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  1. I prefer folding knives, since I am an entirely undexterous person and am likely to cut myself with open blades Also, I use them for fishing and since they save so much space I can carry more of the other stuff. This week, I bought a Commando Industries Combat Folder. Very sharp (had to find that out the hard way), very reliable and cheap. Perfect for fishing, but I probably wouldn't take it with me on a trip where I have to rely on my blade.
  2. While I do agree with the sentiment, it would be much easier to just hammer scrap metal into form and sharpen it. IRL that doesn't even require a forge (the only truly broken feature of the game, I'm sorry but it's the truth). Whetstones are made for metal, not various types of stones.
  3. My dad recently bought a new smoking oven (is that the correct word? English is not my native tongue, my apologies) and it's surprisingly lightweight. Granted, the capacity isn't much but hey, it works.
  4. Currently, matches are pretty lightweight and I do not expect this to change. Also, this should never make matches redundant, they were developed for a reason
  5. Everyone except the professor showed up to the lecture, so here's another ten from me: I have an unhealthy obsession with folding knives. Fortunately, I am too poor to afford too many of them since my girlfriend isn't on one wavelength with me on that one During the exam for my fishing license I was so nervous the examiners almost called an ambulance. I passed tho! My new RPG group starts today and I'm very nervous and excited! We're doing an anime-themed zombie-story in Japan. Yes, there will be quick but squishy schoolgirl-zombies. I am usually a very patient person, but for some things such as buses I do not like waiting. This has oftentimes led to me walking for half an hour instead of waiting 10 minutes for the bus. I am a firm believer of questioning everything. Wonder if that's good though.... For some reason, my survival beard stops growing after about two centimeters. Guess I won't be a survivor then. My favorite brand of cigarettes is Benson&Hedges Black. I loathe John Player Special and Pall Mall and would rather not smoke at all than smoke these. I like my coffee like my jokes: Black, bitter and served with love. I used to collect variations of the Navy Seal copypasta but then found a subreddit that does that for me. Now I feel empty inside. The owner of the mead stand at the local christmas fair knows me by name.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Yeah, I'm much more for the wood friction technique. With flint you also need steel, so you'd basically be crafting a firestarter. Then again, that doesn't seem like a bad idea.
  7. Or you could use a longer rod, which could be a findable item. Bit like this:
  8. Wastelander


    Huh, and I always thought Canada was pretty big on human rights.
  9. Oh, I guess I worded things misleadingly here - I was in no way disappointed (can only speak for myself though) - my post was more about your current way of doing things is to prevent disappointment. My apologies! Also, you got me stoked now
  10. I know a few fun activities for the dark.... Jokes aside, solid idea, I like it.
  11. Wastelander


    +1 for getting trolled with inferior products. However, that would, realistically, hardly be a surprise because things are labeled accordingly. On that note however, I'd find it pretty cool if we couldn't see the condition of prepackaged foods until we opened them.
  12. Sim City 5. No Man's Sky. Assassins Creed Whatever. Many reasons to be cautious and, quite frankly, I'd much rather have my customers be impatient than disappointed if I was in their shoes. Because impatient customers will ultimately be more overjoyed when the product finally rolls out and I actually took that time to make it worth their while and the money they paid for it. Disappointed customers will stay disappointed.
  13. A shop in my town (and most other towns as well I would guess) actually offers the ability to custom-print mugs. Could you or another dev maybe give us a jpeg of the Hinterland decal on the mug for noncommercial purposes?
  14. I can see the appeal, but regular blizzards, snowfalls and frost, combined with the relative warmth of a house cause humidity to form on the outside of windows which then freezes over and messes with visibility. I don't have any sources for that and, to be honest, I just made that up but it does seem like a plausible in-game explanation. In-enginge, however, structures are separated from the game map as evidenced by a loading screen upon entering, so while you're in the house the game-map would have to stay in memory which would take away from playability on lower-end computers which is one of the many things this game does right.
  15. You can probably make them optional if you're a decent shot with the rifle Cruel jokes aside, yeah, that seems like a good idea. Some players like them, some players don't. We already get to choose between four different experience modes, so a simple "NPC's yes no?" box to tick probably isn't too much to ask. Personally, I'd like to see some NPCs in my sandbox, but still, I can see the appeal of not having them there.