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  1. Like I said I agree 100% on this. The game feels more dull without it. And damn that old crispy UI on the backpack... I still can't identifiy the new icons clearly, but whatever. The search mechanic is the real deal
  2. Played a couple of hours. Congrats to the whole team for the level of optimization reached. It's very satisfying to have a open world 3D game that runs at almost 30FPS medium setting on my 2012 mbpr.
  3. I agree with Archer, I still miss that mechanic a lot. The game just became more dull without it. I suppose it was taken out for simplicity sake and in favour of the horrible hold and search mechanic. Maybe they thought that the game would become smoother like this, which is true I guess, but not in a positive way As you said we can try open a thread in the wishlist forum.
  4. Oh damn I had missed this, thought it was still in the test branch process :) Thanks! I hope I'll be able to try an interloper again one of these days...
  5. Sounds very good to me! recap: - release things still heavy on mind (not good, I hope it will go away soon you all deserve it!) - Survivaling +++ on december and then small nice updates. Perfect. - More complex Wintermute. Needed and doable for the team.
  6. I've noticed it in other spots now! Veery scary. It's amazing to see how this is usually so well hidden. There're places full of trees that doesn't suffer from this and other that do, I guess there're so many constraints decisions going on behind my nose Also, the ugly windows are still a problem in some building/time.
  7. mmm, are you sure about this? I think I checked and it was the same on higher setting, there's something fishy going on with those two trees.
  8. A couple more weirdness: The note in Camp Office during daylight. Weird! The stripes in the aurora, you can see them on top of the left tree. They're quite visible and immersion breaking for me. By design?
  9. Thanks! good giffing skills
  10. I had opened a topic like this once, it was very cool! Put here screenshots of stuff you don't like aesthetically in the game. Not clear bugs or the mods will destroy my soul. I'll start, look at the tree top right, behind the rocks. I don't know what's going on but they move so fast when you are in this spot and move closer. It's on CH, silent clearing.
  11. I didn't follow the whole launch, I can only imagine what a pressure it means to have to do something like this with a small team and all the choices that Lierop pointed out. I can only say congrats and have a good rest. Work always sucks Big up for how everyone is taking the hits of negativity in a complex creative process. We all learn by doing, nothing can be perfect immediatelly. Sandbox improved with time and I'm sure wintermute will do it as well. If the roadmap didn't work for the team so be it, doesn't matter that much.
  12. I don't want to be the voice of disappointment. I couldn't even play more than two hours of Wintermute because for me it's just too easy, I'm not asking for me. For me the game is already what I like and I don't particularly care about having a story mode that I like, it's fine. Said that, you talk about other vgames that do the same thing. Problem is that when this happens it's either a bad choice, for me, or a way for the developer to highlight the strenghts of the game. I don't know if you've already started play some sandbox but there your movements are connected in a multiple ways to t
  13. I was thinking about the fetch quest mechanics in story mode. Probably what bothers people so much is having such a standard way of bringing objects back to a single place. The sandbox has so many different situations in which you need to move and find resources. I feel like the team could build a lot of small narrative experiences that follow those kind of movements. An NPC can move during the night, he/she can shoot with a rifle in the distance, you can find paths in the snow, dead wolves to follow, think about where she could have gone, see the smoke of a fire. There's no need to anima
  14. A few more things from yesterday. The new lighting texture/particles are veery good. So much better than the +2 exposure. Interiore colours are cool and the aurora is nice but is it by design that there're those hard edges on it?
  15. Revertion will never happen. But I agree that things still don't work well. 1) The backpack is confusing, it was at the beginning and it still is. I don't know why preciselly but I can't grasp objects in it. 2) The journal is sad but I never cared much about it. 3) The hud is still weird, when you need micromanagement is rough, but I get that this is by design so I accept it. 4) I have problems understending when I get wind protection. Was this an automatic icon before and now you have to press a key? I'm not even sure. Maybe is the top placement, I need to check this but i