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  1. Yep, that poor guy is a constant in that location.
  2. Thank you, Raphael. We will enjoy them as long as they are there. And Thanks/kudos for making them available!
  3. Thanks Manic! I appreciate the effort and thought. But yeah...I'm going to hold of so I get the full effect. I will definitely read them after so I can compare to my own experience. See how much I missed and so forth. 😄
  4. Love that you guys are planning to take a day off! I wonder how just many people will be calling in sick tomorrow? 😁
  5. I started in Voyager and still like that mode best, overall. At one point I played Pilgrim for a couple of weeks because I wanted to really explore all the nooks and cranny's in the maps, but actually found it was easier to do that in Voyager. LoL Mostly because I needed to hunt bears and wolves to get warm skins and they just run away in Pilgrim. I play Interloper quite a bit also, but still prefer the balance of Voyager.
  6. Thank you all for the info! I didn't check out the link, but will do so after the event. Want to be sure I am going into this without knowing what will happen. :)
  7. Dang, I never thought it might get taken down. I hope it's there forever! But yes, please, if that is ever going away please let us know far in advance.
  8. Hi All, Could use a little advice/help on knowing how to play the 4DON. I'm super excited as this will be my first, so I don't want to read the threads with spoilers. But I don't know how to actually get set up. Do I need to download something or go to a special area in Steam? Do I need to play every day? Is it all survival or is it a mini campaign or challenge? Yep...totally clueless here, but want to be able to get up and running as soon as it starts. Thanks in advance for steering me in the right direction. And please...no spoilers...just set up/ access info. Thx!
  9. Okay, probably shouldn't admit this out loud, but what the hey...it's a thing. I was settled in for a nice long session of The Long Dark. I needed another bearskin and was cautiously hunting through the fog over by the lake. I could hear crows and remembered that they often accompany bears... so I started moving towards their raucous cries. But each time I thought I was getting close, they seemed to move. Frustrated and cold, I kept tracking the until the blizzard hit. I gave up and ran for shelter. Just as I got a nice fire roaring, the sound of those crows came back...and they were louder than ever!!! It was then that I realized the crows were outside my window about 10 feet from where I was sitting at my computer. Yeah...that happened.
  10. I went Fluffy Hunting in the first release. I got lucky! Not only was Fluffy there, but was was doing taps in the corner so I could get pretty close without having my face ripped off. Good Fluffy. :)
  11. It's a great song by First Aid Kit and they have their own music and videos on YouTube, so I am not surprised it got tagged.
  12. Hmmm...I'm not sure if my game has a glitch the because I take out wolves in Stalker mode with the revolver all the time. That said, it doesn't aim quickly so it's not my go-to in a quick-draw situation. But if I can get positioned somewhere with a good line of sight, they go down every time...or limp off and bleed out. Another good use is to run a deer at the wolf and when he brings it down and starts eating, get up close and shoot when he turns to growl at you. I like getting two hides, 4 guts, and 9k meat per bullet.
  13. I just want to say Congratulations on your Five Year Anniversary and Thank You for making that milestone a celebration for all of us. Between the highly anticipated release of Chapter 3 and the completely unexpected windfall of the Time Capsule I feel like a kid in a candy store. I know you hear quite a bit about how we all love the game (and I certainly do love your game!) but please also know that we appreciate the care and integrity that has gone into its making and respect the leadership you have provided to both your development team and your fan community. This is what gaming should be. If I could ask for any one single thing in all the TLD world it would be this: Please do not ever sell out to a big, souless profit-grinding company (dont get me wrong, profit is fine, but not at the expense of what you have worked so hard to create). TLD could not be what it is without you at the helm and your team by your side. So thanks to you, thanks to your devs, and thanks to all your families!
  14. As the game evolves I think there have been great features added, but that there have also been things added that have just served to make the game easier. Correcting bugs and crashes are fine, but introducing new elements is a tricky business. Most of the updates and requests I see are meant to make the game easier...help to survive longer. I originally started TLD because it was often said the be "the most difficult survival game", but I'm not sure if that is still true. For instance the metal containers used to be such a nondescript grey that they just blended into the background, making them very easy to miss. Now they are a bright vibrant green that can be seen from a mile away. Including custom settings also makes the game easier. Even if you set them to the most difficult settings, the game is easier by the simple virtue of knowing what settings exist and what to expect form them. I found everything to be more challenging when I didn't know aspects of the game had what kind of algorithm governing it. When I didn't know spawn rates for each level, or that ambient fire temps would or would not overcome air temp. I once hear someone say that the first time playing the long dark is always the best because you are truly exploring the unknown. But now all the mystery is laid bare for all to see. As the saying goes "be careful what you ask for..." Anyway...some change is good, but sometimes it changes what is good.
  15. Not sure if this might be of any help, so apologies if not relevant. Are you sure that your "cursor" is directly oriented on the metal shard (should be a screen prompt to remove it) and that you are repeatedly pressing?