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  1. Why would you ever want a gun in interloper??
  2. Love it!! About the only use for spray paint honestly. I think spray paint is the most useless and ridiculous addition to the game ever. But that would be useful application!
  3. I probably find the stim only 50% of the time. Again not a major concern because you have various guaranteed spawn such as the lighthouse in DP.
  4. 1. The stim is under the crate on the lift right when you enter from the foyer- close to the big garage door- you go up a small ramp to get to it. 2. Your stamina is pretty irrelevant. Just keep warm by drinking teas and you don’t have to constantly sprint to avoid cold. If you do need to rest, sleeping is perfectly fine. Just make sure you eat sufficiently before sleeping so you don’t lose health. 750 cals for 10 hrs. Food is best sustained by cattails especially in FM- you should get enough there alone to pretty much last the challenge. Remember your constant tea intake also adds calorie
  5. How awesome would it be if all challenges could be played at interloper level. It would be a totally different experience. Like Nomad- probably the easiest challenge in the game but at interloper you would now have to battle cabin fever at each location and have 3 days of fuel for the stone church. Darkwalker would be amazing in interloper. The challenge as it stands is so easy for everyone because weather and food is not a factor - you get such good clothing and enough food to last the whole challenge within the first hour - you really just have to chart course to cross-cross the dar
  6. The best way to implement fast travel - if it were to be implemented- would be through the mine system but it should be unidirectional so people can’t just constantly avoid wildlife and other threats especially on interloper. It should also only be available in mid to late game when players are pretty established anyway. Ideally the player would start at a point of higher elevation such as mine in ash canton for example and could travel via mine tunnels to say the mine from PV to CH or from PV to ML or even the mine from OIC to DP. Maybe paths become available after a certain time poin
  7. nah I’ll pass- the double time for crafted tools is part of what adds and maintains challenge in interloper. It’s already easy enough to survive in interloper as it is once you base up but now only 45 minutes to chop a log- might as well play stalker then. I wouldn’t object to faster forging times as skill builds though- that is pretty irrelevant by comparison.
  8. Yeah I made the mistake of storing my items in a car trunk just across the eternal fire at the entrance. I also didn’t figure out the frisking criteria until later so most of my good clothes kept getting confiscated through the game. When I finally got “smart” before finale scene and stripped down to my underwear before getting frisked I had no idea the inner yard would be locked down. So I had to finish the game heading to see jace in nothing but my underwear- not even a torch and match.
  9. By moving necessary or highly desirable items across the ends of the map you would force visits to other locations indirectly. One thing I have always requested and I don’t know if the developers ever implemented is that the crampons be repairable in the mill at BI. This would give reason for interlopers to visit BI because otherwise there is absolutely no reason to visit other than the excitement of it. I would visit for that reason alone but also if I could repair sharpening stones or re-load flares or something. Reloading flares would be awesome in interloper. I hate wasting them whe
  10. That’s pretty general. How long did they last and did they choose a region purposefully with a forge and a high chance for mag lens spawn? And what’s a link to YouTube with someone who did this? You have to have a mag lens and a forge and sufficient cat tails to last Initially. My point is- you have to move to at least one if not two areas. In the easy levels like stalker hell just one house will supply you enough to last a week lol
  11. Honestly don’t see the point to this at all. It’s not real food it doesn’t matter if there are 2 or 20 food items. It makes no practical difference. Sausage vs bacon- meh, big deal- it has no practical difference whatsoever If there are going to be more food choices it should be to support a mechanic for maintaining the character’s nutritional heath- for example to prevent scurvy, Or to maintain a minimum of necessary fat in the diet. And even then it has to be replenishable either through natural sources or beachcombing.
  12. Nope you cannot stay in one region from the start in interloper. You don’t have to visit them all or even most but you can’t stay in one region from the start. Impossible. Of course once you get your bow and tools you can stay virtually indefinitely in any region with a workbench and forge and maple/birch. Hell I have over 500 days in pleasant valley and over 1000 in CH on another interloper character but you can’t do that starting and staying in those regions. Nope.
  13. I can’t understand why you would need to eat carnivore meat in stalker there is such an abundance of food- hell you don’t even have to kill an animal for months but if you do get parasites one tip is to keep eating the carnivore meat during the term of the ailment because you can’t get it again while infected. So eat up all the bear and wolf you want and develop the cooking skill while you recover.
  14. Yes. The challenges are permadeath.
  15. There is no question the old crow sounds were far more realistic. I used to hear crows IrL and think “where’s the dead body”. Not so much now. They sound more like the bear warning crows now which is not just less realistic but less differentiating.