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  1. Ability to move from the backseat to the front seat of a car with out having to exit the vehicle. Making your own jerky by cooking cooked meat for 3 hours. Jerky would demolish your thirst meter but would take a while to spoil. It would also be a lot lighter than cooked meat because it would be dehydrated. Cartography perk, map a larger radius and use less charcoal. Salt bin. A salt bin could be a container that can be used to preserve meats. Kill streaks. for example if you kill 5 wolfs you get a predator missile that you call in with a long pointy sick with some rocks tied to it.
  2. >Your character doesn't need to bolt the rifle as quick as possible If everything goes to plan then your right, but I seem to always cock it up and have a bear charge me from 50 meters away and i'm calmly working the bolt
  3. maple leaf ushanka?
  4. @cekivi yeah but what if you get attacked by a flamethrower? Your rifle will instantly melt ! I Just really like wooden furniture on rifles and will always prefer a wooden rifle over a polymer one. Because of this I love the C1 A1 and the SETME Model C.
  5. @darkstarmike I was pretty rude in my initial comment, it is pretty apparent that you are new to the forum so I defiantly should have been more polite and patent. Sorry about that lad. Welcome to the forums!
  6. 1. I really like downhill skiing, I have spent 6 years of my life (7-13) on a competitive team. I am level 1 CSIA (Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance). I am going to be teaching downhill this winter, when I was taking the CSIA course the tepature was -40oC. 2. I really like biathlon, I ski with the RCAC (Royal Canadian Army Cadets), my favorite part is the difficulty of the shooting after you have your heart racing from the skiing portion. 3. I really really like marksmanship, I try to shoot at least one application target a day with my daisy 753 rifle. 4. I love historical military firearms, I am most interested in service rifles from 1900-1990. I am in the processes of getting my minors PAL with my parents. 5. I want to join the CAF (Canadian Armed Forces). I want to ether be a weapons technician or just a standard rifle man. Both positions I want to be in the army. 6. I almost never take serious multiplayer games (GTA 5 RP, ARMA, ECT.) seriously. 7. I hate any kind of plastic even polymer on a rifle. 8. Although I love firearms and want to join the army, while I am not opposed to it I do not want to go hunting. I don't like hurting things that don't want to hurt me or my fellow country men. 9. I like working with metals and wood. 10. I only buy games that I absolutely know I would love to play and are one sale. I have a library of 120 games on steam and I have never regretted buying one of them.
  7. It is possible to edit your posts.
  8. If you have a bunch of smaller ideas please put them into one post instead of a bunch.
  9. I would also like to be able to climb from the front seat of a car to the back and vise versa with out exiting the vehicle.
  10. I'll start off with a couple contributions to get discussion moving, A new god damned road map The ability to change your forum name
  11. @Mroz4k I did not know that 303 and flare rounds wash up on the shore so your right i dident do my homework on that but your knowledge on black powder and reloading is lacking. Black powder does not have a set "power" it can change depending on the purity of the powder. As for saying that The Long Dark should not promote reloading with black powder might I remind you that the first thing you see when you boot up the game is a disclaimer telling you to not recreate anything in this game. The game is not promoting stealing even though its in the game, its not promoting shooting animals even though that's in the game. With some experimenting on load pressures it is possible to shoot black powder out of smokeless cartridges.(1) @Boston123 For saltpeter (Potassium Nitrate or KNO3) I am aware that it takes a year for the process of extracting the nitrates through urine howevere the process could be accelerated for gameplay proposes. Sulfur can be supplemented for Iron Oxide aka rust(2). If you think that people don't use lead anymore for casting bullets your dead wrong. Infact, thats the only metal people non commercially cast ammunition, again for gameplay proposes i think that the scrap metal item can be used. Yes it will deposit more material into the barrel but like I said in my original post the reloaded ammo should be more demanding on the condition of the rifle. Primers can be reloaded, heres a video where it was done using matches as an impact sensitive powder. (3) You are correct in the fact that brass can only be reloaded so many times. This would be a good idea. In closing, Thanks a lot for your contribution and time! I hope to speak with you all again soon. (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfzQ4uKvE7c (2)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wW5KR1pDxs (3)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_7LWCFH5Gc
  12. Rancid

    What do?

    I have only recently started playing The Long Dark and exploring the maps and searching for my next shelter is wholeheartedly the best experience I have ever had while playing a game. I am not playing survival mode outside of the maps that were in episode 1 and 2 because when the other episodes come out i want to explore the landscapes for the first time so i can truly enjoy it. But I also really want to go out and explore. What do?
  13. I am well aware that the rifles ammunition is supposed to be scarce and used rarely, however in the late game when you have ran out of bullets there is no other way to get new ones. Because of this I suggest an incredibly difficult and long processes of reloading your fired 303 brass. IRL to reload your own ammo you need the correct diameter bullets, powder, primers, your brass casings, a reloading press and reloading dies. The following components can not be produced by hand; brass casing, reloading press, and reloading dies. You can make your own black powder (I am aware that 303 use smokeless powder and before that 303 used cordite. However 303 was first used as a black powder cartage and you could shoot a black powder cartage out of your rifle at the expense of your barrel because of the corrosive property of black powder). You can also reprime fired primers using touch powder that can be made from the striker strip of a box of matches and the prosperous from the tips of the matches. You can also cast your own bullets but you would need a bullet mold which you can not make your self. I suggest in game that the brass, powder, primers, reloading press, bullets, bullet mold, reloading die, and the final round should be acquired the following ways. Reloading die, bullet mold, reloading press, and smokeless powder - all of these items should spawn on the map and should not be craftable. 303 brass - when you shoot the SMLE rifle the brass should be ejected on the the ground were it can be picked up by the player Black powder, to make black powder you need potassium nitrate and charcoal. (some sulfur or iron oxide will help the powder burn faster but it can be left out). charcoal is pretty strate forward but you can make potassium nitrate with some moss and your own urine. (I shit you not google it). After you have urinated on the moss IRL it would take about a year for the reaction to be complete but for the sake of the game i suggest one week. Afterwards charcoal powder and potassium nitrate powder need to be incredibly thoroughly mixed and voila! black powder. Primers - primers can be reloaded with a pinch of impact sensitive powder. The fired 303 brass needs to be deprimed by using a reloading press with reloading dies attached to a work bench. Afterwards the primer dent can be buffed out and it can be refiled with impact sensitive powder. afterwards it is ready to be put back into the 303 brass,. Impact sensitive flash powder - this powder can be made from using a knife to get a powder from the striker strip of a match box and combining that with a powder made from the phosphorous made from the match heads. Bullets - bullets could be made from melting scrap metal and with a forge and pouring it into the bullet mold. The final 303 round - the final product of this should be made when the powder, primer, casing, and the powder (smokeless or black) are used with a work bench equipped with the reloading press with the reloading dies. All of the reloaded rounds should have a higher chance to jam and the black powder rounds should damage the rifle significantly more. Sorry for the novel, I tried to make it as understandable as possible for people that do not know much about firearms and reloading sorry if you don't understand parts of this. feel free to ask me any questions you might have. please discus weather or not ammo reloading should be adding to the game.