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  1. I havent really been around the forums for a long time. I am certain I would not be welcomed. There was a time I was putting together a case with proof case-to-point to point out to most of the subtle manipulating that has been going on for a while, at least at the time.

    Then my exams hit and I just did not have the time to keep up. Well, exams are over, yet I still feel no desire to return because I would likely not feel welcomed anymore.

    I am content with how much I did for the community, even if it were behind the scenes and never recognized, getting credit for it was never important to me. Making the community better was. And even if there are those in here now who perverse that to boost their own egos, I know that there are some amongst you who care for this community and are keeping it going even if its behind the scenes and without any gratitude. This is how these forums always worked.

    This is not a goodbye of any sort, but I figured some people might expect me to come back at any time now - this is me letting those who care know that I am not yet ready to do that. I have also stopped putting cases together to prove the manipulation, because I feel very dispirited to keep trying to do that.

    In the end, I dont believe it would stop the manipulation and intriques anyway.

  2. Not a bad collection of ideas. I would agree with @Fuarian, if there were some small enviromental changes for the game, I think it would make the game much more interesting. To expand on that - some of the region transitions could be blocked off, and would require shovel to clear a passage through to access other regions. Of course, this would have to be the case only for certain transitions which allow an alternative way in, say for example the tunnel in Ravine transition between Mystery lake and Coastal highway. There could be more rubble fallen in, and you would have to climb that rubble, and by the top clear a passage through with a shovel to be able to crawl in through it. If you possesed no shovel - tough luck, but you can always walk around through Pleasant Valley, it would simply be a very long detour. I doubt we will see igloo, though. The shovel already exists in the game files, in the code, and was likely intended to be a tool that made building of snow shelter faster, like a knife with carcasses. I would like to see some more durable player-made shelters, but I doubt we will get that option. Look at the current show shelter. It is fairly quick-to-build, but takes a lot of rare cloth, and once it is build, it will degrade very fast. Considering that, I doubt they will allow us to make more "durable" shelters, even at cost of needing a tool and more time to build them. @Jimmy there is much more then just artwork for them, they exist as unused files within the game´s code. If you dig through old forum posts, you might find the actual person who discovered them. Until recently, Revolver was one of these files. Other objects include ball cutters and fire axe, and others. Ball cuters were later used in the predux version of the Wintermute. It is possible that shovel is, like Revolver, an item currently in development, or rather it was at one point in development, but was postponed for later. If you used the unofficial mods for TLD in the past, there was a game file editor that was quite popular, which listed these items and even allowed the player to place them into the game (or so I have heard, I never used any TLD mods myself). For sleight idea - Im not going to get much into that, I have posted my opinion on this on the 100 other topics of this sort. I dont think this is particularly neccesary. First, it makes quartering kinda pointless option for the smaller animals. Then there is the issue with smelliness level. By quartering and picking up the quarters, you are basically alerting every predator in half the region to your presence. Putting the smelly items on your sleight, what happens? Are they attracted to the sleight? Or are you just ignoring it? Also, do the predators then go and "eat" the cargo from your sleight if it's smelly? How would it work with pulling? How would it work when pulling it up-hill, and how would the gravity affect it when going downhill? There is a lot of questions to be asked about the specifics of the sleight. Consider this now: With the satchel and well-fed bonus, you can already carry about 60 kg of items, although very slowly. If you instead loaded the 40 kg of equipment onto a sleight, and carried 20kg of equipment on yourself, would you move faster? Maybe, on a flat terrain. Might be worth it for Forlorn Muskeg. But for hilled areas, dragging it uphill would probably make you slower... keeping in mind that most of the game has varied terrain, I doubt there would be very notable difference in loading up sled, or just carrying it yourself. For the idea to "ride it downhill" - I guess that would be one possible use for it... but is it neccesary? You would then need to drag it up another hill to make a use of it, which would slow you down in ascension... so whats the point? I am not against it, I just think the countless hours of development that would go towards this could be better spent on other ideas. For the sanity idea - made a pretty lenghty post here on similar subject:
