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  1. Currently in my area there is a shortage of flour and yeast. Guess everyone else is also making bread. Yesterday I tried to make a loaf of bread. What turned out was cheeky buns.
  2. Unfortunately there is no server. This was just part of my thoughts I had for having a social shared experience within The Long Dark. A live stream also connected to the discord would be a start for a multiplayer experience. The weather and time of day sharing was a dream and considered icing on the cake.
  3. Goats n Roofers III The Long Dark Night Train
  4. Goats and Roofs Two Burning Bush Also balmy 13 degrees F with only a -15 degrees windchill.
  5. No need to search for them just make water and, like magic, poof you have a water bottle. Just do not ask where the empties go.
  6. That and the discord server should be sufficient. Too bad there is no way to share the environment such as the weather and time of day with other TLD players. Shared single player experience from a dedicated server. Would be an interesting modding project.
  7. Due to low attendance (some say its too much beer imported from Mexico) the Spring Thaw Social will be cancelled.
  8. Here is my old Hacksaw. This has been around for at least thirty years. Condition is 35 percent. This Meatsaw was passed down to me from my grandfather. Condition is 88 percent. The Long Dark is screaming for the Meatsaw to be added. With carcass quartering enabled.
  9. Learn to count to twenty two in German.
  10. Let Me Show You Its Limbless Features!
  11. Spring Thaw Social 2020 Location: Raven Falls Ravine Time: March 20, 2020 Bring Your Own Supplies The three caves will be implemented as the refreshments and snacks cantina Raven Rock is the designated smoking area No Hunting Within Raven Falls Ravine. Hunting within Raven Falls Ravine is prohibited due to safety and liability concerns. Please be responsible. Remember to clean up any mess after your visit. Always break down campfires. Thanks from Bear Island Parks Management. Entertainment Raven Shoot - Aim up at the ravens from the bottom of ravine - score a hit and win a prize Trestle Trouble - have 9 percent health - cross the train trestle bridge win a prize Battery Ram - move three battery from inside the train car to the bridge If you have not received an invitation then leave a comment here. Looking for social organizers. Leave a comment if you want to assist. Stay posted for further information.
  12. Consider that the new path has become easier. Remember that ninja hop on the last leg toward the summit; the make or break section. So disheartening when missing this crucial hop. Well that is no longer part of the path. A change for the better I would have to say. The question is: has Nature (the developers) improved the path?
  13. This time Jörg has the craziest looking draw assistance bow.
  14. The Lucky Horseshoe. Ever wonder why a horseshoe is consider good luck? The reason goes back some time during a dark period in history. The black plague was relentless. Many did not survive. Transmitted from rats to humans caused the plague to spread. Oddly the livery stable hands lived. The horse was infected by the rat which then passed it to the stable hand. A form of inoculation. The people working around horses were the lucky ones that survived. Passing down their family heirloom from their ancestor is the lucky horseshoe. This story was just a story. A little distraction if you prefer.
  15. Gallon of Milk In United States Bag of Milk In Canada Long Dark Fridge Doors
  16. Spring Thaw Social is upcoming. Gotta dance.
  17. This is the pain I am sharing. Nature (Hinterland Developers) alters the landscape is known. The odd thing is when the original path was altered another path opened up along with the shortcut to the rope. The path to Secluded Shelf is now quicker. Also the path from Secluded Shelf to Summit is much easier; there was a section that required some luck. So I can only conclude that goats are being encouraged in the Long Dark. This has been on my mind for some time and have asked other forum members. The response was for me to share the path. Maybe a more direct question to the deity in charge could garner an insightful response. The sans rope anniversary is approaching. The votes and discourse here might sway my mind. See you on the slopes. @micah6vs8 expect your lichen wrapped invitation to the Long Dark Rocky Mountain Goat Spring Thaw Social.
  18. First in the collection of Goats On Roofs Hot to Trot
  19. I have never considered looking at this goat ability from this perspective. Well done.
  20. Let me know if anyone wants an autoload adapter. I know a guy who can get you a good deal. 😉
  21. I am not Jörg and have no contract. Just amazed this guy has not shot his eye out.
  22. There was a time long ago when a path to the top of Timberwolf mountain's summit was available without using any ropes. The achievement was documented and posted on the popular internet video platform/publisher of the time. The Long Dark Rocky Mountain Goat was jubilant. Now the ground shakes and tremors earthquakes are reshaping the lands. The previous trail has been destroyed. The LDRMG was perplexed. Why would nature oppose goats? Being a part of the Long Dark for some time I have learned Nature does not care about anything one way or the other. Setting out with this in mind I explored the mountain once again. This was exciting. Another challenge for the goat. At first I explored around the original path and was unsuccessful. Took me several attempts before I decided to move on and try to look for alternatives. Looking all over the map for the new path and it was getting to the point of giving up. Then I came across just the right area. Which lead me close to the original path. There was a trick needed and voila the path opened to Secluded Shelf. Reaching this point only spurred me on to look harder for the path to the summit. The original summit path was broken and so I tried going the opposite direction and found a path that lead to the top ledge at the rope climb. Finding this did not satisfy my goat for salt. Even though this route is quick a goat does not like to use ropes. Took me a few more hours but the path to the summit was eventually trodden upon. All your rope are belong to us.