What animal would you choose to befriend?


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If you could choose to befriend one of the six animals in The Long Dark, what one would it be; the Rabbit, the Deer, the Moose, the Wolf or the Timberwolf or the Bear?

I think I would want to befriend a Bear. It could help me with hunting and getting food, defend me from wolves and other bears and moose if need be. Maybe I could ride it, sleep next to it and get Warmth from it's pelt?

My second choice would be a Moose. 

So what would you pick? Put the animal and your reason down below 🐰🦌🐺🐻

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7 hours ago, PrincessAutumn said:

I would say deer as they are one of my favorite animals. Wolves and Timberwolves comes in at a close second as they can be guardians and would make loyal companions :3

Yeah, wolves and Timberwolves are high on my list as potentially Long Dark companions. The only reason I didn't consider one of them as first is because I play Minecraft, and I always have a wolf companion in that game. So in The Long Dark, I would want a companion like a bear or a moose.

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6 minutes ago, bobsmyuncle said:

The moose. Those things don't fear god, I want them on my side.

I almost picked Moose as my first choice, too, but I figured that having a Bear on my side could not only warrant protection but as means of having it hunt extra food. Plus I like Bears better in general. But I do like Moose as well. They're majestic creatures that you DO NOT want to screw around with.

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