  3. Dont re,ally spend much time here anymore, but this is something that caught my attention. I have nothing against this discussion, but beside the general term "sanity and what it might be in TLD" - I dont see much of a "suggestion" in here. No specifics. Kinda hard to put my opinion on the actual idea. As for the concept - as it was already said here, this could be very, very controversial to people. First place to start with making this idea better would be a change of name. We still live (sadly) in a society where mental health is ultimately perceived negatively, calling it that way would contribute to negative feelings for this mechanic, and also for the game. Another term "sanity" is not much better. I made a concept like this in the past (well, I explained it very broadly, I never spent much time trying to balance it out, so if you do read it, keep that in mind, I dont actually suggest the "numbers" I wrote in there, that part needs to be carefuly considered), and I called it Morale. This is the best, neutral term we can use for this type of mechanic. I am not a huge fan of the Sanity meter in Dont Starve, I will admit I enjoyed the game more before that need was added. That said, it fits into that game due to it horrorish nature. It does not fit The Long Dark. The last thing I would like to see is some mechanic where you would lose your mind and start seeing hallucinations or some such. For me, the idea for "sanity/morale" concept is that it should be very subtle, but ultimately very important, and if neglected, very deadly. This was a general concept I made for a new need called "morale" which was an idea on how to combat the Hibernation tactic in TLD. This was before Well Fed bonus, which is a nice extra boost, but does not ultimately deter people from hibernation, just rewards them for not using it. It would need some balancing, but I think it could make the game better, push the players to keep their needs up, take their injuries and illnesses more seriously, and most notably, have a very realistic Cabin Fever affliction which would not drive miserable survivors out of their shelter outside, nor push out players who are actively crafting or reading or doing other tasks indoors that would realistically prevent cabin fever from kicking in. But I am hardly against any kind of concept that would mimic mental health issues, as for people who have these conditions, seeing it in the game could be perceived as mockery. Quote from the Roadmaps: I doubt this is what we will ever see in TLD. The lockets were a backer-only item, if they served an actual boost for the game, I have a feeling a lot of players would be very unhappy with it, saying that the game uplifts the backers compared to regular players. The release of a rabbit already serves a purpose in the game, so you have a choice between killing a rabbit and sparing it, I would not look any harder into it. I think it would be a nice touch if releasing the rabbits did boost a morale a little bit, but I would not consider that to be an indication of some future sanity mechanic, it already serves a purpose in the game, it gives people a choice. For the roadmaps in general: Keep in mind that tons of the suggested stuff in there are most likely never going to ever be added - things like gunsmithing, spring-to-winter weather changes, horse and cannoe traveling, fast travel mechanic etc. And these short term goals that were eventually added have been added over the course of last 3 years. There is a reason Hinterland removed Roadmaps, people were relying on them way too much. No, please no. For a game like TLD, which has very sparse updates over a long period of time, this is not a good idea. Anything that they could add into the game which would be for "everyone" is instantly much better development project choice than any kind of an idea that would be only for a part of the community. Either it is for everyone, or it should be put aside and then let go off as a "mod" project for someone once the modding support is added.
  4. Just my theory right here, but its something to consider. I assume you mean the outdoor cave where the backpack and box and fireplace (and sometimes a corpse) spawns in, right? I think whether or not it is 100% windproof in TLD when it comes to outdoor shelters, it depends on the first notable temperature drop. I think this the game treats as some sort of "barrier" where you are transitioning from the 100% outdoor weather into the decreased outdoor weather area, and I would guess this area is no longer affected by the wind. At least that would be my guess. (in fact, the drop in itself could be a transition from wind-affected area to windproof area) To demostrate what I mean: Imagine your general outdoor cave (for example the one in Ravine, close to Mystery Lake entrance). If you placed the fire by the very entrance, where the temp doesnt recognize cave yet, it would not be wind resistant. If you place it a bit into the cave, it is still fairly cold there, but already less cold then before... and in this instance, I have never had the wind blow up my campfire, even if it was straight blowing "into" the cave. Of course, best is to place it in the back of the cave where its the warmest. But I havent done any tests to specifically confirm this. however, if that place is not treated as an "outdoor" cave but only as a hole in between two rocks, and there are no temperature drops, I think that in theory, if the wind blew straight in, it could blow out your fire. As someone who actually died to this I can confirm this is not always the case. A fire can be blown out by wind if its placed in the hollowed out trunk. Although I admit it could have been a bug on my part - happened only once to me when I placed a fire into the hollowed out trunk in a patch of trees under the final rope climb to Summit. You can place it during the blizzard - but if the wind shifts from a certain direction, I am quite confident the fire can be blown out. Still, the chance of that is probably very small, thus I think that as a last case scenario, fire inside a hollowed-out trunk is not a bad plan.
  5. Should you need to contact me for whatever case, you can usually find me these days on my Steam account Mroz4k. In case you dont have Steam, you can also try your luck at Twitter, also Mroz4k, albeit I have not spend a lot of time these in these past few months. I do check in there from time to time.


