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We've all had the experience of holding the revolver, looking down to pick up something on the ground, and accidentally firing off a round. How about in this instance, there would be a chance to shoot yourself in the foot. 

The shot could inflict a medium amount of damage (30-50% of condition), inflict bleeding and a sprain, and damage your footwear. Only apply the self-injury chance in instances where you are looking down; less than 30 degrees from vertical.

The mechanic would contribute to realism, and discipline the player to care for firearm safety (put the gun away before picking up something).

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The very first time I held revolver in my hand I tried to pick up a stick with it, and accidentally shot. But it was not even close. And if you think about it, this really is just a "game mechanics" kind of a mess up, in real life, you would not do this by a mistake. if you were picking up a stick from the ground, you would put the revolver away for a bit.

I like the things they are the way they are right now. If you end up doing this, you will quickly learn to put your revolver away when picking things up from the ground. Also I am not a big fan of adding a whole new affliction entirely for a purpose of something that is probably only ever going to happen to a player once. Realism or not, it just doesn´t seem like a good use of limited resources. 

On 2/9/2021 at 10:09 PM, odizzido said:

I would rather we had different key binds for shoot and pick up. How anyone can sit there throwing rocks at the ground when trying to pick up a rabbit is beyond silly.

Nah, I get how you feel like that, but it would just complicate things too much. It is just easier to either put the revolver down, or take the time to pick the stick up, after seeing that you have it targeted for picking it up.
I have done the thing with the rabbit before... :D but most of the time, I simply just put the stone away when I am running for the stunned rabbit. You can always pick the stone you used afterwards and use the spacebar option to "hold it" to re-equip stones. Or using the weapons window of radial menu. It is really easy.

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Separate shoot and use binds have been used for over two can't be that complicated can it? It's only more recently when games became cross platform that that started going away and it wasn't because it was too hard to deal with it was because there weren't enough buttons on the controllers.

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This kind of reminds me of another conversation I was part of in which an idea was proposed about a chance for the player to hurt themselves while crafting, mending, or forging:

On 8/2/2019 at 10:18 PM, ManicManiac said:

So then, you are proposing the introduction of a "klutz" mechanic?  :D 
I don't think I would enjoy it if such a thing were added to the game.


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