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  1. I suppose but... were you this stoic when Mufasa died?
  2. To be fair ledges are a fairly new addition to the game. Lol. I started playing the game before cooking pots were introduced. It took me a while to realize that I could start a fire and boil water without. My character died a bunch before I figured it out and then Hinterland gave us cooking pots and nixed that no pot/can option...
  3. I like your ideas but regarding the one about a thermos... I used to own a modern made one (thermos brand, old style metal) and honestly on a not especially cold morning (NOT less than 32° F), after about one and a half hours, coffee that had been piping hot when I poured it in, was only lukewarm. I don't know if the vintage Thermos' are more effective but I wasn't impressed especially when I bought it thinking my coffee would be hotter for longer.
  4. The smartest way is to ensure you have better gear BEFORE you even touch the mountain.
  5. There is this thing called the Internet. You obviously know the basics of using it since you managed to make it onto this forum... Now, use it to find tutorials. You might try YouTube. I would recommend Hadrian as he has a survival school series and is a very calm, thoughtful player. Also, the episodes of the game are supposed to be tutorialish, especially if you try them on easy. You paid a minimum on a game that has been getting regular updates and regular communication from the Devs, without requiring paying more money for expansion packs. There's only one game I can think of
  6. Yeah no, I'd have preferred a month long 4 Days of Night event rather than this. I think I mentioned last year I have trouble with flashing lights, well the flares flash and the constant night with no moon is sucky. I can barely traverse the areas I know well.
  7. Winter's Embrace was awesome... Because it was a longer term thing that I could play on my very limited free time. But the way things seem right now, I'm not sure I'll be able to complete this challenge because my time is limited and the challenge is shorter. Any chance we could make it last longer?
  8. Dude, Ya'll complained the game was too easy, they made difficulty levels, then ya'll complained it was still too easy, they made interloper. How much harder do you want it to be? A blizzard every other day? Temperatures you have no hope of surviving 10 IRL minutes in when the weather is calm? Wolves and Bears that seek you out from many miles away, never stopping? I don't know about you but I play the game to have fun and every time I tried to play stalker I ended up in an area where no matter which path I took I had no hope of escaping a wolf. Heck they made some more challenges fo
  9. Apart from the story mode, the Winter's Embrace was the most intense. So many points in time where the weather turned cold while I was between good spots to camp, and even once I got good clothes, it was still dangerous. At one point I was basically blindly navigating in a blizzard trying to get to the radio tower in Pleasant Valley.
  10. Last time I got stuck there I had to mountain goat my way to the rope leading back up to the peak.
  11. Now that I think about I'm wondering if I should delay going to the peak and head back to the Broken Railroad...
  12. Having a heck of a time finding syrups... Are we sure there isn't a bug regarding it.
  13. I've fully explored Desolation Point, Coastal Highway, Mystery Lake, most of Milton, and have found more rifles than maple syrup. I think I'll need more time.
  14. Yeah but... I'm not quite sure it really is best to have them all lumped together.
  15. If lighters are addes, there should be a risk of getting burnes by it when in use. Those things get HOT and I imagine IRL there is some risk of worse happening seeing as most lighters are plastic.