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  1. Would be fun if this was a camping simulator. As a survival simulator- ummmm , nah. Survivalists in extremely challenging conditions don’t bring portable sausage grinders. Ever.
  2. Yes the game would be way too easy otherwise. By the time you complete your forge run if you already had 60 feathers the game would be way too easy. However you can “force” feathers to drop if you harvest a carcass. On bodies just give it a few days and eventually they generate.
  3. Ummm nah. Your mode of play is beginner. That’s why your strategies work. The idea you think your voyager custom would Challenge an interloper player is hysterical. Enjoy the game brah. But trust me if you want to play at an elite level you have to seriously change your gameplay. Like, dramatically different.
  4. Well when you play basic levels sit makes sense I guess. Advanced levels have to adapt much better though.
  5. No i got the point. The point is just nonsensical is all. It’s survival. If you take just ONE thing from a house then it’s very blatantly simple- you take the one thing you need the most at that time depending on your survival requirements. I mean... really. You are trying to create a dilemma when there isn’t one because it’s Basic...Fundamental....Survival.... strategy.
  6. Sorry but that makes no sense. All items are necessary. It’s like saying “if you could only have food, fire, water or shelter” which would it be. It’s survival. There are multiple aspects.
  7. What tests would those be exactly. How would I test for what is causing problems exactly.
  8. Not sure how I would backup my save file and I wouldn’t do it anyway as I am strictly a purist for hardcore permadeath. I don’t get the convenience of having a backup IRL.
  9. Yeah but they never attack together. Ever. They aren’t like timber wolves. If there are 3 wolves, two will always run away. And even if you are attacked by three wolves you should easily survive it. Even the clothes damage is pretty nominal. Hell when I used to play stalker I would just let myself get attacked when I had no ammo just to cull the wolf or get food.
  10. Why would you even bother with cattails on voyager or even stalker? If you are losing your well fed bonus in those levels to the point you need cattails you are doing something woefully wrong. You should be throwing food away because you can’t even carry it all in those levels. I honestly don’t see why you would even bother with cattails or teas.
  11. Honestly wolves in stalker are like getting hit by marshmallows. They hardly do any damage.
  12. Update- looks like a corrupted save file as my other characters are operating normally. I thought the save files are not local on the computer correct (to ensure permadeath), so no way to recover or repair the save file? pretty crappy demise for a 400 day loper run.
  13. All of the sudden my game crashes on PC playing a 400 day vanilla interloper character. A little loading box appears out of no where for less than 1 second- it has the long dark hatchet symbol and says “long dark unity 2019” or something (it’s so fast I can’t see it really) and has a progress bar but in a flash the game just crashes and my desktop appears. Happens at seemingly random times about 2-15 minutes into gameplay by it also frequently happens when a save game screen comes up such as when entering a building. Game is Unplayable now.
  14. Here are things that REALLY do need to be implemented to improve gameplay via better interface mechanism. Just a matter of making tasks more efficient to complete without changing anything as far as game time or survival challenge- strictly interfacing. 1. Make more actions if not all actions able to be “stacked”. For example you can prepare multiple tea ingredients or arrows at once but you can only sharpen once at a time or prepare one tinder at a time. All actions should be stackable. 2. Make the inventory wheel fully customizable so any item can be added at any location on the whe