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  1. Çok mantıklı bir cümle kurdun tebrikler. Bunu forumun ingilizce kısımlarına yazarak çabanı devam ettirebilirsin.
  2. Reinstalled and I'm still having issues with launching game. And I can only play on low quality settings. I don't like to play in such quailty but I think I could find a way by upgrading somethings that'd help to play this game in higher settings. Now option of reinstall is eliminated. I'll try my next steps from now on. If this is because of last update I'm afraid my laptop might not even run the game after next update.
  3. I referred to the website's recommendations as I said I used to play in medium qualities with no problem. Ok game is just updated and my laptop system wouldn't be enough to run the game in medium quality anymore but I assume it should run in low qualities at least. It meets the minumum requirements and it must run. I think there is a something else because low fps isn't the only problem. When I try to launch the game it crashes and stop working. Anyways I'm going to reinstall the game.
  4. According to website that you indicated my laptop meets the minumum requirements and also it meets recommended requirements except for graphic card. As I said there were no such issues until episode three update.
  5. No, I have a 64 bit system and I'm on windows 10 by the way. And I just added my laptop system informations below here. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60ghz Memory: 8,00 GB Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64 bit Graphic Cards: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series
  6. Just a few days ago while I was playing episode three and I had a cutscene problem and it took two days to find a solution. Nevertheless there are still some issues that I have to deal with. Normally I used to play this game on medium quality settings with no problem but since the last update I cannot even play over 30 fps on low settings. On the other hand I can barely launch the game. Almost two out of three time its crashes. Firstly disclaimer screen appears then I press a key but cannot go on and then an error occurs right away(tld.exe not working). Low fps is my biggest problem here. Even
  7. A couple of rabbits side by side, bear carcass and a wounded wolf.
  8. Have you found any solution ? The issue still continues.
  9. Çiftlik evine gidip oradaki anahtarıda alacaksın. O anahtar ile kasadaki söylediği numarayı açıp Boz Ana'ya tekrar döneceksin.
  10. Moose and Cougar enough for me . Congratulations Hinterland.