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  1. The best way to balance flare shell reloading would be to make it so the shell casing decays 40-100% when it is shot and require unused marine flares and gunpowder to craft. With the Revolver being removed from Loper, this would be the only effective counter to Timberwolves besides sneaking up on them and taking a long-range bow shot, which is obviously impossible with a hungry pack on your tail.
  2. It seems like the Revolver has been removed in the latest patch. At this point, I'm not sure Loper players would ever visit BI unless flare shells are made to be reloadable, which would be a mess to balance.
  3. The only place I know of that has a 100% chance of a rifle spawn is the main building in Hibernia. Keep in mind that there are multiple spawn locations, with one of them being hidden behind some crates.
  4. I think that it would be interesting if decoys acted to decrease pack morale. It shouldn't lower it too much, but a clever survivor could use a carrot-and-stick approach, both scaring and bribing the pack in order to escape.
  5. The cairns are a reward for the initial backers on Kickstarter so many years ago. Hinterland tried to contact their backers to let them fill in the information, but they were unable to reach some of them; their cairns remain as the 'lost cairns'. At this point, it's unlikely that many more will be named, but you never know.
  6. I think that in addition to this, you should be limited to only one hat. I have never heard of anyone wearing two toques at the same time, and the 4 degree boost for two wool toques is incredibly overpowered. Limiting the player to only one hat increases the value of the rest of the available headwear from the balaclava (currently a very marginal upgrade to the wool toque) to the long will scarf (a rare item hopelessly outclassed by the ever-present wool toque). It would even make the rabbitskin hat more valuable as the fact that it can only be equipped in the outer slot would no longer be relevant.
  7. The sack of flour would be a food item similar to coffee and tea. By itself, you can't eat it, but by cooking it at a fire with water, you get 5 servings of gruel, a 250 calorie food item capable of giving the warning up bonus. Unlike coffee and tea, there would be no medicinal effects and cooked gruel would decay quickly, discouraging cooking it as soon as possible. The sack of flour itself would weigh around one kilo, decay very slowly, and generally be found in more domestic areas such as kitchens and the rural store.
  8. We have the Wolfskin Coat that does exactly that.
  9. I don't think the game needs any more guns, but I would love some cosmetic variation in items i.e. different models for the same item.
  10. This is honestly completely broken. The milling machine should be restricted to only repairing items up to 50% to make whetstones and cleaning kits actually worth something.
  11. A good way to address this problem would be to rebalance the entire weapons system. One of the reasons there is a massive oversupply of ammunition is the fact that in most cases, a shot to any part of the body with anything except the Revolver will kill the animal, given enough time. To reduce our ammunition stockpiles, it needs to take multiple rounds to kill animals. The bleeding system has to be completely reworked to accomplish this. My proposal is that a shot would deal both instant condition loss to the animal and a bleed effect, if applicable. Blood loss would slowly sap condition for a time dependent on what weapon was used, what animal it is, the location of the shot, and the relevant skill. Animals would eventually stop bleeding of they manage to survive long enough. The flare gun would no longer be the ultimate bear-killing weapon that it is now. A shot from the flare gun, besides scaring wildlife, would cause no bleed damage at all, restricting its use to wildlife deterrent and only being used as a weapon when the damage would be able to kill the target outright, such as a headshot to a charging wolf. At the same time, reducing the amount of ammo boxes and replacing more rounds with empty casings would both reduce the ammo glut and encourage players to visit BI to craft more ammunition.
  12. I totally think the Revolver should be added to Interloper. However, it would have to be done very carefully. 1. There should only be one or two Revolvers across the whole island, with no guaranteed spawns. 2. The Revolvers would start at around 10-20% Condition with cleaning kits being very scarce. 3. Ammunition should be extremely scarce, with maybe 15-20 rounds across the island. Casings would be more easily found, but still rare. Ammo parts would be limited. This would make the Revolver the equivalent of what the Distress Pistol once was when the only one was in TWM- a extremely rare but game-changing piece of equipment with scarce ammo that required special consideration on when exactly to use it. The Distress Pistol is now relatively easily obtained in Interloper, so why not have the Revolver as well? P.S: Don't add the Rifle to Interloper in any capacity.
