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  1. I agree that the location would have to be really remote and maybe even hard to get to/find. I love the Bathmaster idea! I realize that this is maybe unrealistic but hey, a gal can dream right? Definitely a wish list item.
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    4DON 2019

    Am I being impatient? It is now 10:10 PM PST.
  3. Hmmm, well you could take all your cloths off before getting into the pool. The really, really nice thing would be that you could get warm without having to build a fire. That's a huge bonus in a place like HRV where the hostility meter is high and the resources are few.
  4. Hey all - was watching Rand_Althor1966 play today and this happened? I have never seen something like this before. Has anyone else? Can we help Hinterland with a bug like this? I was watching, not playing.
  5. I know that there is not a mental health mechanic in TLD but for us, the people running the character through everything this game throws at us, there certainly is. Stress is a real thing and our bodies do respond to stress in physical ways. A hot spring would help relieve stress, at least, I'm pretty sure that is why the Japanese snow monkey's use them. Relieving stress is a form of healing. Giving or bodies a chance to relax and recover. Also, like a tea, it would give you a warmth bonus for a bit of time. True, these things already do exist in the game. We do have the birch bark tea now (and don't we all just love that!!!). What would a hot spring add? Well, depending on it's location, it could add an incentive for a destination, a reason to trek into a hostile area that otherwise might be avoided. I don't know, I think having a quiet, stress free place is a bonus in a game that is relentless and harsh all the time. It gives the players a chance to have a little control and take a break from the intensity of this wonderful game that we all love. Just my thoughts and wanted to share.
  6. Not just warm up but increase health to a certain degree. Sorta like Birch Bark tea. I don't know ... maybe it would just add a nice place to hang out and feel less stress. Those types of items are important in game too.
  7. The mechanic could be like sleep or rest. You could soak in the hot springs for minutes or hours but if you stay in too long, your health goes down instead of up. Gotta find that sweet spot! 😉
  8. I would love to see thermal hot springs in the game. Somewhere you could warm up and maybe restore a little health. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
  9. It isn't by me at least (I have never experienced so many sprains before) but as one of the others posted ... these changes will take time to adapt to. So exciting!! Thank you and your team for these wonderful updates to a much loved game. THANK YOU!!!!
  10. Can't wait to explore and experience the new gameplay tools! EXCITED!!!
  11. Looking through the upcoming deliveries, I'm thinking that this is going to take me quite some time. In real life, we got close to 4 feet of fresh snow. I have been spending my time between newspaper deliveries and shoveling out my walks and driveway. Not a lot of fun I can tell you. I use the excuse of a hot cup of cocoa and warming myself up in front of the computer as my break time. ;-) Loving this challenge! Thank you Ice!
  12. Okay - I finished Milton this morning. Had to kill a wolf in town and had to kill a wolf at the pass. I have skinned them both and am now hoping for a wolf skin coat here soon. Not going after them but if they come after me, sorry brother wolf but I just don't have time to evade you. Also picked up some deer skins for boots. We'll see. I tend to get side tracked easily. I am determined to stay focused on my paper route. Milton - check! Wish me luck in getting back to ML in one piece.
  13. Holy macaroni Ice! That was an amazing feat to even attempt that goat. Holy crackers!!! That you didn't die from the fall is very impressive. I fear I am not quite up to sheer drops like that. I can't even say yet because .. dang! Well done!
  14. Okay - I have established my base at the Fish Camp Office. Found the brochure. Plenty of newspapers and if I run out, I have books. Time to get my deliveries started.
  15. Easy Street - much more successful. Voyageur Random spawn Starting Point: Desolation Point Doing much better. Ready to run to Mystery Lake so that I can then start delivering my papers.
  16. Ahhh Voyageur! Okay - let me give that a try! IceHole's Challenge - take 4!
  17. I don't know if I'm cut out for this Interloper stuff yet. Third spawn was on Timber Wolf Mountain ... in a blizzard. Managed to light a fire in the three way cave. Managed to make it to make it through the cave to where you come out by an engine and then make my way down to the Mountaineer's Hut without attracting wolves. Died of the cold in the hut.
  18. Okay - make a base, find clothes, get warm. Failed my second attempt. Spawned next to Offset Falls in HRV. Never been here. Froze fast as I explored.
  19. Okay - take one of IceHole's Challenge - died quickly after spawning on Little Island. Could not find matches any where after searching the Riken and Hibernia. Was fun exploring though and it's nice to know that it wasn't from a wolf it was from freezing to death.
  20. Wow! This is a fun one. I do not have any loper games going because ... I'm a pilgrim, what can I say. I am willing to go forth on Easy Street as a new loper and give it a try. And, I'm just really curious to find that darn brochure. I don't believe I have ever seen one. It is an item? Or is it located on a bookcase and you can see it but not pick it up. I have seen something like that! Okay - I am game!
  21. Okay - I had this thought today while watching a YouTube video of Atheenon playing Interloper for his Librarian challenge. What about a very Canadian thing called portage? Maybe it's not a Canadian thing but I spent a few weeks around the boundary waters and I'm thinking "WOW! That would be such a cool new region in The Long Dark". It would be a region where there are a bunch of islands, maybe some cabins, maybe not but it would be so fun to have this new concept of portage which means, you'd have to find a canoe, maybe repair it, maybe even have to build it. You could boat out to some of the islands, find portage paths to some of the areas. Portage bags, canoe paddles, so many things to craft! You would definitely have wolves and moose because ... moose and water, right?!! It could be a very cool concept. The canoes would only be good in that region, you wouldn't be able to carry them to another region. So many thoughts on this! I also realize it would involve some major, major development on the back end. But ... wouldn't that just be the coolest thing ever???!!! So I guess my question is, I realize I'm supposed to post a question, would you consider opening a new area where portage was a thing? Just a though Raphael and I wanted to share it with you. Keep warm out there!
  22. Okay so ... for this challenge: 1. Must be on interloper, 2. Collect 23 newspaper rolls. 3. I do not know about the brochures in the camp office. I don't think I have ever seen this before. 4. Deliver newspapers to listed places. Questions: Do we take pictures as we deliver these or is this the honor system? Do we create a new loper just for this challenge? I'm game!
  23. Well done @Morrick! Really enjoying your runs. Thank you for sharing. I am not an Interloper yet but it seems like having a stone at the ready for a possible bun bun might help as a decoy and, who knows, you might just get to eat it! Keep moving, keep warm, and keep posting your progress. Loving it!
  24. Once piece of fir firewood burns for about 1 hour 30 minutes. One piece of cedar firewood burns for about 1 hour. Sticks burn for about 7 minutes. Do the math!
  25. I like the hut close the "fish camp/camp office" in ML. I fish up Bass and Whitefish. The bass have more calories. I set up rabbit snares in the meadow on the other side of the train tracks through the rocks that lead you towards the lumber camp and the Lookout. Usually I set up 4-6 snares and then go fishing in the hut on the lake. Between these two activities, I get plenty of calories. Also there seems to be plenty of wood, both logs and sticks. Fish Camp makes a nice solid home base that you can always return to.