What are your must have mods?


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I like to mod my game, and up til just recently my two most favorite mods have been Place Anywhere and Personality.  
But now that Hinterland has rolled out the updates that makes seeing gloved hands a reality, I've decided to retire the Personality mod for now.  
I guess that leaves Place Anywhere as my number 1 favorite mod for the game, so I'm waiting to see what enhancements to the current item handling and placement system the dev's make to the current still scheduled to be released in one of the coming updates.

What I really want, is to be able to pick up and clear debris from my floors. 
So eager to see what improvements will be coming when the base customization dlc is released.  


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For me, the essentials are minuscule quality of life mods. Things like Use the Worst First and Shorter Reading Intervals, by Romain, and Fuel Manager, by The Illusion. Mods that you don’t notice when you have them, but you notice when you don’t have them.

I’ve always passed on mods that add more foods and clothes and other content like that to the game. I just notice that they “shouldn’t be there” and it breaks my immersion. I like mods that fly under the radar.

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I like to go no mods at all, or throw them all in for the ultimate challenge. 

My favorites are the ones that realistically make the game harder. Extreme Temperature Drop, Relentless Night (to make cold affect indoors), Timberwolves Everywhere, Reduced Loot, and Improved Afflictions. All while playing on the Hunted part 1 challenge. 

My favorite QoL mod is place anywhere. Makes organizing so much more fun. 

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Place anywhere, Use The Worst First And Drop Stone, Look anywhere in cars, gear decay modifier


Also Dev commands, because it saves my butt when I get stuck in terrain or some other glitch happens, so I can just fly out of it.

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Well, i play on xbox so no modes for me but its ok. Im actually a no mod kinda guy i like to play the game as intended by the publisher. 

But if i could change anything, anything in the game it would be those 4 things: 

- Place death walls on high slopes so they cant be goated. 

- Make water and food freeze / frozen status so that it must be thawed out before cooking/eating. Water left outside freezes back. 

- Make food smell alll the time and not only when you pick it up so that you have to store it in containers or rockcaches. If left uncheck animals will steal/eat it.

- make food actually go bad so you cant eat it. Ruined meat = no go even on lvl 5 cooking. 

So if they were mods like that i would probably install them.

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Same, I don't have mods because I play on Linux. I have a dual boot to Windows, but that version is too old for the mods now, too.
But the ones I would want to run are:

  • Placing anywhere
  • Place from inventory (is that still a thing?)
  • Reduced loot


  • Feat progress in custom mode
  • More locked doors
  • Correct drop orientation, to put matchboxes the right way up!

And quite a few others look very interesting for specific runs, but not for main runs.

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Let's see, I'll try to go from memory here on ALL mods I use:

  • Place anywhere
  • Sonic
  • Lantern tweaks
  • Indoor fires
  • Camping Tools
  • Bountiful Foraging
  • Food & Clothing packs

I know I have a few more...

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8 minutes ago, hozz1235 said:

Umm...I recall them giving 5 pts.

Oh, are they for base skills like the normal skill books? In the readme file it just said '6 Research books: Survival 101 series' and I wasn't sure what that meant.

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If I had to recommend one mod above all others, it would be the Developer Console. By itself it doesn't change anything about the game experience, it simply gives you access to additional information and/or controls should you choose to. I don't normally use it when I play for real, but it's fun doing things like seeing how or if wildlife reacts to the Darkwalker.  Trying difficult platforming stunts without worrying about constantly dealing with injuries or death. Or for getting out of a buggy jam, like getting stuck in a bowl on the floor and unable to move or some other ridiculous soft lock.

Like I said I wouldn't recommend it for regular play since it gives you powers beyond that of god, but rather it lets you have fun with it in other ways.

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