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  1. Lol, the Darkest Dungeon reference xD
  2. As we all know, The Long Dark’s goal is to be as realistic as possible when it comes to survival mechanics, the Vigilante Flame update introduced us to a more realistic cooking system, making the already challenging food mechanic more engaging to players. However, while the food mechanic in the game have a descent degree of complexity and challenge to it, the same can’t really be said about water. In it’s current state, the way the game handles water gathering and transportation is pretty unrealistic and easy to say the least. As long as we can keep a fire lit we have access to a nearly endless supply of water, that remains stored in our inventory inside a large water bottle with seemingly endless capacity, and whenever we want to drop water, a plastic water bottle will appear out of nowhere on the ground for each liter of water we dropped, seems pretty unrealistic right? It’s worth mentioning how the game handles food and hunting and how complex it actually is, we need to craft or find weapons and ammunition to hunt animals, we need to harvest the animal and transport it’s meat, hide and guts, which can be challenging depending on the weather and the amount of predators around, we need to cook the food we gathered and still deal with the risk of parasites in some situations. The whole process of gathering food involves at least 3 skills, weapons, carcass harvesting and cooking, it requires planning, timing and you get better at it as time goes by. The same can’t really be said about water, there are no skills or challenge involved and very little planning to it, normally being directly related to when and where to light a fire, not to mention the horrible unrealistic way we transport water in the game. So my intention with this post is to give suggestions on how we can make water a more realistic and challenging feature in The Long Dark. Mechanics and Features: - Plastic water bottles can be looted and reused as liquid containers. - Peanut Butter jars and GO! Energy Drink bottles can be reused as liquid containers after their contents are consumed. - Mugs must now be found and looted in order to use them for tea or coffee. - Tea and coffee can now be drank directly from a mug after being heated on a campfire or kept in a small protected container. - New selection menu where players can refill water from recycled cans and cooking pots into containers in the player’s inventory. - New selection menu where players can put water from one container to another. - Liquid containers now have their own weight value (Calculated: Regular weight + Water weight) - Water in the player’s inventory can now freeze if the players is not well protected against the cold, represented by a meter in the players inventory. - Water can be heated up to take more time to freeze. New Items: - Large water bottles, heavy containers with very high capacity for liquids, useful to keep them at base and use them to refill smaller containers, but bad for carrying around (can be found and looted) - Empty water bottles, compact containers with low insulation (can be found and looted) - Water flasks can now be crafted from Deer and Moose hide, can either prevent water from becoming frozen or delay the process depending on the devs preference. - Glass jars, useful for storing tea and coffee (can be found and looted) - Empty Peanut Butter jars and GO! Energy Drink bottles. This new mechanics and items will give a whole new depth, challenge and realism to water in The Long Dark, there will be planning involved, difficulty in the early game and more options in the late game as we find/craft more container, there will be decision making regarding what type of container to bring depending on our expeditions, we will have to keep and eye for extra weight as we carry more containers and we must be careful to not let our water freeze. In general I think this is a good approach to make water more realistic and engaging in The Long Dark, let me know what you guys think about it.