Most common item found by bodies?


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It depends on the difficulty.  After playing several very short runs in Broken Railroad only (a small zone where I've been specifically studying the game's loot patterns), it appears that some corpses are scripted to provide knives and hatchets to the player when the difficulty settings allow for these items in the game.  Of course, in Interloper-type settings (i.e. Baseline Resources set to "Low"), these particular corpses will always be empty.  Also, the specific locations of these corpses changes with the run.  In Broken railroad, there is one corpse that is scripted to provide a knife and that corpse will appear in one of three locations with each and every run (based on Baseline Resources = "Very High")  There is another corpse that is scripted to provide a bow and a single arrow and it always appears where there is a prop deer nearby, with a broken arrow in it.  In Broken Arrow (again, when baseline resources = "very high"), this corpse will appear in one of three locations, but it will always appear.  When the Baseline Resources is set to "low," this corpse likely still appears, but it will be empty.

ETA:  I should also add that the "Dropped Items" setting also impacts on this pattern.

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