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  1. Okay, sorry for what seems like a double post but I wanted to make sure ya'll saw this. I just got back home and onto the game. I think there may indeed be a bug regarding feats. While I have started a total of 3 fires in the voyager run I started this morning, the game does not add them to the total fires started in voyager mode overall.
  2. I really wouldn't mind seeing the ability to break down campfires added to the game.
  3. I thought I would try to be helpful and decided to start a new Voyager game this morning since the only feat I have not completed is the one to do with fires and I had about an hour before I needed to get ready for work. I only started one fire and it did register within the current game log for sure. I need to double check if it shows on the all time log as I did not check beforehand but I will do that when I get home today.
  4. Ape88

    Flying Goat

    I mountain goated up to a spot to test if it was that. No dice. I think it's a bug.
  5. Easy fix for that. *Pay attention* to the slope indicator. Don't make a habit of traveling whilst encumbered. If you must traverse travel whilst encumbered and/or up or down a slope slow the heck way down. Also, try not to travel while exhausted. If you do, again, slow down. Do those simple things and you should rarely get a sprain. Hinterland gave the slope indicator and the sprain risk warnings to help us know when sprains were a real possibility.
  6. It is quite immersion breaking when you take the time to make sure to put on those wool mittens but every time you see your hands they are bare.
  7. Ape88


    I just did some research and irl one could make candles of tallow from bear fat and cotton string. Maybe in The Long Dark in this particular bit of the game it wouldn't be done... The Devs have said they're pretty focused on their own goals, but maybe they could consider it for the future of the IP.
  8. The birch bark tea is definitely a good thing but I cannot believe we cannot find dry rice or beans or other canned foods that can be cooked other than baked beans and peaches in the world. If I lived in the middle of nowhere with just a gas station to buy food from locally, I would make sure to have a large stockpile of dry foods that would do well for extremely long term storage and last a long time.
  9. Not vegan or even vegetarian IRL, however I do cringe at having to kill every animal in the game when it comes down to it. I also cringe at the sound of harvesting the meat, guts, and hide as well as harvesting the fish. I do wish we could find stuff like bags of dry rice and beans and be able to use them to make a more complete meal with a small bonus of some sort at the expense of more time spent to prepare them.
  10. If it was me irl, I imagine stepping onto the ice even from only a couple inches ledge could be risky for a fall.
  11. I don't think I have played nearly that many hours but less than 20 bucks for what gameplay I've managed is a steal! Oh and I actually bought it again when it came out on XBox One. That's not even taking into consideration the fact that when I first bought the game on Steam, it was still in the stage when Survival Mode was really considered just a testing ground for story mode and only stayed as a feature because so many people enjoyed it. Maybe it is just my 31 years of life and impoverished background showing but it gets under my skin when people don't realize the value they get for the price they pay for something and complain. I really ought to buy some store merch seeing as the game was so cheap but the one thing I'd really like isn't microwave safe and therefore less useful than it could be.
  12. I played half the day away yesterday and never experienced sprains in areas where realistically it would be 100 percent safe. IMHO realistically, in the situation the survivor is in, there could be a thin layer of ice on roadways or in the snow or even objects hidden by deep snow that could be dangerous and yet in game there is no danger of that. I only got 2 sprains in total and yet played 10 game days. One was from traversing an obvious risky area (Like so obvious no warning should be needed to know it was risky) while encumbered. The 2nd was from a wolf encounter gone somewhat wrong ending with a neck injury, a wrist sprain, and a wolf that got a knife wound that made it slowly bleed to its end of life. I also don't recall the warning flashing but maybe it was there... I would actually suggest an option to keep the flashing bit on. Not everybody gets as anxious over that stuff.
  13. I just want to say I really don't get how others are complaining about getting too many sprains. I'm playing a new survival mode game and in 10+ in game days, my character has only gotten a sprain twice. One being a leg sprain while encumbered and traversing an obviously risky area and the second a wrist sprain from a wolf encounter that involved a knife and a neck injury as well. I have always personally thought that areas in game that most everybody else seems to think should be 100 percent safe are potentially risky. In real life there could be rocks, holes, sticks, animal bones, or especially ice, underneath the snow on a flatish area that you cannot see that you could trip over or slip on. I love that we get a sprain warning on some parts of big ol' fallen trees that we traverse because you never know if you could potentially slip off or maybe the structural integrity of the tree in a spot might be bad. I live in Washington, USA, in a city, and yet I get how certain seemingly innocent areas could be risky, especially when encumbered. IRL you could end up with a pack full of stuff that is not only heavy but might be packed in a way that would be unevenly distributed to the point that maybe in game the camera could be a little less steady to show it.
  14. You are definitely not alone. But I try to watch carefully for movement. I also have to watch for a moment to determine if far away animals like deer are moose or not.