ and hard to find. The best place is online, Privi Partisan makes 8mm Mauser and it can be had for $15 a box. Sam