  6. I know I have not been active on the forums for a long while, I barely ever pop in here and there to post a quick comment or so.

    I had plans here on the forums, most excited I was about my collab with @DarKube and @SneakySquid, and I hope I get that chance, but if I dont, I am sorry to my fellow collab partners for leaving them with it. Should it happens, I will try to get my ideas to them via someone else, and they have my full blessing to take over my idea in its entirety.

    I have been spending a lot of time on modded Skyrim, I had an itch for a more RPG centered The Long Dark survival game, with the correct mods, Skyrim has provided just that. I love and will always love this game for what it is, but there is also a lot of satisfaction in walking the frozen tundra of Tamriel, shooting bow to hunt deer, bears and trolls, camping by a campfire in a tent of leather or hides, and just enjoy the freedom in it, with its RPG and random encounter features to spice things up. I will get back to TLD eventually.

    But right now, I am having so much fun with the Skyrim. I initially wanted to try it out because I was inspired by all the talk of mods, and because I long-since suspected that should TLD become open to mods, it would solve their entire problem with lack of "features", because as soon as they would open the game up to modding, the community could have their own features made for the game, and everyone could eventually be satisfied, because even if the Devs did not share the same outlook for the game with these particular players, these players could get what they want via a community made mod. 

  7. Hello friends.

    It is with heavy heart that I have to say, I expect that I will be banned within next few days, for my post in here. Here it is in a quote:

    4 minutes ago, Mroz4k said:

    Walking around this unnecessary argument, Id like to return back to the topic at hand. :) 

    I have much to say about this, I could get into how this suggestion suggests a weapon that would have quite possibly more features than the recently added Revolver, which is a weapon that has been on the development shelf since alpha (the files existed for it since long before Story mode). While I agree the feature of wind-dependent weapon is very interesting, I don't believe it is worth the great amount of work it would have to be put into it to see it added. Because, lets take a look at what is actualy important - game relevance:

    This weapon game-wise is almost entirely identical to Distress pistol in what it does. It is a mid-to-close defensive weapon which is light to carry, designed to scare the animal away instead of actually killing it (before you argument that Distress pistol can kill, I think its safe to say it is not intended to, only as a "one in a thousand" kinda shot, sadly most people are so proficient with the gun that they developed hunting techniques to use distress pistol. If anything, I would rather the devs removed this feature from the Distress pistol instead, make it 100% non-lethal, because it would make the game more challenging). The only "relevant difference" I would see in this Bear spray and the Distress Pistol is that Bear Spray comes in pre-loaded with 2 shots, and the wind feature with added conditions (condition pain is fine cause it is already in the game, I imagine the added visual blur would be treated by potable water, to wash out the irritant from the eyes). The loper argument is moot because Distress Pistol spawns in Interloper as well.

    I also suspect that most of you have realized this weapon idea is basically a copy of Distress Pistol but no one said anything out of fear. Pity what this place has become. 

    As you can see (in case it gets removed), I doubt there is anything less passive then what I wrote, yet if you are reading this and I havent been to forums for a couple of days, it means that this got me banned.

    I refuse to be threathened by a ban in what I can or cannot express on these forums anymore. I imagine there are a lot of people who feel exactly the same way. I just hope, that in case I get banned for this, that there will be someone brave and inspired who will stand up for this community in my stead. Against all the nasty shit that has been plaguing these forums since before the Ranger update, and all that threatens the very core of what this community stands for. 

    Know that all I ever did on these forums was out of love for all of you, my fellow community. I never had any authority here (contrary to what the Staff would like to portray me as), but I had earned a lot of influence here, because of the respect you have all given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for it, it has been my greatest honor. 

    If I get executed, it is my last wish that someone within this community takes over my mantle, and watches out for the interests of this community.  We may not have authority, but we can become influencers on these forums, and with that influence, born of respect by your fellow community members, you have the tools to protect them, in our own, unofficial kind of way. You have my blessing to do so.

