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  1. One of the easiest ways to hunt wolves, is to hide behind a rock, and howl. Or make other wolf type noises. This does two things, it causes a pack to reply, which would give you an idea of how many, where they were, and, would attract some members of a pack into investigating, leading them into being more easily prayed upon.
  2. I'm not sure how realistic having slippery ice is. For the most part, the temperatures in game are very low, which would cause supercooled water droplets from vapor condensation, which would lead to granulation on ice surfaces. The reason ice is slippery in cities, is because water vapor stays warmer longer, and allows smoother surface formation. It's one of the reasons the canal is pretty bad for skating, the air is cooler in the corridor. Now if you had a period of the day where water could reach it's triple point, then you'd get some back breaking ice patches, but with a constant well below freezing... you'd just get bumpy crappy ice that's no good for slide'n.
  3. @pigbull320 There's no need to emulate a stomach lining, just the results, ie: drink a lot of water just after heavy exercise, and hurl. The human body doesn't just sweat because you're moving... well, some people do, but they could have an underlining condition such as diabetes or heart problems. Sweating is a direct result of over heating, so even if you're working your butt off, if your core temperature, or your surface temperature, don't increase, you should not sweat. Like I said before, the primary mode of moisture loss in the cold, is breathing through your mouth. A little background as to why you wouldn't, and shouldn't sweat while excising in the cold. When you're in a cold environment, and your surface temperature lowers, your blood vessels dilate to carry more warm blood to the area. When you move your muscles, a small amount of heat *is* generated, but for the most part, it's negligible, and would only be relevant if there was no wind chill. Further, this heat wouldn't be localized to the muscles, the dilated vessels would carry it throughout the body, and to places where your temperature has fallen below baseline. Depending on the environment, this could actually induce hypothermia much quicker, and the exercise itself can dilate the blood vessels, and therefore leach your heat way faster. This is why people *feel* warming, because their skin is warmer due to the dilation, but at the same time, their core temperature falls. Humans make crappy batteries Wachowskis! On the other side of the coin, is if there is no wind at all. You could sweat buckets even at -40 degrees because the heat your body is generating, isn't going anywhere. Although not strictly accurate, it's like the difference between radiative and convective energy transfer. Radiative is like your stove element being on and just sitting there, its heat will expand outward, but the thermal layers around the element will insulate a greater heat transfer. However, if you blow on the element, you dissipate the trapped energy, and cause a wider area to become warmer. This isn't an entirely correct analogy because warm air rises so there will always be an air flow, but, the principal is the same, if the heat being generated is "conveyed" away from an area, a higher amount of energy can be transferred into the environment, but, if the energy stays local, like your body stuffed into an insulated bag, it'll accumulate, and you will over heat. More background. Water, for the most part, isn't actually used by your body, it's primarily a solvent to dissolve nutrients in, and a conveyor to bring those nutrients to cells, and to take waste away from them. A gross little fact: on the space station, an astronaut will drink the same molecule of water hundreds, if not thousands of times while up there, because we don't break it down, or convert it into anything. Greater water use occurs when tissues are damaged, you lose blood plasma, or when a large amounts evaporate (yes, like with sweat, but mostly through lose from lung and soft tissue). That concludes our nerd lesson for today. We know you have a choice when it comes to b***h-nerds, and we thank you for choosing us.
  4. You are entirely correct @Fuarian. While dying from lack of sleep is certainly possible, it is also exceptionally rare. No matter how hungry, how cold, or how terrified one is, the human brain will put you to sleep if it's tired enough. That being said, I fully acknowledge that this is a simplified mechanic for the game. If one were to pass out in the middle of winter IRL, one might probably die, the game's just skipping a step. But, micro-sleeps when suffering from exhaustion might be cool. The screen goes black for a few seconds, and you find yourself failing whatever you were doing, or falling down in your tracks, or my personal favourite, you keep walking in whatever direction you were originally, but seem to have travelled farther than expected, all while losing some random number of minutes.
  5. Not being able to sleep on the ground with nothing but your clothes has always seemed strange to me as well. It was pointed out that sleeping on the frozen ground would sap you heat very quickly, but, when you're dying from exhaustion, not being able to pass out anywhere, like a cabin with no bed, is odd.
  6. I was also thinking about the idea of dropping all items, because, you know, ever ounce of speed is essential when a bear is trying to eat your feet. A physical pack would also solve the problem of movable containers, you could have multiple packs. Sometimes the limitations imposed on games is kinda strange, like the infamous inability to jump in so many games. Or, the inability to pick up a backpack floating in mid air because you harvested the chesterfield.
  7. For instance, if the sprint meter is under 100%, pressing the tab will also show the that meter, or, if you're holding a lantern, torch, match, or other consumable, the tab key will show that relevant meter as well.
  8. Muscle conditioning due to exercise is something I wanted to suggest, but, I don't think it should be a reward for a feat, I think it should be a progressive mechanic. IE, if you stay inside a lot, you lose some of your strength, you carry around a lot of crap, you gain it. Also, injury, and condition lose, reducing your overall carrying capacity for at least a few days, would also be a neat idea. This would also prevent faster from starving themselves for days; then eating a candy bar to regain condition. They might get healthier doing so, but they wouldn't be able to carry a heavy load until their muscles recover.
  9. So many pluses dude. The climbing ropes could easily be used to accomplish this. But, I also like @EternityTide suggestion my flag idea. Yay me!
  10. I disagree with sprinting affecting your thirst bar, at least, as suggested. Exercise actually causes your body to go into water conservation mode, and drinking too much can actually lead to over hydration, which then can lead to water toxicity, or more likely, nutrient flushing. In all likelihood, running flat out in -20 degree weather, would not affect your overall hydration through sweat. Accelerated loss through evaporation by breathing through your mouth afterwords, now that will dry you out faster than grandma's brisket. Also, drinking large amount of water during, or immediately following strenuous activity, can lead to vomiting due to sudden temperature shifts, or irritation of the stomach lining due to volume and texture shifts. And, running while being blasted with a windchill, will do almost nothing to warm a person up.
  11. I agree with this suggestion, however, I disagree that vomiting would only be induced AFTER toxicity presents itself. Case in point, ever chug sower milk? No... just me? Anyway, rotten food can immediately irritate the lining of the stomach, as well as the throat and mouth. Also, a bacteriological infection can proliferate in the stomach BEFORE passing into the small intestines, causing the inflicted to throw up before the buggers' excretions have a chance to be overly absorbed. Also, I'd like to point out that I've never taken medication for food poisoning. Ever. True, I can only think of 4 or 5 instances where I was fairly sure I had a full blown case of food poisoning, but each time, I... expelled the offending substance; then spent a night miserable before feeling better the next day. In my opinion, the game suffers from a slight over reliance of the use medication, and doesn't offer the ability to allow one's body to heal on one's own.
  12. I also like this idea, but, a building is affect by more than just the outside temperature. For instance, sunlight hitting a trailer off will warm it significantly. One would naturally expect interior temperatures to be higher than ambient, and zero degrees is not far off, depending on insulation. But this also adds another dynamic, after nightfall, a trailer would be freezing.