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  1. It's not totally easy for me either. I am not an interloper champ like some of the people here. I just like to play and have put lots of hours into the game, so I've gotten a wee bit better over time. And never worry about comparing yourself to anyone else! Above all, its just a game and games are meant to be fun! Totally does not matter how long, or how well we play...it only matters that we enjoy it.
  2. Sharing a few pics if that's okay.
  3. So you should still be ok! You need to play today. The day after the aurora wolves is the blizzard. That is day 4. Again, not sure where you are but it may not have started for you yet. Resume your game and look in that mission badge (next to where you look at back pack. It should tell you want day you are on.
  4. Gonna check out those links now! Thanks again, Manic. And thanks to all for the help getting me started
  5. What about the day before yesterday? October 27 was when it started. That was the day in Coastal Highway with zero wolves.
  6. I followed a similar strategy. Lots of looting and getting deer hides on day one. Covered all of CH and most of PV. Spent day 2 in mystery lake looting and hunting wolves. Made a wolf coat and got geared up and full of candy bars and headed for MT. Spent Day 3 and Day 4 in MT hunting wolves, looting, and braving the blizzard. The cold wasn't too bad with my wolf-skin coat, moose-hide cloak, deerskin pants, and mukluks. 😀
  7. Did you play today? Day 1 was quiet. Spawn in CH. No wolves or blizzards. Day 2 was wolves. No blizzards and no Aurora Day 3 was wolves with Aurora Day 4 was no wolves but constant blizzard. Not sure where you are, but here in North America it is day 4 going. Oh...and you need to play two hours each day. You get Badge one after playing two hours on day 1 and two hours on day 2. You get the second badge after playing two hours on day 3 and two hours on day . Good Luck and I hope you find it!!
  8. You can also shoot a flare into a pack of patrolling wolves to scatter them and give yourself space to run through or start a fire. If you get tagged by a wolf and more are coming, fire a flare near your feet if its too windy for a fire and you need to apply a bandage.
  9. I dont think I ever noticed that. 😄 Good to know, thanks!
  10. I believe the 4DON instructions said it was only CH, PV, ML, and MT. So dont waste time looking to go to TWM. Make the most of each of the 4 regions and good luck!
  11. **Spoilers Im confused. Ive played PV in Wintermute and Survival and have not run into invisible walls. I come up the rope, go to the houses, the basement, the cave, and the plane crash. I can either go around the crash one side side by the cave path, straight through the crash, to the right and over the hill to the hunters blind, or all the way to the right towards that point of disagreement. What am I missing? (oh...and I hope I did that right by announcing spoilers)
  12. I'm no pro, but I had to mess with position a little before I could put them down. Maybe try from a few different angles?
  13. There are also limitations on when you can map. You cannot map in poor visibility, indoors, at night, etc. I also like the fact that it only shows the area where you are and not your position in relation to what is mapped. After all, its a hand drawn map, not a gps. There is a star looking symbol in that quick menu which brings up the mapping option or you can access it from the full menu (like opening back pack and stats and stuff).
  14. I can see how Interloper veterans might think this a bit tame, but I agree with Troy that its a challenge/theme made for everyone. There is always a way to make a game more difficult, but it would be a shame to exclude people at other experience levels. Hinterland could apply the 3 level approach like they do in storymode, but if you really want to spice up the gameplay, just complete the whole mission as if you had permanent cabin fever. LoL That might ramp up the challenge.😁
  15. That was so much fun! This was my first 4DON challenge and I really enjoyed it. Got both badges, a pumpkin pie, and all but one cache. I think I saw that PV would have 3 but I only found two. I went through all 4 regions and spent most of my time outside, even during the blizzard. I just get too bored staying inside for too long. LoL But I have to say, exploration was nicely rewarded! Thanks to everyone at Hinterland for giving us this fun challenge!