  8. Walking around this unnecessary argument, Id like to return back to the topic at hand. I have much to say about this, I could get into how this suggestion suggests a weapon that would have quite possibly more features than the recently added Revolver, which is a weapon that has been on the development shelf since alpha (the files existed for it since long before Story mode). While I agree the feature of wind-dependent weapon is very interesting, I don't believe it is worth the great amount of work it would have to be put into it to see it added. Because, lets take a look at what is actualy important - game relevance: This weapon game-wise is almost entirely identical to Distress pistol in what it does. It is a mid-to-close defensive weapon which is light to carry, designed to scare the animal away instead of actually killing it (before you argument that Distress pistol can kill, I think its safe to say it is not intended to, only as a "one in a thousand" kinda shot, sadly most people are so proficient with the gun that they developed hunting techniques to use distress pistol. If anything, I would rather the devs removed this feature from the Distress pistol instead, make it 100% non-lethal, because it would make the game more challenging). The only "relevant difference" I would see in this Bear spray and the Distress Pistol is that Bear Spray comes in pre-loaded with 2 shots, and the wind feature with added conditions (condition pain is fine cause it is already in the game, I imagine the added visual blur would be treated by potable water, to wash out the irritant from the eyes). The loper argument is moot because Distress Pistol spawns in Interloper as well. I also suspect that most of you have realized this weapon idea is basically a copy of Distress Pistol but no one said anything out of fear. Pity what this place has become.
  9. I think people with CTS would disagree with you there. in having to click once, or twice, instead of 20 times. Also, what is "speeding up the game" mean anyway in TLD? This is one of few games where "the time progress" can be incredibly varied. You can play for 3 hours and make progress in-game by 50 days... or you can play for many hours over the course of three real days, and still be just at day 50 of your survival, because you have decided to do a lot of looting and exploring while moving around the Great bear, instead of taking it easy in some base. My point is - in TLD, I dont see a point to rush things. In fact, Id say rushing to do things makes people appreciate the game less, which contributes to that boredom most players end up feeling after a while. Although I dont argue against this suggestion - I see no point why the game shouldn't allow selecting to eat 10 tails together, and just put them into one circle, which if interrupted, would simply remove respective amount of cattails from inventory, and would advance the time just as much as an equal amount of individually eaten cattails would (if food even affects time).
  10. I admit, the sticks are something that I would really love to see in the game, but I don't think its all that different if we have to click 20 times to eat something (and in this case, also have to go through the wait of filling up the circle 20 times in a row) or if one has to click 20 times (or 40 times, I think its a doubleclick to pick up a stick from the ground, right) - in both cases its tedious. I wasnt very clear before, sorry - I think they might be tedious on purpose, as a game mechanic - in a way that they would encourage people to try and get the less tedious options if they want to be comfortable. Think about it this way - realistically, which would be less tedious "work" - to put a couple of cedar logs into a pot stove, or shove 30 sticks one-by-one inside? I think the "neccesity" of going though it by picking it from the ground one-by-one and putting it into the fire one by one is kind of a game interpretation of this more "tedious" process with the sticks. Which also makes them ideal for "fine-tuning" the fire. I also think there are many players who, unlike us, don't try to conserve limited resources in the game, and would munch down a full stomach worth of cattails. Comes down to personalized way to play the game
  11. If that was the only thing to consider here, I would probably agree. But Hinterland also makes quality-of-life changes from time to time to help people with certain medical conditions, such as for example the CTS. Thus the settings that remove the "hold to activate" feature of the game to help ease the game for people with Carpal tunnel syndrome. This could, for example, seriously contribute to maintaining the life expectancy of my mouse, if I did not have to click to eat 20 stalks but instead ate it in bulk. And it would certainly be appreciated by people with CTS. But I feel like the purpose of Cattails is that it is a very lean source of calories, and thus you have to eat a lot of them. This in terms slightly motivates players to look for other food sources compared to this one. At least that is how I see it - I basically never eat Cat tails. I carry a couple on me for emergencies if I need to maintain myself above starving, but othervise I leave them in place so that I know they will be there should I need them. Its a similar kind of suggestion I made not that long ago with sticks. That sticks would not be placed on the ground as individual items, but instead as a "pile of sticks" or a bundle of sticks, kind of like you can drop individual bullet, or several bullets in a box as a sole item. I am indiferent to this suggestion. I can honestly agree with OP in that it would probably benefit some people, but at the same time I would understand the decision not to add it to simulate the fact that cat tails are a lean kind of food (but then again, that in itself is depicted within the game already because you need to collect a lot of them to get the stalks in the first place).
  12. I think the guesses based on Lily are very well formulated, I also believe the game is set somewhere around 2025, plus or minus 5 years. While most of the equipment found at Great Bear is outdated, you can occasionally come across some more advanced equipment, too. Best I could point out to would be cars. You might have noticed most cars are old models of cars you'd see in 90s. These would be from the locals. Then you have the trucks found on tracks, the ones used by the lumberjacks - we know these were used by an active logging company and appear more modern. Or the blackrock Prison bus also appears somewhat more modern then usual backwater vehicles. Yet these more modern cars dont appear much too advanced to common cars used nowadays so its reasonable to assume the game doesn't take place that far along in the future. The comment about drones also supports this (by the way, still cannon, the mention of drone mail system is still in the game, remember the note about missed utility bills being delivered by drones or something like that). This method of delivery is very new right now so game should be taking place within near future.
  13. Been playing a lot of Skyrim Special edition with mods, a lot of em are hunting related mods, I felt like playing a more RPG centered game and add survival aspects to it to make it more realistic, yet still let it remain a magical RPG :D 

