The 20 Day Run (Was: 5/10 Day Run) -- Survival Challenge

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My record is still just over 2 days, like 2 days 3 hours, several of them in that range. I only have 6 playthroughs under my belt due to 72 hour work weeks and a family. My goal for now is to get to play in the next three days and to break 3 or 4 days.

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So close! I got a Furry hug.

That's why I have such a Love/Hate [terrified] relationship with the wolves... no matter how well you're surviving, you can never let your guard down and always need to be looking over your shoulders for them.

*btw* Is it fair that RobDoar gets to use his real life survival equipment in the game? Seriously -- awesome job Rob! :o

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