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  1. Exactly why i would like to have a CD as well. They could release it as limited edition maybe 150 or 200 copies, not so much to be a collectors item, but to keep the risk low ... really hope that we get at least an official statement regarding this.
  2. Yes, sure i enjoy -- but ... does this mean, that there will be no physical release of the soundtrack? No jewel-case and a nice booklet to put in the CD shelf? In an early announcement it sounded like you are planning to release a physical release as well, but of course i could have misinterpreted the announcement ...
  3. Can't wait ... ... would love to have it on CD in my shelf.
  4. OMG, this is so f*** awesome. Great pictures, great voice acting, great story, great performance ... really intense pictures. I love it! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
  5. Not sure if this topic fits in this category, anyway ... i am a little uncomfortable with the new forum design. I know it should reflect the mood of the game, but for me it's just to dark and that's not because of personal taste but because i have difficulties with this. The gray and red small texts on the black background are really hard for me to read and overall it just feels not good for me. This might be because i have a visual impairment. Would it be possible to let users adjust the theme? So you could leave it as it is now but allow community members to choose a different theme for their own login environment? Thanks ...
  6. Stunning ... this video is just stunning. It gives me goose bumps. And btw. i want to have the soundtrack an physical media ... when are you going to make it available? Great work guys, it still might be a little early to say this, but i am under the impression, that the wait was worth it.
  7. I think the new logo is better: it looks much more modern and it doesn't have the scaling issues as demonstrated by shade_grey. Btw.: why are there no foxes in the TLD world?
  8. If i were you i would just write them an e-mail:
  9. I am surprised, but not unhappy ... why should i? The only reason they (Hinterland) could make me unhappy is if they decided to cancel TLD, but this of course is very unlikely to happen. I do not understand why some people take this so serious. Hinterland did not promise anything when setting up the counter, it was only "imagination" of us, the community, what could happen.
  10. Anticipation is the greatest joy ... isn't it? So, calm down guys. We now have an official release date and i believe we will get an incredible game! So -- thanks @Raphael to keep us posted and sharing a great trailer with us! Looking forward to August!
  11. aurora


    Maybe they thought, that we wouldn't take this so personal, but being happy, that there now is a release date and some news to share. I would have been happy, too, to get an update or even story mode, but in reality i do not really care. Waited now so long for this game, that it doesn't really matter for me if it's going to be released 3 month sooner or later ..
  12. aurora


    So ... i just HAD to have a look. I was wrong expecting the game, still: nice website and great trailer! Looking forward to August ...