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  1. Don't sweat it. 😃 While others provide stunning aurora shots, I try to stand out from the bunch. Besides. I *might* have a few of em too. As said earlier I will not provide them on a regular basis though.
  2. Can only think of this sound fx:
  3. I like that one too. I tried to get one even closer, but the deer bounced off. Camera-shy critters. Hopefully I'll get one with a moose on similar pose. That one might take a few bandages though.
  4. Sharing screenshots? *hmmm* I'll start with a few wallpaper-worthy ones. There wil b e few to almost no aurora related screenshots from my end, as *everyone* seem to take those. There might be an exception every now and then if the shot in question is something I find particularly share-worthy. Instead I aim for the other less common ones I find being worthy of a wallpaper. Enjoy. Zip-file with full 4k images of the ones below:
  5. Title says it all. I've enabled autowalk in accessibility options. I've set the key binding to middle mouse button. It doesn't work at all. I've also tried to set it back to default Z key. Still doesn't work. I've restarted the game. No go. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, reenabled the option and set the key binding. Doesn't work. What am I missing here? Could it be that it's the Linux version of this game where the autowalk just doesn't work no matter what? Is this intended or? I have no Windows computer available to test it on.
  6. Here's few I've found during my travels: Found in the Ash Canyon, Homesteader's Respite. Just below Fire Overlook. This dude have been lying here a long time. I'd guess since summer if I'd go by the way he's dressed. Chap was out climbing when he slipped and fell. Hopefully it was quick and painless. No pain. just a thud and then the big sleep before even realizing what happened. Inside the house found nearby, one can find various clothes that this chap obviously did not bring. (I know. Not sitting. But still worth mentioning considering the circumstances...)
  7. -"Oh no! A bear! I better release my emergency load I've saved up for years. *KaB00M*" <bear whimpers off> Result: Bear is far gone, but it cost you the emergency load and both pants as well as thermal underwear that are now ruined.
  8. Would be a fun "easter egg" to find a crashed/crushed truck loaded with ruined maple syrup with a corpse and a note mentioning something about a syrup heist. <winks at developers>
  9. Time for another revival of this thread. Are there any updates on this rumored film? Will there ever be any? Read that there's plans for it, but that was back in 2016-2017. It's now 2022.
  10. I'm against building in general, as that would defeat some of the game mechanics. But ability to move more stuff such as boxes, furniture and barrels, both indoors and outdoors to some degree. That would make some things more interesting. Not where one put a whole barrel in the backpack and carrying it to the other side of the island. Just slowly pushing a box or a barrel very slowly and with a lot of effort so it doesn't become game-defeating feature. A makeshift shelter or block off an entrance. Or to slowly move that box a bit aside to reveal some candy bars or rifle rounds behind it.
  11. Pick it up and hear him say "I could use this..."
  12. I suspect these plankton just got washed up into the snow. Now stuck in the ice/snow, the plankton does what plankton do. But that's my far fetched guess. Maybe plankton can live in solid water.
  13. Canadians plops their butts outside the taffrail and pray to whatever they worship there's no rough sea when they're in time of need. 😉
  14. I can confirm that wolves will flee from a bear when spotted. Seen that happen many times in Pleasant Valley, Thomson's crossing. I have however never seen what happens when a bear and a wolf are in very close proximity of each other. (i.e. attack/kill range) Are you sure that moose might kill a wolf if in range/close proximity? If so that would explain the situation I had with a wolf snarling at me from my left and the moose charging me from the right. The moose would end up almost on the wolf just fractions of seconds after I've went back inside. Very much like the SATW comic str