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  1. Going to the camp office after a long and exhausting trip. It’s like home.
  2. Wow thanks a lot. I want to replay some challenges now it looks easier with wolves
  3. Totally agree with you. In PV and BI ı check the temperature a lot. And maybe when we enter the region we can see current region temperature below the region name
  4. No 😐 in episode one before the plane crash there was a scene Astrid and Will talk about someone and Will says he misses him a lot. Once ı guess they lost their child but now i think he lives in Perseverance Mills (ın episode 3 Astrid talks with a mystery woman ı guess she look after their child) ı know my idea was a little absurd but ı want to be that way🙂 I read somewhere (probably here) that Astrid and Hobbs are having a child but no thanks🙃
  5. I want to know who Methuselah really is. Is he real person or some ımagination in Will’s mind? And ı want Astrid and Will getting back together and living in Jackrabbit Island with their child (ı know it’s ridicilous but maybe their child is alive and is in PM with some other survivors?)
  6. Wow great topics thank you for sharing🙂Especially about bus and the prisoners and going to PM😀i want to see that AC and HRV are more closer than we think because their mountains and caves are so similar when i first saw AC ı think that 😁 And ı thought red zone is long curve and crushed prison bus zone that they connected beginning of episode 1 and it collapsed ehen Astrid in MT so she crawled under it🤨but maybe you are right and the red zone connects with ML-MT transition cave
  7. İn wintermute at the end of episode 5 they scream “winter-mute” and spring or summer season begins
  8. I found it in a tractor with an energy bar and sometimes it can be on a body behind the house with a whetstone and climbimg rope ( in pilgrim and voyageur level)
  9. @manolitodethanks🙂firstly maybe ı misunderstood from DevDiary that we will play as only Will in episode 4 cause ı like playing as Will more than Astrid in Wintermute and ı’m ok playing both🙃 And for map…firstly ı guess that BP neighbors ML and maybe we can past ravine with new tricky bridge stuff (maybe an eartquake like episode 3) but i think we should not see ML or PV again so ı thought that we can past WR and goes to BP But recording to Jeremiah and Father Thomes says PM must be further north like you said thanks again☺️ Thank you @Leeanda
  10. Hi! This is my first writing attempt in forums so ı am a bit excited😅 I read the forums for a while and ı learn a lot from you for my pilgrim player Astrid😬 I prefer survival more than story mode but ı wonder where will this epic story go and how it ends. So ı read a lot of topics and comments in here, wiki and reddit and ı have little theories. So there will be spoiler for all wintermute episodes. Now we know that in episode 4 we play as Will in new region blackrock prison and ı guess episode 5 we will play both of them but in episode 3 astrid finished in CH and way much further tha