    Gotta love all the hunting mods that exist for it. I love TLD, but right now, the amount of mod content that Skyrim has allows me to get more satisfaction in there. I do plan to come back to TLD eventually of course :D


    1. XaldinVii


      I know the feeling. I take breaks form TLD but always come back to it after a couple months. I am currently on a break from it now, even though all the new content came out, playing a second play thru of RDR2 and I also find myself hunting a lot in the game. That illusive Moose gets me in RDR2 as much as TLD, still haven't bag me one yet for the antlers for the camp...

  14. Interesting, this might be it. Maybe I am just not realizing it because I recently changed my approach to ravaged carcasses. In the past, I would process them down entirely upon finding them (I usually play voyagerish difficulties so no big deal there) - but recently Id at most take the meat, then leave, but more often then not I would simply just avoid them as Im keeping my weight down for traveling around more lightly. This might be why I still see ravaged carcasses around after I come back into that area 50 days later. What you say makes sense with what Im seeing now. I will keep that in mind, too.
  15. Jokes beside, I doubt that realistically, you would find drinkable water in the toilet, even in the cistern behind it. It doesnt matter how clean the toilet was kept, even if it was brand-new when it was installed. When you dont use toilet for a long time, the water in the cistern is stagnant. But the cistern is not hermetically sealed, at least I have never seen a toilet that would have a cistern like that. Any body of water that is stagnant for a period of time and in a non-sealed container will eventually become a home to cyanobacteria, those tiny "single-cell plant predecessors". Those create at first clear "cover" over the water´s surface, then in time green. You dont need to use your toilet for a couple of hours for them to start spreading - in fact I think the green stuff you would find inside of the cistern on the walls would be this cyanobacteria. Well, those (at least here in Europe) produce toxins. And bacteria which feeds off cyanobacteria would then start spreading in there too. The chlorine as a reagent in water wouldnt have helped because overtime, the chlorine bound in water evaporates, even if the tap water was treated by chlorine, it would eventually dissapear out of this water. However, bleach might not. Water mixed with a very small, non toxic amount of bleach is a survival trick that helps keep the water potable, or even treat it if other conventional methods cant be used. has to trully be a very small amount since drinking bleach is poisonous. But the chemicals in it are antibacterial and should prevent the bacteria from taking hold. So perhaps the water in toilets was treated by bleach? Just for the sake of realistic argument. Naturally, this is the time where i would point out this is a game, not a realism simulator, the water from toilets is potable because it makes for a ready-to-drink water source in some locations if you cant afford to make a fire.
  16. Just to add my two cents to the discussion: I never really do these sort of tests, I usually play and just figure out what works the best as I go. So I suppose you should take my word with a grain of sand. Back when quartering was a fresh mechanic in the game, it made sense to quarter the big animals even if you wanted to "use up" all of the resources. Simply because quartering the animal took lesser amount of time then taking all the stuff yourself in the first place. But as you can imagine, this is sorta "strange", in the past, the best way to process a bear was to slowly strip it of its meat, till it have about 4 kg left or so, then use the quartering option to take out the last 4 kg in a meatbag along with "speedy" processing of the materials. Having returned to game after Redux, when I killed my first bear in that game, I actually checked to see if this were still true. After your tests I am no longer so sure, but I could have sworn I tried comparing how long it would take to take away the hide and all the guts from a bear, in comparison to those fixed 2 hours it takes to quarter it. I think the difference was that taking the hide and all the guts was about 10 ingame mins faster then quartering it. I checked this with other animals and this always seems to have hold up. But maybe Im just misremembering it. But from my experience, when comparing whether to take away only hides and guts or quartering the animal to get these materials, its better to just straight-up do it. (if my instincts about this are correct, does that mean that harvesting a gut from a bear takes less time then from lets say a rabbit, I wonder?) (I might just do some tests myself, I feel like Im just fooling myself here). I also noticed some strange things with the ravaged carcasses. I believe they used to spoil just as the normal carcasses do in the game, but ever since Redux I feel as though they last in the regions for tens of days, a lot longer then they used to. Maybe that is why they also seem to have different processing times? The advantage to quartering is decay, funnily enough. I still dont quite understand it, but for some reason, the meat on carcass decays very rapidly in the first few moments after it has been downed, this is why getting an above 90% condition raw meat seems so difficult, I had a method to it that you would harvest the meat off the carcass in increments of 2kg or 4kg, with each batch getting dropped to the ground after finishing harvesting it, thus making batches of best condition meat and gradually making worse and worse batches, which can be cooked in that order to max out condition of the food). Yet, as the carcass decays, the decay seems to slow down gradually overtime. However, quarters have a fixed decay of 10% condition a day no matter if at home or outside, or held in an inventory. This means that quartering the meat fast may actually help "preserve" some of that condition of the meat compared to just letting it decay with the carcass early on. At some point, the speed of decay would change, and the carcass would decay the meat slower then the quarter would, but around that time the meat would have had much lower condition caused by the earliest rapid-decay effect. But those are all just my observations based on my experience, I havent done any proper tests. I do find them very interesting to read, keep it up
