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  1. Once...just once, I would like to have something fall into my lap when I pull down a car visor! LoL (even if it was just a set of useless keys)
  2. Getting into great position to climb down the side of the cliff, or under a branch, then finding out there is an "invisible wall" there and cant get back up. Cant go up, cant go down, cant move to either side. Just stuck right there until I froze to death. Lost a 80 day loper run that way. Cie la vie!
  3. Ironically this is the one and only thing I dislike about the game. I dont believe in cabin fever. Cant even imagine that it is a real thing. Who in the world would get mentally unstable over having a warm safe roof ever their head? LoL
  4. Its always best to watch the intro videos and fan videos before buying any game. People tend to be really into certain aspects of gaming and if a game doesn't hit those buttons, it will not be enjoyed. The things I love most about TLD is figuring things out on my own and playing solo. But those things may be be terrible for someone else. Glad you only spent $8. We've all purchased things that didn't live up to our expectations. We learn from it and move on. But, also dont be too hasty to trash the game either. There must have been something that enticed you to buy it, so maybe its ju
  5. It could just be that game development does not lend itself to every minute detail straight off. There are thousands of life aspects that could, or could not, be included. I think it might be unrealistic to include everything. They would never get the game finished.
  6. What do you think are the top three most lethal elements of The Long Dark (the top three reasons you die). Cold? Bear Attack? Wolf Attack? Starvation?
  7. I think if you break down any game to its base elements you could say the same thing. It's really all about what you enjoy and your expectations of a game when you buy it. I'm surprised that you bought a game that you dont find enjoyable. Did you watch trailers before purchasing? Not sure what you might have been expecting. I always watch the trailer and a few play videos (not enough to spoil the game) just to see if it appeals. TLD is definitely not an action game or a horror survival. Its a survival strategy game. It's not about controller skills at all. Its about strategic thinkin
  8. Timberwolf Mountain! This region has bountiful and renewable supplies and the caves are located in areas where there is enough wood and hunting to stay outside for days at a time. Not only does it have plenty of loot stashes (amount of loot dependent on your play level) but all types of animals are here; fish, rabbit, deer, wolf, and bear. And plenty of cattails. All the 6 food groups are represented here. LoL Plus, its close enough to PV to do some day runs for extra cloth or supplies. The only downside is that its a bit of a haul to get to the Riken for the Forge, but the trip makes for
  9. I actually have different sets of clothing I use in different circumstances. Just like RL, the same clothes don't make sense for every situation. I don't mind being extra heavy if I am warm enough to hunt or gather wood, or need added protection when killing wolves. I can set up a snow shelter to hunt from so I don't expect to go too far. If I am exploring a new area I like to stash the heavy gear and run light for a bit to get a feel for the area. If its super cold I like the bearskin coat over the Expedition jacket. If its a wolf infested area I use the wolfskin coat over the bear coat. It r
  10. I wasn't even sure if 4DON would happen this year, given the Covid situation. They have all been working super hard, and thank goodness for remote work options, but things are just slow when working in a pandemic. Even if we just a last year's set-up with different loot places I would be totally happy, but if can't happen this year I would be disappointed, but not salty about it.
  11. We are with you 100% Thank you for letting us know and for taking care of your employees/company the way that you do. Glad to hear everyone is safe and healthy and I hope that continues! TLD fans will continue to support you while we all work through these crazy times together. We would rather everyone be safe and wait until you have a product you are happy to share with us. :) Cheers
  12. First of all, Thank You! We all needed a break from the pandemic and this was a perfect way to shake off some of the monotony. And our break came at the expense of your team working harder, so thanks to everyone at Hinterland! I really enjoyed the challenges and found both badges to be achievable. I agree with those who have said it would be nice to adjust the difficulty settings. I found syrup consistently in several places so used the "start and quit" game strategy, but would really have liked to find them in fewer runs that were longer. So maybe a bit more availability. Last
  13. It's not totally easy for me either. I am not an interloper champ like some of the people here. I just like to play and have put lots of hours into the game, so I've gotten a wee bit better over time. And never worry about comparing yourself to anyone else! Above all, its just a game and games are meant to be fun! Totally does not matter how long, or how well we play...it only matters that we enjoy it.
  14. Sharing a few pics if that's okay.