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  1. Would be good more specific infomation about which tool we gonna use while struggle for kill , defend or scare them off. Test branch informations were more specific like mapping system is in only mystery lake etc.
  2. Is the story mode gonna support all languages which are already in game like TURKISH or etc.
  3. Keep good works well done guys . Happy holidays and Happy new years <3 Can i ask question about this '' We are still planning to release five episodes in Season One, all of which our Early Access/Kickstarter/Game Preview players will get automatically as they are unlocked, for the price they have already paid. '' So when game in full build other players gonna pay more to play story mode ?
  4. Rifle Ammo. I still want to craft ammo in future ^^
  5. I just wanted to share beatiful sun rise in real time my youtube video. It's start 4:45 ^^
  6. Trainer means cheat in single player games. There isno such a word legal or irlegal for single player games. You can download and use fly mode to get out that place. Then you can turn off trainer and keep play normal
  7. Sure there is. You can use trainer for fly. So easy No need delete world if u come so far.
  8. Start new one. I think no one can help while there is no jump in game.
  9. You get me when u say this We'll have another update on Story Mode progress to share, later in December.
  10. Man i know this game still alpha and i love this game too. But what is makes me mad is support member and others says this fps drops f*** normal and my graphic card only play in medium settings this game just come on!!. Don't be liar if u want to ignore this problem.
  11. You saying fps droped 30 from 60 and you can't noticed if you don't check fps hmm ok. Atleast i'm glad to hear ml is f** broken.
  12. Your system can run two long dark in same time lol Enjoy with game, i'm enjoying too except mystery lake.
  13. First of all i'm not stupid like talking about fps drop while recording or streaming. I'm talking about normal play fps problem. So chill bruh
  14. I'm using nearly all kind of capture program. But mostly shadow play.