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  1. After a virtual eternity eating venison steaks on Grey Mother's porch, the Birchman felt the call of the Safari once again and sets out on a hunting trip to the Hushed River Valley:
  2. I found Birchman to be very well balanced overall - with BBT and the abundant stims, it’s very doable. I’ve played a bit of pure deadman and find it a bit too micromanagey. I like it in Birchman that you have to work for your condition recovery and you don’t just get it for turtling. I think I’ll play Birchman from now on - I like it better than sleepwalker even because it forces you to eat and be careful, but you can stockpile bbt so you can get 50% back in a pinch if you have to. On sleepwalker 50% recovery takes weeks which is tedious.
  3. I'm embarking on a Gucci Birchman Safari in The Long Dark v1.671.69 "Errant Pilgrim". This custom survival mode run has the Stalker loot table (Gucci), has condition recovery off but Birch Bark Tea is active (Birchman) and I'm on a vengeance hunt (Safari) to skin the Timberwolves that took me out in my first visit to Bleak Inlet. And, I'll start in Bleak Inlet for the novelty and excitement of it. Hopefully this provides a bit of a 'break' from my previous nail-bitters, and with a little luck I'll be beachcoming with a warm cup of herbal tea and and a Timberwolf coat in no time... The custom code is: 8tnM-bj8P-Lx+z-gaF2-+OIB
  4. I've taken on Deadman in a new video series. The original post describing the Deadman challenge is: https://hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/21200-think-youre-good-at-tld-try-the-deadman-challenge/ In this run I've changed a few options to maximize the harshness of it so that it is 'the worst it can be' (see Day 1 for details). I'm also still playing 1.47 for the 'classic' terminal deadman experience (i.e., no birch bark tea). The custom code I'm using is: 8MHI-/z8P-Dw+r-QQCm-bAAA I'm well into this run now and am still alive and adding videos. I forgot to post it when I started so sorry about that, but here it is in case you're interested:
  5. I appreciate the injury/afflictions as side quest concept. The afflictions add to the unpredictability of the game and underline the go-with-the-flow philosophy that you need to succeed. In that vein, I’m a bit disappointed that some afflictions effectively never happen - hypothermia, dysentery for example. It would be ‘nice’ to get those once and a while. I would suggest making toilet water unsafe so there’s a dysentery possibility in early game. I also think hypothermia risk should kick in a lot faster. I’d like to see more cuts - when using knives in the dark/tired for example. Anyway..2 cents here.
  6. Tiny nitpicky comment - in my understanding, the weapon class “small arms” includes pistols, rifles, sub machine guns, light machine guns, etc. It’s anything that one person can carry around and operate. If it needs assembly or is crew served in some way, I think it’s no longer a small arm. Accordingly, to me it was counterintuitive that the book about small arms trained revolver skill and not rifle skill. Obviously a low priority issue, but since the wording of the book was being looked at, I thought I’d mention it. More generally I think that rifle and pistol should share the same skill as I now have two skills that I can’t max out on interloper:D
  7. I’ve been using reishis a lot for temp buffs in a low condition recovery run where I can’t afford to have temperature go to zero when traveling. Over this long run I have collected reishis as I encountered them and despite using them almost daily in the beginning I still have stockpiles. Now that my clothing maxed, the need for temp buffs has diminished so I dont see myself burning through my stockpile. So in practice I have found them to be an effectively unlimited source of buffs. I didn’t realize that shrooms wash up on the beach! Strange but then there are even more..
  8. I’ve really enjoyed the new maps. The strength of this game is artistic and existential immersion. The art direction in this game is outstanding (sound in particular). As I see it this game is not about features but feelings. The feeling of being alone on Great Bear is magical and it keeps me coming back. I love this place you’ve created. Anyway I’m obviously a big fan. I think the late late game could be tweaked (e.g. 200+days). I’d like to see complete animal extinction, shorter days until permanent night/aurora, and continuously dropping temps. Essentially, I think this game should kill you in the end. But perhaps these are things for the wish list.
  9. I’m glad birch bark has a unique use. But we already have nearly unlimited reishi tea for warmth buffs and calories. There are enough cattails to live for hundreds of days on interloper. We definitely don’t need more condition recovery as rest recovery is already extremely OP even on interloper. I’ve been disabling night recovery (sleepwalker style) and using only awake recovery (as even low rest recovery is OP), so BBT will make that mode easier. I guess I don’t really see the need for this buff. If anything I would have made birch bark a natural accelerant which it is in RL; this would provide a tiny advantage early game. Still, it’s good that BB has a unique purpose now.