  13. I just want to throw my support behind bringing back the old mechanic. The fact that the items were found midway through the search process rather than just at the end added a layer of suspense to the search process. As it stands, the search bar is just an timer ticking down until you can see what you find.
  14. How do you address the fact that adding new regions makes the game easier? Early on in the game's development, it was much harder to survive a prolonged period of time due to a fundamental lack of items available in the game world. These days, you can simply strip all of the regions of their loot and relocate it to a central base, enabling you to survive years (if you don't make a stupid mistake). When you factor in beachcombing supplying an infinite amount of previously non-renewable resources, it seems that you will never have to struggle to make your resources last another 3 days, simply because you have 150 day's worth of supplies back at base. I live for the moments where I don't have enough resources to survive, but still somehow claw my way through another 5 or 10 days before finally fading into the long dark. Could you add an 'ultra low' loot setting to fix this? Or do you have another way to remedy this?
  15. The list was in no particular order. In most of my Stalker games, I settle at the Fishing Camp. My long-term strategy (i.e not Interloper) revolves around fishing and beachcombing, so I settle on CH. I just find the Fishing Camp the best base on CH. However, playing on Interloper is making me consider the Riken more seriously. Having a lot of fuel is very powerful, and the mines of DP provide tons of coal so I can afford to be outside to prevent cabin fever. My only fear is that not being able to fish will make it a lot harder to get food. On my current run, I'm not starving myself on the principle of it, so getting calories is much more important. I'm pretty terrible with both the bow and stones, so I fear that I would run out of food. I could find a place to trap rabbits, but the Riken is surrounded by ice, so there aren't really any nearby rabbit runs. Essentially, I'm in a tossup between the Riken and the Fishing Camp, but would still like to know if there are any other bases I could live in.
  16. I started out in FM and made the (slightly stupid) choice to go loot BR first. I looted the Maintenance Shed and the Hunting Lodge, and made my way back to FM to loot the Spence Homestead, the High Blind and the Poacher's Camp. I am currently in the Camp Office. My current strategy is pretty much what you have stated. For the first couple of weeks, I will move around a lot, but I want to know what the best place to settle after I loot everything important is.
  17. I recently started an Interloper game that I hope will be a long-term one and have been thinking about where to settle down. I've narrowed it own to a few places: Farmhouse -Central location on a centrally-located map -The wood stove is great for cooking -The porch is a fantastic utility -Fire barrel for cabin fever- but watch out for the bear! -Blizzards constantly- my god -Not too close to fishing -Not a lot of firewood Fishing Camp -Outdoor workbench- goodbye cabin fever! -Very close to fishing -Beachcombing accessibility -Good weather -No indoor fireplace -Not much storage space The Riken -Constant access to forge -Wheelhouse great for outdoor cooking -Good weather -Fuel everywhere -Beachcombing accessibility -Tilt is kind of annoying -Very dark -No fishing Camp Office -Centrally located- easy to get to every other region -Fishing nearby -Counters are great for organizing -Fair weather -Good fuel supply -Great hunting nearby -A few wolves nearby Mountaineer's Hut -Everything very close- fuel, fishing, rabbits, deer -Hatch counts as outdoor storage for meat -Beautiful views -Very cold -Painful trek to the forge -High wolf activity on the lake Where do you think I should settle? Do you have any other locations in mind?
  18. Copied from the Test Branch forum, but contains no spoilers. I loved the new Custom mode when it came out, and still do. I thought Stalker was too easy, and Interloper was no fun due to its elimination of tools and the Rifle. When Custom Mode was released, I could finally fulfill my fantasy of having Interloper scarcity and clothing type, but still have the knife, hatchet and rifle available to be found in the world. I fear that the new update will partially eliminate this. Could you make it so that tool spawns are a separate setting like the Rifle?
  19. The problem with me is that I want the Interloper loot scarcity, but with the ability to find knives and hatchets.
  20. When moose detect you, they threaten you, giving you some time to run away. If you fail to leave, they will charge you. Watch out!
  21. If I set "baseline loot availability" to low, does that disable the knife and hatchet? What exactly does it do? I set it to low on my most recent game to try and minimalize overall loot, but I still want to be able to find the knife and hatchet.
  22. My problem is that I always waste matches accidentally lighting a torch.