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  1. Nope. Fishing Huts are safe. The inside/outside front area of the broken railroad workshop is safe. Hunter blinds are safe. The mountaineering hut is not. Before you learn the hard way - the front poach of the pleasant valley farm house is also not safe.
  2. why didn't you set up more traps? Also you should have harvested the pelts (and guts?). 150 pelts costed you (120 KCal each) 18.000 KCal. That's actually a tip for interloper: don't harvest pelts and guts until you have a bow and can hunt For the worst place for snare I go with this one:
  3. hoenstly I've never seen bears in their caves except maybe for the one in ash canyon. Which cave are you talking about exactly?
  4. Ok. Did some more testing. And no. It's the same amount. However apparently one of the bags ended up in a tree. 🙁
  5. If you have premium brand clothing you are the wolf
  6. Hi, so I usually quarter dead animals to process later in a safe and warm enviroment. According to the wiki I should get 5 Quarters (lol) of deer but the last deer only gave me 3. Now I am wondering if some of the meat got stuck in a tree that it was close to or if quartering in general wastes meat. Any help understand the mechanics? 🙂
  7. As far as my expierence goes: Animals just go into hiding and respawn as they were. If you hunted a area dry, the animals won't respawn after a blizzard. If there was 3 deer chilling at a clearing they usual come back. So your bear will probably not come back to the cave when the blizzard ends unless he despawn near it. Animals don't despawn during a blizzard when they are close to you... i got hunted down by a wolf during a blizzard once
  8. I'd say it's live rabbits in caves. I didn't even know that's a thing.
  9. 10/10 for binos from me. Scope not so much (cuz I only play loper lol). @UpUpAway95the flashlight is pretty useful to move raw meat around becaus you can easily scare of the wolfs I don't see a reason for character customization because no one would ever the character anyways. For me it would be enough to change the model of Astrids fingers because those spiderfingers give me the shivers, so I don't like playing her
  10. Is this how snares work? Because that's not how I thought snares would work lol
  11. If you want to have seasons, play Interloper. You start in Summer and it slowly becomes winter in day 50. Forever.
  12. If you think there's too much loot, why don't you play on Interloper (or interloper loot settings)?
  13. Ash Canyon actually has several work benches. And finding dead deer isn't too hard either
  14. Here's a tip: If you pick up precooked drinks like herbal tea and coffee, you can warm them up to increase your cooking skill. You should also warm up beans, soup, and peaches just to get the cooking skill