Nightmare Became Real


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Yeap there was a topic too in test forum which is now close. Becasue game is on main branch .so much ss was in there.  But i can show some ss which are i took it to show you.

Old PERFECT Rock Textures  ; 57e9135dc74e5_old1.thumb.jpg.1f7e1d2c51f57e9136c83c5e_old2.thumb.jpg.753b89307ed

New BAD Textures (So much purple , green and small rock) ;  screen_1ef291f3-491c-4a84-87ab-f00c8981bscreen_ec041704-994d-4f8b-9ec5-bbe97c86d

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Are you sure you reading my all messages ? Like  ''Even in mountain there is no big stone like 10 or 20 meter. '' 

Omg you are right they looks like same with game. Wow so realistic.  (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)57fa8847e482b_o1.thumb.jpg.1f081ed8dcf8c57fa885616478_o2.thumb.JPG.483c4de05f865 57fa88582b9ac_gtetme.jpg.d7ebae740693f19


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