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  1. I would say it is as much a "learning playstyle", as a racing game that put you back on the track if you leave it, and has no opponents, or time limit. You may learn the track, and possibly get better at racing. Will you get the most out of the possible experience though? To be a valid mechanic it would need to be a user facing option...so no. It is a valid thing for people to do.
  2. Thats why I don't know how or even thought to find out how to do it. The temptation would be there. Slippery slope and all
  3. I could argue it takes away from the experience of the game...however the only possible detriment would be to the player doing the scumming so I can't care about it myself. It would make playing TLD pointless for me. Just as much as your play choices don't matter to me, mine shouldn't matter to you. If you would like to have a discussion about why scumming would ruin my gameplay I would be happy to do that.
  4. 2 shots with the rifle is common. The pistol is not useful for taking on the moose. Moose do not bleed so you are relying on damage to kill it. The pistol taking double digit hits would be expected. You always want to use rifle or bow here. Even so it could take one head shot with a good critical hit, or multiple hits depending on RNG, and location of the hits. There are a lot of variables that could be at play when it comes to struggles. Your condition when engaged, air temperature, the buffs you may receive from clothing, are you freezing, tired, hungry, thirsty, what weapon you are using to fight the wolf, the click mini game, and on top of that RNG for the fight. I wouldn't rule out a difficulty curve on top of all this but it's really hard to come to a conclusion as to such a thing existing or not... I don't think sharpening has a chance to fail. The sharpening skill decreases the time required per action, and the tool condition gained as it is leveled up. Repairing may have a chance to fail, but is a rarity as far as I've noticed. Clothing mending is definitely one that has a chance to fail depending on skill level.
  5. I like outdoor living as much as the next guy, but why would I do it in BR if I have spence in FM?
  6. as I said I suppose I should've replaced "need" with "want", but any way you slice it going weaponless in BI is harder than any other map. Therefore I stand by my reasoning behind BI being the highest difficulty map.
  7. I don't think it is required for the aurora...just wouldn't be able to get in not knowing the code. I could be mistaken though. Should be all you need. There is another note near the door to the workshop (directing you to find the code note), but I don't think any notes are needed to get the aurora to happen. I don't think it is a triggered event. edit: aside from the conditions required to trigger an aurora i guess those are triggers technically haha
  8. @PurpleWolf13I definitely do a similar obsessive ritual. Most any tool, food, clothing, meds, etc... gets placed how one might in the flesh. I use storage boxes for things that would be annoying to deal with by hand... like berries, fishing tackle, arrows, cat tails, and the like. I understand doing this however in stalker I find the decay is slow enough it isn't worth my time to separate indoor and outdoor man made food. By the time it would matter I'm level 5 cooking... and also I would only use man made food as a last resort, as how would I keep my shelves stocked :P. I do however leave meat outdoors as the decay indoors is crazy. After level 5 this problem goes away as well, but I still keep it outside.
  9. Seems like a bad string of luck there. I didn't spend my time waiting at the cannery when I was looking to get in. I just hung out at the workers cabin near the fallen lighthouse. That way I could fish and stuff or otherwise be productive. As long as you are awake and ready to go when night falls, it's a short walk to the cannery, and you will have plenty of time (most of the time) to get there and open it up. Waiting at the cannery uses up too many resources without accomplishing anything for my liking. On the bright side once it's open you won't need to do it again. Oh you want to use the milling machine... :D
  10. Yeah it isn't a good spot. Like many places in TLD, it looks good on paper, but it's just not a place I want to be. I use it for storage as it's a good pit stop while going somewhere I want to be. It has a some redeeming qualities (on paper) but they are too spread out for a proper base. Also industrial locations tend to be rather depressing for me.
  11. Generally I would say it is better to eat only to maintain condition. Short term do whatever you want. Long term conservation is where you should be. Early game I tend to do whatever gets progress happening. Late game austerity measures kick in and use as little resources as possible. Keeping well fed uses a ton of food compared with "just enough" to survive...and well fed therefore, uses more arrows, tool condition, wood, matches, and time than a nibble at bedtime. Well fed still has it's uses late game, but I use it for specific needs rather than just to have it. Moving a large amount of items, or starting a long trek perhaps. I don't keep well fed just doing basic living in a single map. To each their own though and only matters if your goals align with a long term game run. edit: Also once you get the moose hide satchel, you basically have early game well fed all the time (as far as carry weight goes)
  12. I don't have a console, but I would be surprised if you couldn't access things like this through some sort of account you can get to by web browser.
  13. Just be confident in the knowledge that you are given what you need to complete it. It is very doable if you keep calm and think. I did technically not complete it, but only because at the end when the bear [REDACTED] I had a bug that meant the event didn't trigger and therefore there was no way to end the challenge. I was a little salty about it and haven't felt like going through it all over again.
  14. Seemed like the proper place for this... I finally did it Got it done around day 270. I looted the world and then went back through to map it as I traveled around. Early game my goal was looting the world in the first 50 days, so cartographer took a back seat.
  15. Did you know you could repair quality tools with simple tools. This thread is along the same lines as yours if you are interested: I was today years old...a thread