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  1. This was when I just started playing the game. I started a voyageur game in ML. Since it was one of my first times playing, of course I did very poorly. I ran out of food, and maybe water. I started walking and for some reason found the tunnel to FM and went to FM. It was the middle of the night. I climbed up to a hill in FM, started a fire, and slept. However, I don’t think my fire was long enough, or it got blown out, because I woke up with hypothermia and with less than 10% condition. There was nothing I could do, so my poor character froze to death.
  2. What are some crazy challenges or weird things to do in TLD that you have thought of or done? My ‘challenge’ is that I’m going to start a new game and wait for a blizzard, then I’ll take off all my clothes and see how long I survive before freezing to death.
  3. Okay. So if I need to use a flare I should just hold it and move away slowly from the wolf, instead of throwing the flare? Thanks for your help.
  4. I love The Long Dark, but I find if you don’t have anything to do and don’t want to explore, there isn’t much to do other than research, repair, harvest, pass time, cook, or sleep. And if you are unable to do these things or don’t feel like doing them, the game can be quite boring if you have nothing to do. So I thought that maybe a new ‘skating’ mechanic could be added. In certain cabins close to frozen lakes (like the unnamed pond) you would have a chance of ice skates spawning. These ice skates wouldn’t have a great warmth and wind proof bonus, but would be fairly waterproof and durable. You would take off your current footwear and put the skates on, and then once you go onto the lake, you could move quickly by skating. You would be able to skate like this for as long as you want. However if you wanted to pass time, there would be a feature in the radial menu where you could pass time skating. You would also be able to travel faster on ice using these skates, not only on lakes. For example, you could skate from mystery lake to the dam via the river, and get there a lot quicker. If you skate enough on a lake, the ice could weaken, and then you could chop though the ice likewise to the ice inside fishing huts. However, because the amount of ice would be greater, the ice would take longer to break and you wouldn’t be able to use the hunting knife to break through the ice. Then once you have broken through the ice, you could fish, and this would make it possible to fish in regions without fishing huts. This would be a fun gameplay mechanic that could make long-term survival less boring. Your thoughts on this?
  5. Hi all, I am wondering how flares are supposed to be used effectively to scare off wolves. I have tried to scare them off with flares before, but it doesn’t work, when I throw flares near wolves they just creep towards me and charge me anyway. Is there something specific I need to do with a flare to scare them off? Any help would be appreciated. Also, do flares distract bears?
  6. I am from Johannesburg, South Africa. I have been playing TLD for almost two months and have loved it, although wolf attacks do tend to get me mad! It is very interesting to play a game about surviving in the cold, since here in South Africa it never gets cold. The lowest temperature this year has been 1C, and that was only for one day, most days in winter it drops to only 5C. Currently I am enjoying my stalker run, I have survived 6 days in Mystery Lake! Interloper is very difficult but fun at the same time, and pilgrim is nice if I just want to relax. I hope to become more involved with the TLD community, because it has become my new favourite game!