  17. I dont think ressurecting an old topic is frowned upon, as long as you add something new to it, I think its all good what is more likely frowned upon are people who would come into an old thread and ressurect it without adding anything to it, if someone said on an old post something like "I like this idea", it would be kinda difficult to gauge from that what part of it they meant, if you get my meaning But I also think it never hurts to add a thread of your own, especially if your idea differs from those other ones a bit. I am all up for random encounters, and I dont think animations would be that huge of a problem now that the studio has their own equipment and bigger team of animators then they had in the past, although I imagine they have plenty of work to do working on all kinds of animations already. I do see a technical issue here, though. You mentioned wolf pack meets one of the bigger animals and tries to "take them on" - problem is, this almost never really happens with the way animal AI is right now. For this, we would need to have roaming animals first. Whether it is a bear, moose, or a pack of roaming wolves, there would need to be at least some animals roaming for these encounters to happen. I am a big fan of the idea that some animals would be roaming - it would add a sense of unpredictability to the game, keep the player aware and invested into the game at all times. Then I would very happily see these encounters happen on occasion in the game.
  18. This somewhat agrees with my recent observations on bear hunts. It would appear that sometimes, the bear bleeding seems to stop. Three times I have had issues with bears that I shot, that started bleeding out, but never actually bled to death. My best guess right now is that the animals tooo far away from the player despawn and respawn as the player gets closer to that area, and that bears (due to their animal speed) tend to run away sporadically in a bigger area then other hurt animals, meaning they could theoretically run away out of their "loading distance", which could maybe reset the bleeding mechanic, much like going indoors and outdoors, which would naturally re-load the animals too. But I think it would need more testing. But when I made a thread on this, noone seems to have this kind of problem as me. Yet for me it happens a lot. Since my laptop is quite weak, I play the game on mostly the weakest settings possible, which is why I think I might experience this so often. After getting proper hits on bears, with arrows stuck in them, then waiting outdoors for enough neccesary hours to wait for them to bleed out, Id find them to careless stroll around their usual patrol locations as if nothing happened.
  19. Not anymore, although this was the rifle you would find in the Episode 2 in the pre-redux version. Its a bit a pity that the redux removed some of these cutscenes or unique items like this different look of a rifle, or the unique item called ball cutters that you needed to get through the fence area below by the hunting lodge. I found some random YouTuber I dont know who played and recorded this, if you wanna watch the whole vid feel free, not trying to plug the YouTuber just provide a proof. Skip to 4:25 of the video, you will see its the same rifle design in there, although once the actual animation starts, it regresses back to the old original model.
  20. That may be true right now, I don't think its safe to say it will be the last firearm ever added. I does not matter that we recently got a different firearm for the game, some suggestions for items to be added were made 4 years prior to them actually getting added. I think Hinterland adds community requested items into the game based on how commonly these items are requested. For that its best to suggest your ideas regardless of the time to add them. @Skelegutplays There is no reason to be rude. This is the old Rifle design for a special story-mode rifle Will found mounted on the wall in Hunting Lodge. After repairing Jeremiah´s rifle in the Maintenance shack and finding the corpse of one of the forest talkers, Will decided to check out their base of operations, upon arrival he found the rifle on the wall. It was not a different weapon, it was an identical rifle to the one we already have in the game, it just looked slightly different before you picked it up. The design on it is actually just the storm lantern light reflecting. After you picked the rifle up, it turned into the old design. This rifle was in the Story mode Pre-Redux version. Frankly, I would be happy if they added this model into the game in exchange for some of the old models of the rifle. I think it would be nice to add some "graphical" variety to the same kind of item, that applies for a lot of other things too. The items could be identical in every manner of speaking, simply look differently if dropped on the ground. It would add a little bit of extra immersion to the game.
  21. In my recent Voyager attempt with the new update (and its early issues with sprains etc) I got into a deep with a wolf who put me into a struggle (and I tried holding the button without setting it in settings first... silly me - so I went into a similar kind of struggle as a bear, where I woke up "after", and lost a lot of condition due to it. ) This happened at Maintenance yard. I made my way out of it through Forlorn Muskeg after some basic rest on the way to Mystery lake´s more forgiving region. Well, sometime after low blind, a blizzard hit, and if I didnt have my trusty can of Go! energy drink, I would have been a popsicle by now! After I chose to chug it, it gave me an incredible boost to energy, clearing my fatigue and allowing me to sprint! I have ran to the safety of the Hat creek cave, where I arrived at 3% condition, dropped down to 2% as an aftermath of developing an infection because I had no way to treat that after my wolf struggle... Get yourself a can of this