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  1. Having recently explored an abandoned prison/sanitarium complex, the main areas were very much repeat after repeat -- every main wing there had pretty much the same cell set-ups, same lunch areas, same office & security set-ups (I took pictures, as some scenes were amazingly similar to The Long Dark!). Huge Kitchens and food storage areas, Chapel/Auditorium, Laundry, Gyms, Workshops, Control Rooms; all connected by secured tunnels. Outer areas almost exactly like they are in the game now (double fencing, a few guard stations, large open area in the middle) I would think there cou
  2. I just started a new game (still on Pilgrim) and am now in Mystery Lake area -- traveled from Bleak Inlet (no deer remains found there at all) thru Forlorn Muskeg (one at the cave exit & possible one out on the iffy ice area but nothing else in expected/known areas). Found & harvested one deer carcass in the "barn" near Trappers Cabin the first day, but have not found another since. Nothing along the train line, in the fenced area at the dam, by the hunter's blinds, or in the clear cut. There are corpses there, but no deer.
  3. Yes, definitely check what level you are on. I was set to Capable Survivor and it was very tough for me to get through the episode. I did manage, but the wolves were crazy! I found the rifle to be pretty much useless on the wolves, the pistol barely better. Noisemakers and flares worked the best, I just walked backwards until I was out of the zone. Ended up doing a lot of sneaking around and backtracking. You can go back to a previous save, so save before venturing into a new area.
  4. Thanks and LOL!! And trust me .... this is as close to camping as I'd get in real life these days ... used to love it, even with tents and no "facilities" ... but my idea of roughing it now means a hotel room without a garden tub or whirlpool 😆
  5. I actually play very slowly (and almost exclusively on Pilgrim). Not big on hunting (only to get food/furs when need be, & I use wolf kills whenever possible) or being hunted by wolves constantly. I do snare rabbits and fish more frequently. The first moose I killed I was all proud of myself, but then I kinda felt bad because a lot of the meat went to waste when I moved on. The satchel is great, tho. I have found the same "randomness in decay" On one of my longest play-throughs, I didn't get to TWM until probably 150 days or so. After being there for a few "weeks", I went on up i
  6. Interesting find! I know I found a fire-striker hidden just under the edge of a pile of pallets once. I think it was in the Carter Dam, maybe in the room with the elevator? And I always check the floor in the front corner of the fishing huts (next to the drawers) -- have found whetstones and flares there.
  7. I'd probably expand one of the cabins up in Bear Creek Campground off of Coastal Highway (which is my favorite region by far), or I'd rebuild the Lonely Homestead in Pleasant Valley - I love the birch woods there, they are just so pretty.
  8. I've had this happen too, but not while playing Wintermute -- it happened in the Community Center in Pleasant Valley on survival mode.
  9. My favorite places are almost all in Coastal Highway. I also play on Green/Pilgrim so the wolves and bears are not a big problem. My favorite house of all is the one just below the Quonset gas station, it has a fireplace and tons of shelves and cupboards for storage. I usually break down all of the furniture that's in the way in the front room. Straight line to a fishing hut, work bench right across the road, plenty of wood & game around, and if you get the moose, it's a short trip back with the meat/hide/guts. Sometimes this one is burned down, though, bummer. This style of house is
  10. Yes -- Definitely the Pleasant Valley birch grove -- it is just beautiful, the color and lighting at various times of the day and in different weather. I walk through it just to enjoy the scenery (on Pilgrim, so Mr. Bear leaves me alone). I also like the Bear Creek Campground area in Coastal Highway -- esp. the one cabin off by itself, below the campground. It's just a beautiful view, esp. in the evening when snow is falling. And if you stand in the right place, you can hardly see the dead guy splayed out by the fallen tree 😉
  11. Bandages are good to stash -- I left a few at the bottom of the steam tunnel stairway (on the advice of someone who had played that part before me) -- I also searched around the warden's office and found items to make 2 extra bandages
  12. Definitely like the "old" crow sounds better. I did notice some other changes too, and I really like the new music. There's one tune that sounds incredibly lonely and sad. And yes, in my real life, I will hear crows and think "where's the corpse, maybe there's some good loot?" (my DH thinks I'm weird!) LOL!
  13. I was started at "capable survivor" (without realizing it), so I am dealing with a lot of aggressive wolves, both kinds. When I leave the guard-room area in the front of the prison 3 black wolves immediately spawn, 2 right on the pathway out, and one down on the icy pond to the right. A little bit further down the road, there is a vehicle and 3 (or 4) more are spawned there. Just past that is a timberwolf pack and sometimes a stray black wolf or 2 (near the substation). They are all very quick to attack and the revolver and rifle do very little damage - even when the sight is right
  14. twyn1

    Anyone else??

    I'm also replaying the chapter at the "bring back the detonators" point -- to see what I may have missed in trying to finish the story quickly (as I had imposed my own "hurry UP!" parameters on getting thru' the story mode) I've found & resolved a few things -- the "aggressive wolf", a hunter's blind, the "suspicious person" cache & several other prisoner caches -- I stumbled on a rather passive moose that I brought down with one well-placed arrow (yay! meat!)_ -- I've made some noisemakers (& figured out how to use them without injury), repaired clothing & established a
  15. Agree with so many points here and there. I did enjoy this part of the story, and I thought most of the characters were excellent. Some parts were tough for me, but I am pretty much a Pilgrim player so I don't deal with constantly freezing and getting by piles of wolves in my survival games. I gave the tasks my own sense of urgency, and did not take a lot of time to explore. I felt that McKenzie was doing these "chores" to 1st help the warden & somehow get the case so he could get to Astrid, which is what he has been focused on the whole time. (After I finished, I went back and