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  1. I would like it if we could co-op with maybe 2-8 people. However the way I understand it a game has to be built from the ground up with Multiplayer in mind and TLD was never built with multiplayer in mind.
  2. Devs have said in the past that the system can't really handle spawning stuff from that far off.
  3. Once I get the firestarter feat, I'll be exploring the area for the first time. Whether I utilize certain fan-made maps or not will depend on the weather.
  4. You can still cook ruined meat and eat it. However huge stockpiles seem like a good idea for a short time.
  5. I definitely try to play with my headset, audio and video settings set up for maximum potential to hear and spot aggressive animals before they detect me. However even with every step I take, there are still plenty of instances where I get caught unaware until the aggressive animal is stalking or attacking.
  6. Er... I prefer the game as it is now. Back when I first started playing, I died repeatedly because I expected to need a cooking container to boil water in. Now that we do need an empty can or a cooking pot to melt and boil water in, it actually makes sense. The layering system is broken though... Because putting a toque on over a ski mask should add to the windchill protection, not reduce it.
  7. I would just like more craftable stuff to use animal skins for period. Not just clothing either.
  8. Ever since the most recent updates I swear spawn locations have changed.
  9. Ape88

    Tipi (teepee)

    It would be cool to be able to build a shelter that is more useful and longer lasting than a snow shelter. Now, how warm would one of these be without a fire going. How warm would they be in a blizzard sans fire? It can be pretty tough to keep a large enough wood supply to manage a fire overnight for several days if you end up being unable to go out and collect firewood due to weather, dangerous animals, illness, injury, or not having a hatchet. I ask that because in my voyager survival game I've gotten pretty much stranded inside the garage in Coastal Highway because there has been a blizzard going pretty much non stop (except for in the dead of night both with and without the aurora) and even when things are somewhat clear, I'm having trouble getting past the wolves and am running low on ammo. Really though, I'm one of those here who are all for more long term survival play.
  10. It took me countless times to manage it. But eventually I did it. I think I had to take a break from the game before I actually managed it.
  11. Hello again, Raph! The images of the new wolves give me the chills just thinking about dealing with them. Just knowing they are coming eventually makes me wonder about a couple of other things. Will any other animals and/or food sources be added? I feel like the threats are beginning to pile up a lot to the point of being unbalanced! Also, when they (the new wolves) are added to the game will they be present in all regions? Will they be a bit more like the moose where they spawn more rarely like the bears and other groups of wolves where their presence is pretty much an everyday thing when they do spawn?
  12. Okay, sorry for what seems like a double post but I wanted to make sure ya'll saw this. I just got back home and onto the game. I think there may indeed be a bug regarding feats. While I have started a total of 3 fires in the voyager run I started this morning, the game does not add them to the total fires started in voyager mode overall.
  13. I really wouldn't mind seeing the ability to break down campfires added to the game.
  14. I thought I would try to be helpful and decided to start a new Voyager game this morning since the only feat I have not completed is the one to do with fires and I had about an hour before I needed to get ready for work. I only started one fire and it did register within the current game log for sure. I need to double check if it shows on the all time log as I did not check beforehand but I will do that when I get home today.