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  1. The above poster has the right of it. Basically you loaded the gun but didn't chamber a round. The Lee-Enfield rifle ("hunting rifle") is a bolt-action rifle capable of holding a clip of bullets. Every time you work the bolt, it ejects the spent cartridge (if there is one) and loads the next round into the chamber.
  2. I find it a little odd that there is no Reloading in the game (I'm talking "crafting" bullets). Granted, this is Canada we're in, and not the US, and that might affect availability of such resources. - If you can forge an arrow head you can cast a bullet. - Reusing/recycling shell casings - this would still put a fixed rarity on the item. Cases only have certain number of usages. - Cleaning shell casings (maybe empty coffee tin + sand) - Only specialized equipment would be presses and dies, which you would need to find a bench for - "Gunpowder" resource. If you wanted to be "hacky" you could also say Flares could be harvested for gunpowder (I know that's not how they work, I mean from a gameplay perspective it might make sense). - "Primers" resource, unless you want to pretend everything is rimfired.
  3. The issue would be the collection process itself. Would you just stick an empty bottle of water under the water fall? It would get ripped out of your hands and you would get soaked before you even got close to the water fall.
  4. deimos790


    I'm a native of Minnesota, where the state bird is the Loon, and I hear them from time to time in my backyard. You've already done the work of adding the iconic Loon sound effect to the game, so why not go the distance and add the entire bird? The only issues I see is that most of the accessible water is frozen (and the moving/open water is not accessible to the player)...and the fact that they migrate in the winter. I'll admit those issues are kind of a big deal. Still, something to consider.
  5. I guess I'll start the "No thanks" counter argument. Of course you're right, from a realism perspective. From a gameplay perspective, I don't like it. There are a few reasons: - Unless there are benefits to these mechanics, they only serve to make the game more tedious than it already is. Hygiene for things like wounds is very important, but in a generalized sense? Not really. Maybe brushing your teeth, but ain't nobody dying of tooth decay or gingivitis in a survival situation. - Grossness aspect. I don't really care about this one, but some people don't like it. I played ARK a lot, where everything (you included) poops. You could even do it on command. It was kind of a running joke, kind of gross (you could also eat it or force feed it to other people, but that's some what irrelevant here). However, it could be used as fertilizer for growing crops (see previous point). - Introduces gender differences. I'm not talking "political correctness" type stuff here. I mean if you as a player you are presented with a choice of two ostensibly cosmetic decisions at the beginning of the game (that currently, as far as I know only affect voice over), but then you read: "Oh by the way, playing as a woman will make you bleed periodically, gives you a 'Cramps' debuff (pain pills removes) and makes wild animals more likely to attack you." Aside from your allegiance to your respective gender, why choose the latter? I don't know of any games that introduce Periods, as it seems to be one source of blood that grosses out many guys (which is another topic entirely). If you wanted to introduce other gender differences to make the choice more meaningful (men are stronger, but women have greater endurance or something with equivalent trade offs) your suggestion might not be as out of place. - Burying your poo and trash. One thing that is very important when camping is what you do with your trash. Opened cans with uneaten food in them will attract animals. Typically, you hang your food in a tree (putting it in your tent invites trouble). Likewise, as you mention, you can't just poop wherever you want. You have to dig a hole in the ground. Good luck doing that when the ground is frozen. I'm not sure how you would - maybe build a shelter around a fire, try to thaw the ground some, and dig a big hole. It'd probably be a hell of a lot easier to just convert a previously existing building into a biffy. TLDR: Basically, it would add another Need, a ticking bar that would probably go in the opposite direction, that would have no discernible purpose other than to make the game more tedious. You're trading off fidelity to reality with what makes a game good.
  6. I'm confused. Are you saying they changed the rock textures and you dislike them? If so, pictures?
  7. I was expecting this to do with something with roadkill, but cattails work too. Calories are calories.
  8. Thanks Although I may revise my review based on the sheer level of immersion alone. I'm from Minnesota, and so I'm familiar with Winter (to say the least), and this game does a phenomenal job of capturing its essence. The sound effects alone are top notch. I know as soon as this game receives mod support my review will be seeing a significant update, as that's the number one issue I care about.
  9. Day 3: Still harvesting the same newspaper, almost done. Day 4: Running low on food, almost done with this newspaper though. Day 5: So hungry. Must finish harvesting this newspaper. Day 6: I have become one with the newspaper. ============ Encountered a bug where I went to harvest a seemingly benign roll of newspaper. However, the harvesting refused to complete and the time acceleration went on for hours, continually "harvesting". All I could do is hopelessly sit by as the newspaper slowly drained away my life essence (creative interpretation) as I got more and more hungry and thirsty. Hitting "Cancel" did nothing - I finally had to force quit the game. Of note (seen in screenshot #1) is that the harvesting originally took place with the inventory screen open, which shouldn't happen. I forget how, but I managed to close the inventory screen (probably with the hotkey), and got stuck in the normal screen (screenshot #2) for quite some time. Here is also my Player.log. I believe this is the specific error below, or relates to me killing it (not sure which). Otherwise, the log seems the same as usual. I'm assuming this is just a one off type deal, but I figured I'd do due diligence and report it anyway. Cheers. XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0" after 1106916 requests (1106914 known processed) with 1 events remaining. Timed out waiting for game mapping! pure virtual method called terminate called without an active exception
  10. Posted this on reddit but the little robot helper said I should post it here, and it's probably right. The long and short of it is that the Sept22_2014 build and Vigilant Trespass builds are 100% identical for Linux. Nothing changes on load and I used Meld and compared them. I can post screenshots if you'd like, but I'd think it'd be pretty easy to repro as it's 100%. Steps (all performed): - Opt into beta - Verify Cache to double check (optional) - Reinstall game clean to triple check (optional) - Load game. Nothing changes. - Do directory diff compare and it comes back 100% identical. Original reddit post
  11. No, because I wrote one of those reviews. (You can read it here if you're curious. I thought I was relatively fair, for the most part. You may disagree, as is your prerogative.) I also made a point of reading some of the reviews voted most helpful before posting here, to see what you were referring to. By in large I found them to be dated, but accurate. To be clear, I like the game quite a lot: I think it stands as an incredibly impressive and immersive work of art (more than any title I've played actually); I just wouldn't recommend it as a "game" because in that regard I think it lackluster. Cheers.