delicious, life-saving nectar as well, and survive the most unfortunate scenarios! Just for 2.99! For your reading pleasure, in the spoiler, you shall find my two most relevant status update posts I made on this The Go! energy drink is great tool if you get yourself into a bind, I am not sure how much fatigue it recovered for me, but it was quite a significant amount, Id say about 30%... now I sprinted it all out, so Im not sure if that fatigue dissapears afterwards, but for a quick boost of energy, and the reduced fatigue affliction, it makes for a great tool for sure. Sounds like everyone is using them for climbing. I guess I can see why - but I will keep mine around for difficult situations. I can do the rope climbs well enough with coffee and frequent rests, I never really speed up the rope climbs that much, if I can reach the summit within a day, I consider that a victory... for that, I only need one cup of coffee and full fatigue when I start the ascension from the Engine ravine (or Mountaineers, where I goat down the hill to Engine ravine). I use the coffee for climbs only for its ability to reduce fatigue. Since you can hit escape to interrupt drinking of items, you can take a sip of coffee before the climb, only use up about one 4th of the coffee mug, and get the fatigue reduced affliction for long enough just to climb that one rope. This is the best way I found to make use of coffee so I can save it up for later. Great that now I can sip birch bark tea to make a refreshing drink for when I just wanna have a drink of something hot in the mornin.
  22. I dont think you are going to get a reply out of someone on a two years old post With the release of Redux, some of these questions were answered, well, at least partly, and some encounters probably raised new questions, too. There is a lot to Will and Astrid that is mentioned in about 3 pages long backstory that was written for these characters way longer before the Story mode was out, I think might have been all the way down during the early days of Alpha... about how they were married, had a little son but the kid died due to some accident, that neither of them ever got over it, and they drifted apart. That Will was a pilot using his dad´s old plane and like his father, he has the tendency to alcohol abuse, that he has short temper but is actually overall quite kind. That Astrid is a doctor who worked on remote med station at the island where she met Will, working for some egghead at the Medical Centre, which she quit after they met, then went back to working there after the accident split them apart. I know a lot of people believe that the Case that Astrid had is somehow related to the Aurora event, just like Jeremiah. I think thats caused intentionally by game design, people like to clutter two separate things together as one if they happen in rapid succession. I think that Astrid was on a mission to deliver some medical supplies to the Perseverance Mills because a patient of hers, probably someone she cares about a lot, was seriously sick and there was no doctor around there to help. And that despite losing her case, she is trying to get there to help that person, knowing that if she doesnt get there in time to render some sort of doctor assistance, that person will die. As for why she abandoned Will? Climbing down the ravine, especially if she is hurt, would not neccesarily mean she could save Will, but could also result in her death. Or other scenario may have forced her, like wolves running away... although that would not explain why she left the cloth markers on the trees... unless its shredded clothes left behind uninentionally as she is running away from the wildlife. I have a feeling we will learn more of Astrid´s escape and the duration of what transpired to her during Episode 1 and 2 at the beggining or during some flashbacks in Episode 3. I think Jeremiah is an ex Military loner who just likes the solitude. Although he is mysterious, I am unsure if he is also straight related to the Aurora incident. I get the idea that he is a prepper of a kind, and as such he probably forsaw several Doomsday scenarios as plausible (I would know this because I am the same way). Atkinson or whatever was the name of the person Jeremiah was trying to contact is probably going to be his old army pal, or maybe a ranger, either way, someone similarly likeminded to Jeremiah, and I believe Wintermute is one of the code-words for a specific doomsday scenario they agreed upon, and will probably have some kind of contingency plan, not to "save the world" which is what I believe most people assume in their expectations, but to survive in this new kind of world, that has been battered by the conditions that render industry dead. Probably a Doomsday scenario that accounts for Solar flare EMF interference. I know original posters couldnt deduce many of these things because of Predux conditions. Still, those would be my theories based on the info from first two episodes and the old background written for the characters. You dont need to waste time asking me to provide a link to the backstory for the characters - I wish I could, but I cant find it anymore. I read it somewhere long time ago in an article about the game, well over 4 years ago, and I couldnt find it anymore, its probably burried somewhere on the web. So you would have to take me for my word there, although note that it was a long ago since I read this Im very hazy on the details, so dont rely on my recollection of it too much. There are many mysteries to Great Bear and TLD universe in general, I might make a thread on Conspiracy theories in the future, when I put my ideas together. To ask specific questions and see what the community comes up with .
  23. Ive recently had an inkling to go play a game I used to play during my childhood, the Heroes of might and magic 4 - and beat some of the campaigns in there. That is why my appearance on the forums dropped after the release of Steadfast Ranger. I guess it was a good thing for my new survival game for achievements, because I think that by now, the most glaring issues with the new release would be at least toned down. I had a craving to play some Long Dark today, so Imma go do that.


