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So, I'm wondering how to properly aim with the hunting rifle.  I do pretty well with the Pistol even at mid range, longer if it's a bear or moose. I do pretty well with the rifle if I'm aiming at a bear or moose at mid range, but hitting a deer or wolf or rabbit at mid to long range has been a struggle. Most times I simply use the bow, but I would like to understand the rifle mechanics better if I can. Thanks!

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Okay I'm not a gun person so if my terminology is silly... sorry! What you want to do with the rifle is aim so the little post at the end underlines where you want to hit.

For deer, sneak up on them and aim the post at their head or neck. For wolves, I make them charge me, back up until they straighten out, then plug them in the face (it's high risk high reward 🤷‍♀️). I don't hit rabbits with the rifle, so I can't offer advice. With a rock I lead them slightly, that's probably not necessary with the rifle.

The revolver has a similar sighting mechanic (you want the little fin at the end to underscore your target).

Keep in mind that your aim meter is controlled by your energy stat. Don't be too tired or you won't have much time to line up your shot.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Try a pilgrim game with tons of loot and just shoot things until you get the hang of it.

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16 hours ago, Patriot said:

So you're saying the post in the middle of the thing-a-ma-jig should be directly under where you're trying to hit?

Think of the front post as a kind of pillar that the bullet rests on. :)

I don't know if whether the rear sights are aligned make a difference in this game. I'd assume they do. 

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Most excellent sight picture illustration as provided by @ajb1978, so if you're sighting like this you should be able to score a "hit" when ever you aim at your target.

That being said, years ago when the rifle was first being introduced there were quite a few discussions on the bullet mechanics and bullet flight trajectories.  One thing that was often brought up was the optimal flight path of the bullet which seemed to be best when aiming into the middle of the screen.  In other words, always make sure your target is at the center of your screen as that is where the bullets go.  So if your aiming off to the left or right and not centered in the middle of the screen, your shot has a high probability of missing.  I'm not sure if that has been tweaked by the dev team or not, but regardless, my suggestion for improved accuracy is to always move your position so as to place your target into the center point of the screen regardless of your position or elevation in relation to your target.  And lastly long range shots are just a waste of ammunition in this game.  If you want long range action, stick to the bow, your results will be so much better in comparison.


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