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  1. Die kriegst du fast überall, zumindest da wo ich lebe, bei mir gibt's die sogar beim Penny um die Ecke, da gibt's auch Steamkarten und Amazongutscheine und den ganzen Schmarrn, nur die gute Thomy-Remoulade haben die nicht mehr, da haben die meiner Ansicht nach ihre Prioritäten falsch gesetzt einfach mal bei Media Markt, Tankstellen, Kiosken und Supermärkten rumschauen, ansonsten bieten auch einige Geldinstitute da an. Ist für mich persönlich echt von Vorteil weil ich aufgrund einiger Dummheiten meinerseits ne echt negative SchuFa habe, aber andererseits auch viel aus dem Ausland bestelle. Falls dir ne kleine Jahresgebühr nix ausmacht: http://www.kreditkartenvergleich.net/insidecard.html
  2. You're onto something there - combining skills for additional effects, I like that.
  3. Nachdem meine Mutter meine kleine Singleküche kürzlich als "desolat" beschrieben hat als sie kurz zu Besuch war hab ich mir echt überlegt das Desolation-Point-Poster zu erwerben um damit meine Küchentür zu schmücken Aber ja, die Versandkosten sind natürlich happig. Das gute an so Prepaid-Kreditkarten ist dass du damit echt international einkaufen kannst weil ja nicht jedes Land Direktüberweisungen akzeptiert, aus welchem Grund auch immer. Außerdem sind deine Daten und deine Kohle sicherer als mit 'ner normalen, sowas kann ja geklaut oder gehackt werden. Und du hast halt wie erwähnt perfekte Kostenkontrolle, für jemanden wie mich der im finanziellen Bereich durchaus an die Grenzen der Selbstbeherrschung kommt (Impulskäufer 4 life, heute erst ne neue Gasmaske bestellt die ich eigentlich nicht brauche, aber ich fand sie cool) ist das extrem praktisch.
  4. Hm, im Zweifelsfall gibt's ja bei Media Markt und so diese aufladbaren Kreditkarten, da hat man glücklicherweise volle Kostenkontrolle und die Schufa muss ja auch nicht alles wissen
  5. Habe leider keine Antwort auf deine Frage, würde aber gerne eine hinzufügen wenn du gestattest - wie sieht das mit der Bezahlung aus wenn man nicht über Visa, Mastercard etc. verfügt sondern nur über das ganz normale Girokonto der Sparkasse? Visa und Mastercard krieg ich höchstwahrscheinlich nicht, und PayPal mag ich nicht.
  6. Next time I'm playing, I'll have to make a tea party screenshot with dead animals and cups of tea.
  7. Seen an actual timberwolf in the zoo today. Instinctively reached for my pocket knife (which I left at home). I need a break :D

  8. Hypothetically speaking, if a crossbow were to be added, it would be vastly superior to the bow. I am basing what I'm about to say on a relatively modern sporting crossbow - I stand firmly against the idea of a crafted crossbow, these things are complicated if one does not know what they're doing (trust me, I tried. Blood was shed.) The reason the crossbow quickly chased the bow off of Europe's battlefields in the middle ages is it's simplicity of use - it takes much, much less effort and time to train a crossbowman than it does to train a bowman. Then there's the increased stopping power and the fact that the shorter, thicker bolts tumble inside wounds and cause much more tissue damage, not to mention it's armor-piercing capabilities which led the Pope to outlaw it's use against Christians since it made knights sort-of obsolete in his eyes, an order which was heard, understood and then largely ignored. Also, bows can more easily be fired out of embrasured and in a crouching position from cover, making them very valuable both offensively and defensively in siege warfare, which was almost all warfare until WW2. The only upsides of a bow against the crossbow were the lower price due to easier manufacture, higher volume of fire and the ability to use (highly overrated) flaming arrows. Thus, when the crossbow came along, it became largely a hunting weapon and, in military use, a morale breaker (imagine 2000 flaming arrows heading your way and tell me you won't run away ). The often-quotes English chronicles that said that an arrow from a longbow could pierce plate armor are largely fabricated - for it to do so, it would have to hit in a perfect 90° angle at very short range, and when you're a bowman and someone wearing plate armor is in 'short range' to you, you have lost anyway. Long story short: The crossbow is superior to the bow in almost every aspect, and in all aspects important to the game, unless we get to march in formation with other survivors (which, I must say, would become my new guilty pleasure) So, how do we balance this? For a modern crossbow, specialised bolts are used that can't be easily manufactured by hand. It's possible, but the cost may outweigh the benefits. Therefore, ammo could be really scarce. Then there's the issue of maintenance, since everything modern has a lot of moving parts, and moving parts tend to break - a Glock 19 is a better weapon than a rock, but the rock will last way longer. If we really want the bow and crossbow to be equal, sporting bolts could be the only available ammo, which would be around equal in piercing-power to a simple arrow. I'll try digging up some literature on the topic next time I'm on Gutenberg, but I have exams coming up so don't rely on me.
  9. I read your post as in merely slapping a bow on a stock. Seems you're aware of the necessary trigger though so I think I've misread that, sorry. Still, that takes some skills to make - skills people don't necessarily have.
  10. This, although it should be reasonably rare to prevent overuse since it would make a lot of things very easy.
  11. Spears can be even simpler than that - simply take a relatively straight, long stick, sharpen it and harden the tip over a fire. This has worked for around 50.000 years. Or several, actually. That's really hard stuff. Crossbows don't work this way, sorry. There's a good reason why the crossbow appeared several millenia after the bow - the trigger mechanism.
  12. Oh, it wouldn't be completely free, trust me - if anything, I'd want at least some graffiti on the dam in a near-inaccessible spot saying "Sven is awesome!" And yeah, originals would be awesome because that also includes the community in the development of something we cherish - it's not really a game changer, but it's a fun little bit. After all, humanity's all about cooperation (at least in my dream world )
  13. The idea is awesome, however, including them in TLD would be using them commercially so I guess Hinterland would still have to pay license fees. I'd be willing to write some stuff for Hinterland free of charge though - despite me being a grown up man, I am horifically good at writing cheesy romance fiction so cringeworthy you keep on reading it despite your brain melting because of the sheer stupidity of what you're reading
  14. This I can agree with, guess I misunderstood you earlier - sorry for that. Yeah, right now, the game really does need more things to get us going. However, my point also remains that games, arts and crafts or music should also become a part of the game to spend time, make trade goods and stave off cabin fever.