Three Most Lethal Elements?


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I'd say the biggest threats could arguably be:
Being caught out in a blizzard
Bear maulings
Moose stompings


These days, I think I'm pretty good at avoiding/evading them... but they certainly have been real threats to my survivors in the past.

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1) wolf attack

2) dumb luck

3) my lack of planning


Every demise in this game have resulted from a combination of these 3 things.  Usually the wolf doesn't kill me but knocks my health down.  Then dumb luck where a weather event rolls in or I randomly get a sprain.  Then my lack of planning for such events does me in.

Survivorman, Les Stroud, uses the analogy of 3 lemons. Each lemon is something that is a bad event and when you get to 3 then you know you need to leave.  In real life that's when you would call for help or bee-line to safety.  In this game we just respawn.

My previous survival game was on day 55.  I was trying to transfer all of my gear from Milton to Mystery Lake ranger station.  I climbed down into the area between the ranger station in Milton and the cave leading to ML with about 85lbs of gear. My fatigue was at 3/4 descending into this area.  I didn't see the wolf nearby who attacked me. I was able to fight him off but further reduced my fatigue and now my health was at 1/2. I thought I had enough fatigue to climb up the rope towards the cave, almost got to the top and then fell off.  Now my health was low and my fatigue was empty.  My lack of planning here was me forgetting to bring a bedroll.  I didn't have enough fatigue to climb out of this area and I couldn't rest.  Lesson learned: watch for wolves (always), always bring a bed roll, mind the fatigue bar.

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For me, it's probably

Intense cold in the early game,  such as a blizzard, or just very a freezing temp 

Bear attack. They are unlikely to kill me straight on, in early game when I have fullish condition and it is often the lack of bandages, antibiotics or their wild variants. Especially early on in the game, though it occasionally happens in the later game. Typically I get jumped by the one in DP right after leaving the whaling place, just to find the bear almost literally right beside the stairs or entrance. 

Mountain goating (aka a stupid way of descending ropeless cliffs) I crouch and try decend steep cliffs, and I find it easy to get stuck in the bit below the lighthouses in DP and the ravine canyon site in TWM,   the one that leads to the plane crash, if my memory works correctly)



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