  24. I have found the revolver in my favorite place in Mystery lake, by the corpse in the cave at Lake view vista. I went there to catch some coonies. Found a corpse in fetal position, revolver lying right below its hand, it looked like it was dropped by the man during the death. When I found out the revolver was half-loaded, I had an instant realization of dread. Maybe it was just unfortunately designed, but the suggestion in that situation is very strong... A corpse in fetal position, with a hand to the side with opened grip, the half-loaded revolver lying right below. The indication here saddens me, but it is a part of survival too, I suppose, better to go quickly then to bleed out slowly, I guess. This game sometimes has very powerful moments, and I wonder if this one was designed as such by mistake or not. This was no doubt the strongest moment for me in this game in a while.
  25. I admit the sprain system is a pain right now, I end up leaving a lot of gear behind and I do my best to keep some reserve in carrying capacity, Well fed bonus is very useful right now... But I get that this is probably just temporary issue and that they will fix it. Found 2 revolvers till now, and very interestingly - the 2nd one that I found was already loaded. Had 3 rounds in it. Which is wonderful - always found this "video game logic" of finding empty weapons and having to find ammo for them to be immersion breaking and lame. Now, you can find both unloaded and loaded weapons, it seems. This makes the Revolver all the more useful if you are in desperate need of ready-to-use defensive weapon. The ammo doesnt seem to be so rare, either, which is great. At least it wont be so hard to level it up to level 5. Birch Bark tea is amazing. It is just right... not terribly powerful and not completely useless as a medical item... even though I would probably love it regardless, only for the warming up bonus... it is simply great! Go! energy drink is also great addition! Although so far I have only seen one... it has already saved my life, was able to run down to Hat creek from Low Blind before dying from freezing when a blizzard showed up.