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First off, I am not, in anyway, trying to criticize the way TLD is being updated. I just want to understand what the future plan for this game is.

While watching the forums, I’ve seen many extremely radical propositions: multiplayer, shotguns, chainsaws...(I’m not saying any of these should be added, specially multiplayer). But the point is, what is acceptable ? Should the devs only continue to add new regions and some misc items ? Do you think that implementing something new and quite different could be good ?

The thing is, that just like most games, old players tend to dislike big changes, not for all of them obviously, but it is something that happens, and so I see a lot of old players refuting new ideas, most of them rightfully so I’ll admit 😂. But sometimes I see something that is extremely interesting and then theres a lot of replies saying that it doesn’t fit the game, or that it’s unnecessary.

So what do you think ? Please share your opinion. Thank you :) 

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About the reasons of negative replies on new ideas:

When a change is obviously unfitting or unneccessary, then no comments. But some of them are open to discussion.

Personally, i think that resisting new ideas with arguments like "this will make the life easier for the player" is not much consistent. Essentially, surviving is just try to make your life easier in every ways possible. Easier way to warm up (in this case), stack clothings and build a fire, so, spend some callories to find them. Easier way to get food, look for it on buildings or go hunting. It's a matter of a constant cost/effective optimization.

Those who don't wants to use some resource or feature in game, feel free to don't use. Example, don't loot for food and go only hunting. I think that a game feature should give us all possibilities, and yet keeping a decent level of challenge. Negate the implementation of a proposition because it will make survival easier, for my point of view, is not a good justification.

Taking the example of shotguns, there is a lot of consideration to take in, as extra weight (rifle+shotgun=hard climbing), ammo availability, the weapon availability itself, the effectivity of the shotgun for this or that role, failure after get wet (idk if it exists) etc. It's not an overpowered item. So, it could generate a situation of choosing which equipment u want to invest time and effort, not only the obvious rifle/bow choice, and that is amazing. Life is made of choices, and game survival also should be. If the item fits in the scenario (i believe it fits), so why not?

The fear of messing with the current gameplay, that haunts old players, i think is the fear of different. To me, TLD is all about immersion, even more than survival. After all, experience a failure on surviving is possible, and has it's ammount of immersion. If a feature is intended to bring more immersion at the expense of some "harshness", it's okay to me.

Just to clarify, it's irrelevant to me if shotgun could be implemented or not =D

(google translator at some pieces)

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IMO, debate is a good thing.  When ideas get debated, they get more thoroughly fleshed out and further ideas emerge amid the discussion.  It shouldn't be about just collecting up votes or pats on the back because Hinterland will ultimately decide what ideas fit their future vision of the game and the game's story.  The more aspects of ideas that get debated, the more different angles and adaptations of the idea emerge... which in turn can give Hinterland more ideas on how to adapt the idea in their own ways to fit it in with their own ideas and with their intimate knowledge of the game's programming.

Personally, when I comment on an idea, it's because there IS something I like about it and I want to explore the idea in greater depth.  The ideas a really hate... I seldom comment on at all.

If the idea makes the game easier, the question is actually "how can this idea be incorporated in a way that maintains the game's current difficulty balance?"... so that Hinterlands doesn't just delete spawns of already existing items in order to rebalance the game.  Also, IMO ideas should consider how they affect all possible difficulty levels... not just Loper (which is most commonly the case).

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3 hours ago, Sherlock Holmes 18 said:

I'd like to ask you something. 

Wouldn't it be legally challenged to add the ideas published here to the game without the idea creator's idea? 


Oh boy, intellectual property is much more sophisticated that this, and I am not aware of a way to protect "ideas"

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