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  1. I think the fact that the character shivers when they are freezing makes a lot of sense, and forces the player to be in better condition when hunting. Having said that, the animations seem jerkier than they used to be, and should definitely be smoothed out a bit.
  2. I don't like when timberwolves are used as 'guard dogs' for choke points, and with the notable exception of the Cannery, they thankfully aren't. The routes I take in BI are much less direct than they could be simply because I go far out of my way to avoid the timberwolf packs. If I want to go from the Cannery Worker Residences to the FM-BI cave, I can start fires to warm up in the overturned trailer on the Long Bridge and possibly at the Washed Out Trailers, if the wind permits (which it won't). I have to weigh the condition loss from freezing against looking for shelter and possibly encounter
  3. I personally don't like a Day 1 summit being an option at all, but there really isn't a way to prevent it. Timberwolves would make it somewhat more challenging, but I guarantee people would learn the patterns and summit anyway. If you are able to do it and really want to, go ahead. Starting in AC is not a good idea. I was suggesting going from the Mountaineer's Hut to Echo Ravine, getting the crampons and technical pack (no rope climbs needed), and exiting via the Deer Clearing cave. It's a good strategy, and skips having to climb some of the mountain (although when I did it, I was prompt
  4. BI really isn't that bad. All the timberwolves can be avoided (except if you want to loot the Cannery, where a marine flare will scare them off easily for a couple hours), although you have to take less direct paths. The real killer is the CONSTANT headwind and bitter cold making it hard to make it to the FM cave without losing a good amount of condition. The current meta is to rush the summit (maybe doing AC first), getting the tons of loot before day 10. After you've done it so many times, it gets pretty easy as long as you have a bedroll. Timberwolf packs shouldn't be positioned at cho
  5. Fishing is really good. Never forget this. ML isn't the best map to get the rifle. A smaller map with fewer spawn points is the best place to look. Every map has at least one rifle and revolver. If I remember correctly, Hibernia in DP is guaranteed to have a rifle, but there are several spawn points, sometimes hidden behind some crates. BR is also great. Between the Maintenance Shed and the Hunting Lodge (and one of the cars outside the Lodge) I never fail to find a revolver. The rifle is somewhat harder to find in this region, as sometimes it spawns down below the broken bridge where you
  6. Depends. What do you need tips on? Resource management? Wolves? Not freezing to death?
  7. This is the purpose of the forums. HL does actually read the forums, but a lot of the little ideas don't get implemented as they want to wait for the next major update to change anything beyond tuning and hotfixes in the few weeks after a major update. I would rather have these nitpicks addressed quickly, but that's not how HL works.
  8. Reminds me of Rimworld. You can make patchleather out of any combination of leather, but it is invariably worse than all other textiles. It's never really useful unless you're living in a place with almost no animal life or ways to grow cotton. I don't think we would need a mechanic like this in TLD. Why would I hunt bears for the renewable bedroll if I could just cobble together an inferior bedroll out of scraps I have laying around? Sure, I lose some of the temperature bonus, but the ease of manufacture and repair tremendously outweighs the negatives. Late game, if you are not able to c
  9. TWM has plenty of wolves, but no timberwolves. Its whole existence is a lie. A few packs of timberwolves (not to the extent of BI) would make the Summit a more interesting challenge. A few rebalances may be needed: Make all other Distress Pistol spawns non-guaranteed. If you only want the flare gun, why would you risk summiting if you can just climb down the Ravine? Only put timberwolves on the approach to the summit, maybe patrolling by some of the cargo containers. Keep regular wolves by the Mountaineer's Hut. Or simply rename it to Wolf Mountain.
  10. I use dryer lint myself. Another good idea! Dryer lint as a non-renewable tinder source with a bonus to fire starting chance.
  11. The firestriker has always had a +15% chance for firestarting while the torch has +5%. It never made any sense to me as a ferro rod is way harder to use than other firestarters, but I don't imagine this will change.
  12. Salty Crackers


    Prybars can only open lockers, car trunks, fishing holes, and the Orca Gas Station. You need a hacksaw for the cargo containers. Their main use after you loot the world is opening fishing holes. The hammer does this as well and can also be repaired, but you might as well use up the prybars first. They are also decent in a struggle, essentially a weaker hammer that weighs half as much. I would still recommend using the hammer or improvised hatchet on loper (or the hatchet on other difficulties) but sometimes you only have a prybar on hand.
  13. The Long Wool Scarf might see some use in its current form due to the fact that it decays the slowest of all non-craftable headgear, so for the loper going for the 20 year run, it might make sense. Otherwise, totally inferior to the wool toque.
  14. I've never seen all 3 of the Waterfront Cottages burned down. Often there is only one left, but all 3 have beds, so it's not really an issue. On a side note, you can also sleep in the car at Commuter's Lament, but I'm not sure why you would.
  15. Turns out the firestriker gets priority over lit torches as well. It's not as much of a problem, but if I'm already holding a lit torch, do I really need the extra 10% chance of a firestriker?