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  1. I start a new run but ı guess blackrock is upper side of the mape than ı guessed so ı am in blackrock map for finding connecting zones but did not fine yet. I liked we have a bench in Blackrock too. Good luck for your run.
  2. I was in mystery lake but ı guess ı will start a new run. My guess is this transition zone in Pleasant Valley is ‘end of the road’ near derelict cabins.
  3. After the december developer diary, HTL said blackrock region has 2 transition zone: one with Pleasant Valley and another with Timberwolf Mountain. Then my theory is a little bit true ı guess. So happy😄 Now ı wonder where are this transition zones?
  4. Thanks for your hard work Hinterland. Really appreciated. And also splitting story and survival modes will be much better for game ı think.
  5. Maybe it is realistic but that makes as slower than before ı guess. Also when we carry at least 30kg pack ı don’t prefer.
  6. For me- leave it just the way it is But ı don’t know if it is a bug, there was no light for my last save. I went in and out for several nights with and without aurora but there was no light and ı am a little disappointed cause ı like its spesific appearance. I hope it is a bug and it fixs in time.
  7. I haven’t noticed that situation until you mentioned it. That make me curious too. My only explanation is power of the water. Cause the river runs so much wildly in episode 4. And also all the waterfalls in ısland do not seem frozen except the waterfall near the frozen creek in Mystery Lake.
  8. Great pics. My favourites are the ones in ravine and in TWM summit.
  9. I didn’t know we can collect more than one in one night . I always wanted to collect all the notes, polaroids and buffer memories in one gameplay but ı couldn’t do yet.Thanks for sharing and tips.
  10. Two different lights? One is red and other is yellow? It’s Trapper’s Homestead right? I also realized that Trapper’s Homestead has lost lights on window in my game? I didn’t noticed any lights with or without aurora but you had two different lights??
  11. I hope he doesn’t know about Suzuki but ı guess he already knows. Also Suzuki may be one of the biggest building or base in the ısland ımo.
  12. I didn’t notice that. Looks like we are gonna have this update so soon. Yaayy!!
  13. Desolation Point could be the smallest region, too.