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  1. I did a livestream series on YT through 2021 called "Mod Soup" where I explored all the TLD mods that interested me and derived a final 'ModLoper' mod configuration that I view as the ultimate enhancement of Interloper - making it as hard as I feel it should be. In the first 10 episodes we tested various mods and by episode 11 ("Consumption") I had a static mod config that I was happy with. We then 'consumed' the Mod Soup in a full Modloper run over the next 30 or so episodes. Through the series we had visits in chat from major mod authors and discussed their mods while playing them (!), a
  2. If you want to catch up on the series here's the playlist:
  3. Yea the icon said ‘scare’ but it definitely left a mark
  4. Oh ok I’m confused because there was no fire in that encounter. Are you thinking of Tag Team right after? In that case I wanted to avoid going inside because the moose can despawn. More generally I do fires outside to take advantage of the “outdoor burn bonus”
  5. Thanks! That dirty little encounter really stuck with me.
  6. A compilation of some of my most gut-wrenching, nail-biting, & memorable wildlife encounters over two years of survival mode runs.
  7. My two cents on paid content addition - yes please (particularly Survival); it seems to me that Hinterland has been overly generous with the region expansions. Ash Canyon for instance (also HRV, and Bleak I suppose I've learned to 'love') blew my mind and I kinda felt like I should be paying for them because they were so great. I've put in several thousand hours into TLD and paid 30ish bucks for it on PC and something like that on PS4 to try HDR mode. But I'm a die hard fan and I suppose my money is guaranteed. As for the new guys and gals...not sure what draws them in. Is it Wintermute
  8. I’m not familiar with said release video but as I showed in the vid, the snow shelter appears to be a safe haven from every dangerous animal (in v. 1.83). Note that I haven’t tried hiding from the Darkwalker in there... as for stones, I use them to lure wolves but skilled players can hit a charging wolf and turn it with a stone. Moose are scared of stones but Im not sure if stones break a moose charge.
  9. A blizzard is coming - but can you cancel it by bravely storming out? This TLD Science Lab episode attempts shed light on the 'Bluff Call'.