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LOL, if paint cans were maple syrup, my character would have diabetes by now and I'd be fighting that plane crash survivor in PV for their supply of insulin!

In August 2012, thieves were reported to have stolen roughly 1,000 tonnes of syrup worth CA$30 million from the new ISR facility in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford. This event is known informally as the Grea

The thing is they should've made maple syrup slightly harder to find but still common enough to make it possible for players to get the badge in one run after looting majority of Great Bear. If p

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So sad... I put in around an additional 100 hours this month, all in Winter's Embrace, and only 19 syrups. I was going to just cheese the last 6 today, but alas, the challenge ended this morning when I thought it ended at midnight. I tried to do it the right way and it sucked all of the fun out of the game for me. Time to give it a rest until (hopefully) episode 4 comes out.

Also dang you to heck red and white empty paint cans that got my hopes up every time (even though the syrups are more brown)!

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