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  1. This just happened to me! Playing a PC custom game. I was at the dam fence and was about to go out when i heard a wolf. I tossed a stone over the fence to bait it the other way but it quickly turned back around and walked toward the fence. I backed up several feet because i have seen in the past they can stick their heads thru before getting stopped and I've read about people getting attacked because of that BUT I've never seen it come straight thru the fence before. The gate was definitely closed. I really wish I had a video. Thankfully, i booked it back to the dam before it got to me.
  2. I'm really mad at how bad I am this.
  3. I must've missed something.. very confused for a moment after reading the posts behind mine!
  4. I wish I had a girlfriend that played the long dark and asked thoughtful questions like that. I wish I had a girlfriend that played the long dark. I wish I had a girlfriend.
  5. Oh my fault. It's hard to tell sometimes, ya know
  6. That's correct. Feel free not to participate. I was trying to think of a fun way to limit some use of the massive amount of loot. If it's not your thing, that's fine, carry on, my friend.
  7. To make this a bit more interesting: Start a new save of Winter's Embrace. Random spawn. The premise: You are very adept at bushcraft and surviving in the back country. You can hunt, craft, and self-medicate with natural remedies. HOWEVER, you is a bit dumb when it comes to other things. (Got dropped on your head as a baby..) You can't read, you never learned: No skill books You also can't read medicine labels (no painkillers, no antibiotics, no antiseptic, no stims) You don't know how to sharpen, clean, repair, or mend anything and you never will. (You can craft but not mend.) You got food poisoning once and are TERRIFIED of getting it again, and thus, you are extremely paranoid about old food items: You can't eat any food item that is below 50% condition. Tea, coffee, and the Go! drink are not included in this restriction. This is still true when you hit Cooking 5. LASTLY, you love maple syrup! You love it so much you are on a mission to enshrine a bottle of maple syrup in these locations: The front porch railing of the Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad. In the picnic area in Mountain Town. At the top of the lighthouse in Desolation Point. Behind the waterfall in the Misty Falls cave in Pleasant Valley. Next to the Mysterious Signal Fire in Hushed River Valley. On the edge of the plane at the summit, Timberwolf Mountain. In the cannery in Bleak Inlet. This last location, I'm not gonna lie, I don't know BI very well and I've never been in the cannery yet. If there is a place there, more appropriate to "enshrine" something, I'm open to suggestions. Do it all in one save, and let's just say no intentional starvation. There is still plenty of food. Post pics (or it didn't happen) of your maple syrup at these locations with the number Day you took your picture. Reply with any fun stories or mishaps! Happy Embracing, you dum ppl! Edit: added random spawn
  8. Boom! HRV signal fire in the backpack. Also the satchel was there.
  9. I actually did get to signal fire, to find maple syrup and the satchel too! The signal fire spawned at the top of the map and not the lower right part, not sure if that means anything about the loot.
  10. If the internet has taught me anything, it's that it's never too early too complain.
  11. I was honestly wondering about HRV . I was currently exploring it when last I played. But I don't have high hopes and I'm not sure I'm gonna find anything at the signal fire or down in the valley. Honestly getting bored of this might just bail on the whole idea.
  12. So I found zero Maples in FM.... but One in Farmhouse in MT One Grey Mother's in MT One in a back pack at the plane crash where Ep 1 started pre-redux.
  13. Dead hunter down the rope in BR.
  14. I got so bored with Nomad because of the sheer amount of loot especially food, part way thru I decided to go vegan. Anything that was meat or had meat in it I ignored.