  10. I tend to agree with the @TheEldritchGod. The improvised hat and mitts should provide next-to-no warmth. Moreover, part of the thrill of the early game is trying to find a hat and mitts to prevent frostbite. Now there is almost no possibility of frostbite. It’s like hypothermia - I really want to catch this affliction but have never been able to; almost like it’s not in the game. Now frostbite is on the list of afflictions that never happen. Please consider removing the improvised wraps from interloper and/or gating them with level 2 mending. After all if we can instantly make cloth hats and mitts, why not long underwear, pants, shirts etc. This feature seems to be a nerf that was unnecessary. There are other nerfs in this update - birch bark tea. Who thought we need more condition recovery? We already have to turn it down/off in custom settings. I would have expected less condition recovery, as at present you can ignore all your needs so long as you can find 6 cattails and rest for 9 hours. Birch bark should have a fire starting bonus (natural accelerant). The pistol is also a bit of an encounter nerf. Plus we had the flare pistol which is already an encounter nerf. I’m going off topic a bit here but in general I don’t see why the game needed to be easier. I would have preferred harder. Please understand that I love you guys and this is a truly awesome game; my critical feedback comes from a place of love!
  11. I'm recovering from a wolf attack that cost about 70% condition. It should take about 20-30 days to recover that. This seems a little bit much - I might experiment with a medium daytime rate and no night time recovery. While night time recovery makes more intuitive sense, it incentivizes hibernation as you say. @jeffpengI thought that the rabbit starvation phenomenon is that you get almost no fat from wild rabbits because they are constantly on the edge of starvation. You eventually get protein poisoning; basically you can't eat only rabbits. I think the fishing would balance it out though as fish are pretty fatty. There's also the issue of scurvy, which is from a lack of Vitamin C I think - just eating steaks for 300 days might give you scurvy? I think the reishis might be good solution for that. Maybe they've already considered these as ailments in the game...
  12. Interesting. I think i'm more interested in a 'harsh realism' than 'punishment' game. I also don't want to eliminate running because I feel like that was a developer intended axis of the game, what with the feats and all. I kinda wish the devs had implemented a warmth effect of movement and sprinting, as in real life; when you stop walking you get really cold, and moving again warms you up again. This is so plainly true in real life that I don't know how it escaped implementation here. It would also give some extra incentive to run - your calories and energy would be converted to some temperature. But I really think the Sleepwalker recovery nerf is essential to prevent abuse of condition to avoid needs. Sleepwalker will be the new norm for me going forward, but probably with food high and water very high, fatigue medium, and cold very high. I don't think this is a setting on your scale, but close to SKeleton I guess.
  13. Having survived for a few weeks now in SW4, I am seeing the point that food consumption is a bit high. You can eat 3-4 rabbits in a day. Seems a bit much. I will likely go back to High for food on my next playthrough, but then I might switch efficient machine for a running feat. Not sure if that will end up essentially being the same experience as food very high with efficient machine.. I'm fine with water being at very high, because water is abundant and on SW it doesn't seem to matter if you do 9 consecutive hours or 7. But the one I'm hung up on for SW7 is the energy at very high. I wonder how that plays - I just don't want to be exhausted by mid day. Right now on loper settings (or SW4) it is at medium, and I find that to be a fairly reasonable energy level - e.g. you are spent by the end of the day. I suppose there are some late nights that might be unrealistic, so maybe i do 'high'. But I wonder if very high would make the days unrealistically short. @BareSkin what's your feel on setting energy to very high?
  14. @BareSkin thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the video. Hopefully I survive for a bit in order to see how the longer game plays out. I'm going to try to get past day 30 at least to see how it fares in the cold weather; I think the cold damage is going to be really punishing. Thanks for the tips. The thing that is so surprising for me re: smellies is that zero smell is not necessarily zero smell; that fractional smell matters, but unfortunately you can't tell from the interface. I'm starting to wonder about cured guts... Also, I will try to remember to switch the toque position. I knew that but it's so counterintuitive that I frequently get it wrong. Hinterland could really do us a favour and fix that, which has to be like a single line of code.. Anyway, really loving Sleepwalker so far. I think this is how it was meant to be played. I don't think Hinterland wanted us to run around all the time with an empty food bar. The food bar was meant to be filled. They should also take this more seriously in their revision cycle. For example, they should have a difficulty setting beyond loper that has low condition recovery. Interested to see how it goes with the very high cold damage and calorie intake. Re: calorie intake I have nerfed it with the efficient machine perk. I feel a bit bad about that now; I probably should have just taken my usual free running and snow walker perks as they don't oppose difficulty settings as directly as efficient machine and cold fusion do. For next run I might try that. I might also consider changing the food intake to high. On other hand, presuming that Hinterland intended us to keep our food meter full and not to abuse the rest mechanic, perhaps the game is configured such that loper with condition recovery nerfed is just possible...