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  1. Idk why but fishing is one of my favorite activities in this game.
  2. “Your path is illuminated by the light, yet darkness lets the stars shine bright.” – J.L.W. Brooks
  3. It is a series of notes consisting of 3 parts from the backer #644. You can find it here if you expand the notes and search for #644.
  4. One of the most touching notes I have ever come across during my gameplay. My favorite so far.
  5. Neye baktığınız değil, neyi gördüğünüz önemli. - Henry David Thoreau
  6. If devs add it to survival, we would even use sleds to carry our stuff around without slowdown penalty maybe.
  7. Gotcha! Just one more step in Blackrock... 2021-10-14 15-09-18.mp4
  8. Episode 4 felt too short. In which topic should i share my videos btw?